How to add research

Adding Your Research to PlyMSEA

  1. You will need your staff login to gain access to the repository at .
  2. Once you have logged in you will be taken to the Home page where you can begin to add your research outputs.
  3. Select ‘Manage Deposits’ to create a new repository record.
  4. You can add a range of research outputs, from journal articles to compositions.
  5. The item type you choose determines how the rest of the record will display, you should complete information in the mandatory fields and then select ‘Next’ to take you through the other steps that need to be completed.
  6. Entering a DOI number will enable auto-complete of a substantial amount of information.
  7. Author information has to be entered as surname, initial e.g. Smith, RJ.
  8. Enter your e-mail information, often this is your username and then the domain name, e.g.,,
  9. If you do not complete the mandatory fields e.g. ‘Peer Review Status’ you will not be able to proceed.
  10. The ‘Divisions’ field requires you to scroll down to your parent organisation, e.g. ‘Plymouth Marine Laboratory:', 'Marine Biological Association of the UK:', 'Sir Alister Hardy Foundation for Ocean Science:' and then select the relevant area or activity that your publication relates to.
  11. Try to provide as much bibliographic information as possible when completing your record. The information you will need to provide will differ depending on what you are depositing, the in-put screen will clearly tell you what information is required.
  12. You will need to choose subject headings from the list provided.
  13. Where possible you should attach copies of the research output, this is strongly encouraged. You will need to find out whether you have permission to deposit your published material into the repository. RoMEO provides reliable information on publishers’ copyright policies.

Each record has to be checked by a repository administrator before it can be placed in the live archive. Once this has happened, the record will be searchable in the repository.