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Abdulaziz, A, Sathyendranath, S, Vijayakumar, SK, Menon, N, George, G, Kulk, G, Raj, D, Krishna, K, Rajamohananpillai, R, Tharakan, B, Jasmin, C, Vengalil, J and Platt, T 2023 The Distribution of Fecal Contamination in an Urbanized Tropical Lake and Incidence of Acute Diarrheal Disease. ACS ES&T Water.

Asante, F, Bento, M, Broszeit, S, Bandeira, S, Chitará-Nhandimo, S, Amoné-Mabuto, M and Correia, AM 2023 Marine macroinvertebrate ecosystem services under changing conditions of seagrasses and mangroves. Marine Environmental Research. 106026.


Ball, JGC, Hickman, SHM, Jackson, TD, Koay, XJ, Hirst, J, Jay, W, Archer, M, Aubry‐Kientz, M, Vincent, G and Coomes, DA 2023 Accurate delineation of individual tree crowns in tropical forests from aerial RGB imagery using Mask R‐CNN. Remote Sensing in Ecology and Conservation. 1-14.

Botterell, ZLR, Lindeque, PK, Thompson, RC and Beaumont, NJ 2023 An assessment of the ecosystem services of marine zooplankton and the key threats to their provision. Ecosystem Services, 63. 101542.

Branscombe, L, Harrison, EL, Zhi Yi, DC, Swink, C, Keys, M, Widdicombe, C, Wilson, WH, Cunliffe, M and Helliwell, KE 2023 Cryptic bacterial pathogens of diatoms peak during senescence of a winter diatom bloom. New Phytologist.

Brewin, RJW, Sathyendranath, S, Kulk, G, Rio, M-H, Concha, J, Bell, TG, Bracher, A, Fichot, C, Frölicher, TL, Gali, M, Hansell, DA, Kostadinov, TS, Mitchell, C, Neeley, AR, Organelli, E, Richardson, K, Rousseaux, CS, Shen, F, Stramski, D, Tzortziou, M, Watson, AJ, Addey, CI, Bellacicco, M, Bouman, H, Carroll, D, Cetinic, I, Dall’Olmo, G, Frouin, R, Hauck, J, Hieronymi, M, Hu, C, Ibello, V, Jonsson, B, Kong, CE, Kovač, Ž, Laine, M, Lauderdale, J, Lavender, S, Livanou, E, Llort, J, Lorinczi, L, Nowicki, M, Pradisty, NA, Psarra, S, Raitsos, DE, Ruescas, AB, Russell, JL, Salisbury, J, Sanders, R, Shutler, JD, Sun, X, Taboada, FG, Tilstone, GH, Wei, X and Woolf, DK 2023 Ocean carbon from space: Current status and priorities for the next decade. Earth-Science Reviews, 240. 104386.

Brodie, J, Wilbraham, J, Maggs, CA, Baldock, L, Bunker, F, Mieszkowska, N, Scanlan, C, Tittley, I, Wilkinson, M and Yesson, C 2023 Red List for British seaweeds: evaluating the IUCN methodology for non-standard marine organisms. Biodiversity and Conservation.

Brownlee, C, Helliwell, KE, Meeda, Y, McLachlan, D, Murphy, EA and Wheeler, G 2023 Regulation and integration of membrane transport in marine diatoms [in special issue: Algal model organisms by Susana Coelho and Olivier de Clerck] Seminars in cell & developmental biology, 134. 79-89.

Item not available from this repository.

Brownlee, C and Wheeler, G 2023 Spatiotemporal cytosolic Ca2+ signals in plants and algae: divergent means to an end. Bioelectricity, 5 (1).

Item not available from this repository.

Brownlee, C, Wheeler, G, Ratcliffe, S, Meyer, EM, Walker, CE, Knight, M, McNair, HM, Matson, PG, Iglesias-Rodriguez, D and Langer, G 2023 Characterization of the molecular mechanisms of silicon uptake in coccolithophores. Environmental Microbiology, 25 (2). 315-330.


Carrea, L, Cretaux, J-F, Liu, X, Wu, Y, Calmettes, B, Duguay, CR, Merchant, CJ, Selmes, N, Simis, SGH, Warren, M, Yesou, H, Müller, D, Jiang, D, Embury, O, Bergé-Nguyen, M and Albergel, C 2023 Satellite-derived multivariate world-wide lake physical variable timeseries for climate studies. Scientific Data, 10 (1).

Chen, X-G, Rusiecka, D, Gledhill, M, Milne, A, Annett, AL, Birchill, Antony J., Lohan, MC, Ussher, SJ, Woodward, EMS and Achterberg, EP 2023 Ocean circulation and biological processes drive seasonal variations of dissolved Al, Cd, Ni, Cu, and Zn on the Northeast Atlantic continental margin. Marine Chemistry, 252. 104246.

