Regulation and integration of membrane transport in marine diatoms

Brownlee, C, Helliwell, KE, Meeda, Y, McLachlan, D, Murphy, EA and Wheeler, G 2023 Regulation and integration of membrane transport in marine diatoms [in special issue: Algal model organisms by Susana Coelho and Olivier de Clerck] Seminars in cell & developmental biology, 134. 79-89.

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Diatoms represent one of the most successful groups of marine phytoplankton and are major contributors to ocean biogeochemical cycling. They have colonized marine, freshwater and ice environments and inhabit all regions of the World’s oceans, from poles to tropics. Their success is underpinned by a remarkable ability to regulate their growth and metabolism during nutrient limitation and to respond rapidly when nutrients are available. This requires precise regulation of membrane transport and nutrient acquisition mechanisms, integration of nutrient sensing mechanisms and coordination of different transport pathways. This review outlines transport mechanisms involved in acquisition of key nutrients (N, C, P, Si, Fe) by marine diatoms, illustrating their complexity, sophistication and multiple levels of control.

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Additional Keywords: diatom, transport, nutrients, regulation, membrane
Subjects: Marine Sciences
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