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Adkins, P; Mrowicki, R; Harley, J; Mieszkowska, N; Ferreira, JGRN. 2022 The genome sequence of the grey topshell, Steromphala cineraria.. Wellcome Open Research, 7 (44).


Batten, SD; Ostle, C; Helaouët, P; Walne, AW. 2022 Responses of Gulf of Alaska plankton communities to a marine heat wave. Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography, 195, 105002.

Bonthond, G; Barilo, A; Allen, RJ; Cunliffe, M; Krueger-Hadfield, SA. 2022 Fungal endophytes vary by species, tissue type and life cycle stage in intertidal macroalgae. Journal of Phycology.

Botterell, ZLR; Bergmann, M; Hildebrandt, N; Krumpen, T; Steinke, M; Thompson, RC; Lindeque, PK. 2022 Microplastic ingestion in zooplankton from the Fram Strait in the Arctic. Science of The Total Environment, 831. 154886.

Brotas, V; Tarran, GA; Veloso, V; Brewin, RJW; Woodward, EMS; Airs, RL; Beltran, C; Ferreira, AS; Groom, SB. 2022 Complementary Approaches to Assess Phytoplankton Groups and Size Classes on a Long Transect in the Atlantic Ocean. Frontiers in Marine Science, 8.


Clark, DR; Rees, AP; Ferrera, CM; Al-Moosawi, L; Somerfield, PJ; Harris, C; Quartly, GD; Goult, S; Tarran, GA; Lessin, G. 2022 Nitrite regeneration in the oligotrophic Atlantic Ocean. Biogeosciences, 19 (5). 1355-1376.

Cormier, M; Berard, J; Bougaran, G; Trueman, CN; Mayor, DJ; Lampitt, RS; Kruger, N; Flynn, KJ; Rickaby, REM. 2022 Deuterium in marine organic biomarkers: toward a new tool for quantifying aquatic mixotrophy. New Phytologist, 234 (3). 776-782.

Corrigan, S; Brown, AR; Ashton, IGC; Smale, DA; Tyler, CR. 2022 Quantifying habitat provisioning at macroalgal cultivation sites.. Reviews in Aquaculture.


Dewar, M; Blackford, JC; Espie, T; Wilford, S; Bouffin, N. 2022 Impact potential of hypersaline brines released into the marine environment for CCS reservoir pressure management. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 114. 103559.


Flynn, KJ; Mitra, A; Wilson, WH; Kimmance, SA; Clark, DR; Pelusi, A; Polimene, L. 2022 ‘Boom-and-busted’ dynamics of phytoplankton-virus interactions explain the paradox of the plankton. New Phytologist.

Flynn, KJ; Mitra, A; Wilson, WH; Kimmance, SA; Clark, DR; Pelusi, A; Polimene, L. 2022 ‘Boom‐and‐busted’ dynamics of phytoplankton–virus interactions explain the paradox of the plankton. New Phytologist, 234 (3). 990-1002.

Frost, MT; Buckley, P. 2022 The UK Overseas Territories and Climate Change: Capacity Building, Science Diplomacy, and COP26. The Marine Biologist, 21.

Item not available from this repository.


Grigoratou, M; Montes, E; Richardson, AJ; Everett, JD; Acevedo-Trejos, E; Anderson, C; Chen, B; Guy-Haim, T; Hinners, J; Lindemann, C; Garcia, TM; Moller, KO; Monteiro, FM; Neeley, AR; O'Brien, TD; Palacz, AP; Poulton, AJ; Prowe, AEF; Rodríguez-Santiago, AE; Rousseaux, CS; Runge, J; Saad, JF; Santi, I; Stern, R; Soccodato, A; Våge, S; Vogt, M; Zervoudaki, S; Muller-Karger, FE. 2022 The Marine Biodiversity Observation Network Plankton Workshops: Plankton Ecosystem Function, Biodiversity, and Forecasting—Research Requirements and Applications. Limnology and Oceanography Bulletin, 31 (1). 22-26.

Item not available from this repository.


Huthnance, JM; Hopkins, J; Berx, B; Dale, A; Holt, J; Hosegood, P; Inall, M; Jones, S; Loveday, BR; Miller, PI; Polton, J; Porter, M; Spingys, C. 2022 Ocean shelf exchange, NW European shelf seas: Measurements, estimates and comparisons. Progress in Oceanography, 202. 102760.


Jenkins, HL; Moharrek, F; Taylor, PD; Silvestro, D; Gordon, DP; Waeschenbach, A. 2022 Diversification dynamics of cheilostome bryozoans based on a Bayesian analysis of the fossil record. Palaeontology.

Item not available from this repository.