Chrismas, N, Allen, R, Allen, MJ, Bird, K and Cunliffe, M 2023 A 17-year time-series of fungal environmental DNA from a coastal marine ecosystem reveals long-term seasonal-scale and inter-annual diversity patterns. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 290 (1992).

Chrismas, N, Tindall-Jones, B, Jenkins, HL, Harley, J, Bird, KE and Cunliffe, M 2023 Metatranscriptomics reveals diversity of symbiotic interaction and mechanisms of carbon exchange in the marine cyanolichen Lichina pygmaea. New Phytologist.

Clason, C, Rangecroft, S, Owens, PN, Łokas, E, Baccolo, G, Selmes, N, Beard, D, Kitch, J, Dextre, RM, Morera, S and Blake, W 2023 Contribution of glaciers to water, energy and food security in mountain regions: current perspectives and future priorities. Annals of Glaciology. 1-6.

Cole, MJ, Artioli, Y, Coppock, RL, Galli, G, Saad, R, Torres, R, Vance, T, Yunnie, ALE and Lindeque, PK 2023 Mussel power: Scoping a nature-based solution to microplastic debris. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 453. 131392.

Corrigan, S, Brown, AR, Tyler, CR, Wilding, C, Daniels, C, Ashton, IG and Smale, DA 2023 Development and diversity of epibiont assemblages on cultivated sugar kelp (Saccharina latissima) in relation to farming schedules and harvesting techniques [in special issue: Algae - a Step Forward in the Sustainability of Resources] Life, 13 (1).

Courtecuisse, E, Marchetti, E, Oxborough, K, Hunter, PD, Spyrakos, E, Tilstone, GH and Simis, SGH 2023 Optimising Multispectral Active Fluorescence to Distinguish the Photosynthetic Variability of Cyanobacteria and Algae. Sensors, 23 (1). 461.

Csapó, H, Jabłońska, A, Węsławski, JM, Mieszkowska, N, Gantsevich, M, Dahl-Hansen, I, Renaud, PE and Grabowski, MK 2023 mtDNA data reveal disparate population structures and High Arctic colonization patterns in three intertidal invertebrates with contrasting life history traits. Frontiers in Marine Science, 10.


Davies, TW, Levy, O, Tidau, S, de Barros Marangoni, LF, Wiedenmann, J, D’Angelo, C and Smyth, TJ 2023 Global disruption of coral broadcast spawning associated with artificial light at night. Nature Communications, 14 (1).

De Keukelaere, L, Moelans, R, Knaeps, E, Sterckx, S, Reusen, I, De Munck, D, Simis, SGH, Constantinescu, AM, Scrieciu, A, Katsouras, G, Mertens, W, Hunter, PD, Spyrakos, E and Tyler, A 2023 Airborne Drones for Water Quality Mapping in Inland, Transitional and Coastal Waters—MapEO Water Data Processing and Validation. Remote Sensing, 15 (5). 1345.

Dolton, HR, Sims, DW, Jakson, AL, Deaville, R, Hall, J, Hall, G, McManus, G, Perkins, MW, Rolfe, RA and Snelling, EP 2023 Regionally endothermic traits in planktivorous basking sharks Cetorhinus maximus. Endangered Species Research, 51. 227-232.

Duarte, C, Quintanilla-Ahumada, D, Anguita, C, Silva-Rodríguez, EA, Manríquez, PH, Widdicombe, S, Pulgar, J, Miranda, C, Jahnsen-Guzmán, N and Quijón, PA 2023 Field experimental evidence of sandy beach community changes in response to artificial light at night (ALAN). Science of The Total Environment, 872. 162086.



Emberson-Marl, H, Coppock, RL, Cole, MJ, Godley, BJ, Mimpriss, N, Nelms, SE and Lindeque, PK 2023 Microplastics in the Arctic: a transect through the Barents Sea. Frontiers in Marine Science, 10.

Evans, CD, Felgate, SL, Carter, S, Stinchcombe, M, Mawji, E, Rees, AP, Lebron, I, Sanders, R, Brickle, P and Mayor, DJ 2023 Marine nutrient subsidies promote biogeochemical hotspots in undisturbed, highly humic estuaries. Limnology and Oceanography, 68 (8). 1802-1820.


Filbee-Dexter, K, Pessarrodona, A, Duarte, CM, Krause-Jensen, D, Hancke, K, Smale, DA and Wernberg, T 2023 Seaweed forests are carbon sinks that may help mitigate CO2 emissions: a comment on Gallagher et al. (2022). ICES Journal of Marine Science.

Flynn, KJ and Mitra, A 2023 DRAMA - a cybernetic approach for Plankton Digital Twins. Zenodo. (UNSPECIFIED)

Ford, DJ, Tilstone, GH, Shutler, JD, Kitidis, V, Sheen, KL, Dall’Olmo, G and Orselli, IBM 2023 Mesoscale Eddies Enhance the Air‐Sea CO 2 Sink in the South Atlantic Ocean. Geophysical Research Letters, 50 (9).


