Spatiotemporal cytosolic Ca2+ signals in plants and algae: divergent means to an end

Brownlee, C and Wheeler, G 2023 Spatiotemporal cytosolic Ca2+ signals in plants and algae: divergent means to an end. Bioelectricity, 5 (1).

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The ability to generate distinct spatiotemporal patterns of cytosolic calcium concentration (Ca2+cyt) is a fundamental property of eukaryotic cells and underlies responses to external stimuli as well as directing downstream processes involved in morphogenesis, growth, and even developmental fate. In this review, we consider a number of well-studied and less well-studied photosynthetic plant and algal systems from the point of view of the different Ca2+ channel types that underlie spatiotemporal Ca2+cyt patterns. These include pollen tubes, root hairs, moss protonema, algal rhizoids, and single-celled algae. We show that similar spatial and temporal Ca2+cyt patterns can be brought about by the coordinated activities of a range of Ca2+ channel types. Most significantly, these channel types vary widely between different photosynthetic groups, indicating that the conserved necessity to generate spatiotemporal Ca2+ signals is satisfied by divergent underlying mechanisms, likely reflecting the different evolutionary pressures on ion transport mechanisms across the photosynthetic eukaryote clades.

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Additional Keywords: calcium channels, polarity, localized signaling, evolution
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Marine Sciences
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