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Graves, CA, Johns, DG, Ostle, C, Best, M, Atkinson, A, Bear, B, Bresnan, E, Holland, M, Machairopoulou, M and McQuatters-Gollop, A 2023 At what scale should we assess the health of pelagic habitats? Trade-offs between small-scale manageable pressures and the need for regional upscaling. Ecological Indicators, 154.

Green, HL, Findlay, HS, Shutler, JD, Sims, R, Bellerby, RGJ and Land, PE 2023 Observing Temporally Varying Synoptic‐Scale Total Alkalinity and Dissolved Inorganic Carbon in the Arctic Ocean. Earth and Space Science, 10 (12).

Gruber, A and Medlin, LK 2023 Complex Plastids and the Evolution of the Marine Phytoplankton [in special issue: Marine Phytoplankton and Their Evolution] Journal of Marine Science and Engineering, 11 (10).

Guerreiro, CV, Ferreira, A, Cros, L, Stuut, J-B, Baker, AR, Tracana, A, Pinto, C, Veloso, V, Rees, AP, Cachão, MAP, Nunes, T and Brotas, V 2023 Response of coccolithophore communities to oceanographic and atmospheric processes across the North- and Equatorial Atlantic. Frontiers in Marine Science, 10.


Harris, JL, Embling, CB, Alexander, G, Curnick, DJ, Roche, R, Froman, N, Stuhr, M, Fileman, ES, Hilbourne, S, Carter, R, Murray, A, Savage, J and Stevens, GMW 2023 Intraspecific differences in short- and long-term foraging strategies of reef manta ray (Mobula alfredi) in the Chagos Archipelago. Global Ecology and Conservation, 46. e02636.

Hatton, JE, Ng, HC, Meire, L, Woodward, EMS, Leng, MJ, Coath, CD, Stuart‐Lee, A, Wang, T, Annett, AL and Hendry, KR 2023 Silicon Isotopes Highlight the Role of Glaciated Fjords in Modifying Coastal Waters. Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences, 128 (7).

Hiscock, K and Earll, B 2023 South-West Marine Ecosystems in 2022 (The State of South-West Seas). South-West Marine Ecosystems, 117pp. (UNSPECIFIED)

Hiscock, K. 2023 Change, what change?. Bulletin of the Porcupine Marine Natural History Society, 20. 34-41.

Hobday, AJ, Burrows, MT, Filbee-Dexter, K, Holbrook, NJ, Gupta, AS, Smale, DA, Smith, KE, Thomsen, MS and Wernberg, T 2023 With the arrival of El Niño, prepare for stronger marine heatwaves. Nature, 621. 38-41.

Item not available from this repository.

Holland, M, Louchart, A, Artigas, LF, Ostle, C, Atkinson, A, Rombouts, I, Graves, CA, Devlin, M, Heyden, B and Machairopoulou, M 2023 Major declines in NE Atlantic plankton contrast with more stable populations in the rapidly warming North Sea. Science of the Total Environment, 898. 14, pp.


Isaksson, N, Scott, BE, Hunt, GL, Benninghaus, E, Declerck, M, Gormley, K, Harris, C, Sjöstrand, S, Trifonova, NI, Waggitt, JJ, Wihsgott, JU, Williams, C, Zampollo, A, Williamson, BJ and Browman, H 2023 A paradigm for understanding whole ecosystem effects of offshore wind farms in shelf seas. ICES Journal of Marine Science.


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Jardine, JE, Palmer, M, Mahaffey, C, Holt, J, Wakelin, SL, Düsterhus, A, Sharples, J and Wihsgott, J 2023 Rain triggers seasonal stratification in a temperate shelf sea. Nature Communications, 14 (1).

Jiang, D, Scholze, J, Liu, X, Simis, SGH, Stelzer, K, Müller, D, Hunter, P, Tyler, A and Spyrakos, E 2023 A data-driven approach to flag land-affected signals in satellite derived water quality from small lakes. International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation, 117. 103188.

Johns, DG, Chaabane, S, de Garidel-Thoron, T, Giraud, X, Schiebel, R, Beaugrand, G, Brummer, GJ, Casajus, N, Greco, M and Grigoratou, M 2023 The FORCIS database: A global census of planktonic Foraminifera from ocean waters. Scientific Data, 10, 354.

Jones, RL, Meredith, MP, Lohan, MC, Woodward, EMS, Van Landeghem, K, Retallick, K, Flanagan, O, Vora, M and Annett, AL 2023 Continued glacial retreat linked to changing macronutrient supply along the West Antarctic Peninsula. Marine Chemistry, 251. 104230.

Jordan, TM, Simis, SGH, Selmes, N, Sent, G, Ienna, F and Martinez-Vicente, V 2023 Spatial structure of in situ reflectance in coastal and inland waters: implications for satellite validation. Frontiers in Remote Sensing, 4.


Keys, M, Hopkinson, B, Highfield, A, Chrachri, A, Brownlee, C and Wheeler, G 2023 The requirement for external carbonic anhydrase in diatoms is influenced by the supply and demand for dissolved inorganic carbon. Journal of Phycology.

King, NG, Uribe, R, Moore, PJ, Earp, HS, Gouraguine, A, Hinostroza, D, Pérez-Matus, A, Smith, K and Smale, DA 2023 Multiscale spatial variability and stability in the structure and diversity of bacterial communities associated with the kelp Eisenia cokeri in Peru. Microbial Ecology.

Item not available from this repository.

King, NG, Wilmes, S-B, Browett, SS, Healey, A, McDevitt, AD, McKeown, NJ, Smale, DA, Roche, R, Skujina, I and Thorpe, JM 2023 Seasonal development of a tidal mixing front drives shifts in community structure and diversity of bacterioplankton. Molecular Ecology.

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Kulk, G, Sathyendranath, S, Platt, T, George, G, Suresan, AK, Menon, N, Evers-King, H and Abdulaziz, A 2023 Using Multi-Spectral Remote Sensing for Flood Mapping: A Case Study in Lake Vembanad, India. Remote Sensing, 15 (21). 5139.


Lampitt, RS, Briggs, N, Cael, BB, Espinola, B, Helaouët, P, Henson, SA, Norrbin, F, Pebody, C and Smeed, D 2023 Deep ocean particle flux in the Northeast Atlantic over the past 30 years: carbon sequestration is controlled by ecosystem structure in the upper ocean. Frontiers in Earth Science, 11.

Lampitt, RS, Fletcher, S, Cole, MJ, Kloker, A, Krause, S, O’Hara, F, Ryde, P, Saha, M, Voronkova, A and Whyle, A 2023 Stakeholder alliances are essential to reduce the scourge of plastic pollution. Nature Communications, 14 (1).

Land, PE, Findlay, HS, Shutler, JD, Piollé, J-F, Sims, RP, Green, H, Kitidis, V, Polukhin, A and Pipko, II 2023 OceanSODA-MDB: a standardised surface ocean carbonate system dataset for model–data intercomparisons. Earth System Science Data, 15 (2). 921-947.

Leathers, T, King, NG, Foggo, A and Smale, DA 2023 Marine heatwave duration and intensity interact to reduce physiological tipping points of kelp species with contrasting thermal affinities. Annals of Botany. ttps://

Item not available from this repository.

Lehmann, MK, Gurlin, D, Pahlevan, N, Alikas, K, Anstee, J, Balasubramanian, SV, Barbosa, CCF, Binding, CE, Bracher, A, Bresciani, M, Burtner, A, Cao, Z, Dekker, AG, Di Vittorio, C, Drayson, N, Errera, RM, Fernandez, V, Ficek, D, Fichot, CG, Gege, P, Giardino, C, Gitelson, AA, Greb, SR., Henderson, H, Higa, H, Rahaghi, AI, Jamet, C, Jiang, D, Jordan, TM, Kangro, K, Kravitz, JA, Kristoffersen, AS, Kudela, R, Li, L, Ligi, M, Loisel, H, Lohrenz, S, Ma, R, Maciel, DA, Malthus, TJ, Matsushita, B, Matthews, MW, Minaudo, C, Mishra, DR, Mishra, S, Moore, T, Moses, WJ, Nguyễn, H, Novo, EMLM, Novoa, S, Odermatt, D, O’Donnell, DM, Olmanson, LG, Ondrusek, M, Oppelt, N, Ouillon, S, Pereira Filho, W, Plattner, S, Verdu, AR, Salem, SI, Schalles, JF, Simis, SGH, Siswanto, E, Smith, B, Somlai-Schweiger, I, Soppa, MA, Spyrakos, E, Tessin, E, Van der Woerd, HJ, Vander Woude, A, Vandermeulen, RA, Vantrepotte, V, Wernand, M, Werther, M, Young, K and Yue, L 2023 GLORIA - A globally representative hyperspectral in situ dataset for optical sensing of water quality. Scientific Data, 10 (1).

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Item not available from this repository.

Ostle, C 2023 Tracking ocean history through plankton ‘roadkill’. Nature, 613. 406.

Item not available from this repository.


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Item not available from this repository.

Phongphattarawat, S, Bouman, HA, Lomas, MW, Sathyendranath, S, Tarran, GA, Ulloa, O and Zubkov, MV 2023 Ecophysiological basis of spatiotemporal patterns in picophytoplankton pigments in the global ocean. Frontiers in Marine Science, 10.

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