Jorgensen, SJ; Micheli, F; White, TD; Van Houtan, KS; Alfaro-Shigueto, J; Andrzejaczek, S; Arnoldi, NS; Baum, JK; Block, B; Britten, GL; Butner, C; Caballero, S; Cardeñosa, D; Chapple, TK; Clarke, S; Cortés, E; Dulvy, NK; Fowler, S; Gallagher, AJ; Gilman, E; Godley, BJ; Graham, RT; Hammerschlag, N; Harry, AV; Heithaus, MR; Hutchinson, M; Huveneers, C; Lowe, CG; Lucifora, LO; MacKeracher, T; Mangel, JC; Martins, APB; McCauley, DJ; McClenachan, L; Mull, C; Natanson, LJ; Pauly, D; Pazmiño, DA; Pistevos, JCA; Queiroz, N; Roff, G; Shea, BD; Simpfendorfer, CA; Sims, DW; Ward-Paige, C; Worm, B; Ferretti, F. 2022 Emerging research and priorities for elasmobranch conservation.. Endangered Species Research, 47. 171-203.


Lyashevska, O; Brophy, D; Wing, S; Johns, DG; Haberlin, D; Doyle, TK. 2022 Evidence of a range expansion in sunfish from 47 years of coastal sightings. Marine Biology, 169 (2).


Mieszkowska, N; Wilson, WH; Jenkins, HL; Mrowicki, R; Cunliffe, M; Adkins, P; Lonsdale, P; Harley, J; Bishop, JDD; Warring, S; Blaxter, ML. 2022 Sequence locally, think globally: The Darwin Tree of Life Project. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 119 (4), e211564211.

Mutshinda, CM; Mishra, A; Finkel, ZV; Widdicombe, CE; Irwin, AJ. 2022 Bayesian two-part modeling of phytoplankton biomass and occurrence. Hydrobiologia.


Pahlevan, N; Smith, B; Alikas, K; Anstee, J; Barbosa, CCF; Binding, CE; Bresciani, M; Cremella, B; Giardino, C; Gurlin, D; Fernandez, V; Jamet, C; Kangro, K; Lehmann, MK; Loisel, H; Matsushita, B; Hà, N; Olmanson, L; Potvin, G; Simis, SGH; VanderWoude, A; Vantrepotte, V; Ruiz-Verdu, A. 2022 Simultaneous retrieval of selected optical water quality indicators from Landsat-8, Sentinel-2, and Sentinel-3. Remote Sensing of Environment, 270. 112860.

Payton, L; Noirot, C; Last, KS; Grigor, J; Hüppe, L; Conway, DVP; Dannemeyer, M; Suin, A; Meyer, B. 2022 Annual transcriptome of a key zooplankton species, the copepod Calanus finmarchicus. Ecology and Evolution, 12 (2), e8605.


Queiros, AM; Talbot, E; Kay, S; Sailley, SF; Vu Hoang Le, T; Thi Pham, C; Widdicombe, S. 2022 Climate-smart spatial planning assessment in support of conservation and blue growth in Da Nang city’s marine environment.. Plymouth, Plymouth Marine Laboratory, 25pp. (UNSPECIFIED)


Ross Brown, A; Lilley, MKS; Shutler, J; Widdicombe, CE; Rooks, PA; McEvoy, AJ; Torres, R; Artioli, Y; Rawle, G; Homyard, J; Tyler, CR; Lowe, C. 2022 Harmful Algal Blooms and their impacts on shellfish mariculture follow regionally distinct patterns of water circulation in the western English Channel during the 2018 heatwave. Harmful Algae, 111. 102166.


Sato, A; Oba, GM; Aubert-Kato, N; Yura, K; Bishop, JDD. 2022 Co-expression network analysis of environmental canalization in the ascidian Ciona. BMC Ecology and Evolution, 22 (1), 53.

Shoemaker, LG; Hallett, LM; Zhao, L; Reuman, DC; Wang, S; Cottingham, KL; Hobbs, RJ; Castorani, MCN; Downing, AL; Dudney, JC; Fey, SB; Gherardi, LA; Lany, N; Portales-Reyes, C; Rypel, AL; Sheppard, LW; Walter, JA; Suding, KN. 2022 The long and the short of it: Mechanisms of synchronous and compensatory dynamics across temporal scales. Ecology, e3650.

Simis, SGH; Hunter, PD; Matthews, MW; Spyrakos, E; Tyler, A; Vaiciute, D. 2022 Improved hyperspectral inversion of aquatic reflectance under non-uniform vertical mixing. Optics Express, 30 (6). 9655.

Sims, RP; Bedington, M; Schuster, U; Watson, AJ; Kitidis, V; Torres, R; Findlay, HS; Fishwick, J; Brown, IJ; Bell, TG. 2022 Tidal mixing of estuarine and coastal waters in the western English Channel is a control on spatial and temporal variability in seawater CO<sub>2</sub>. Biogeosciences, 19 (6). 1657-1674.

Skákala, J; Bruggeman, J; Ford, D; Wakelin, S; Akpınar, A; Hull, T; Kaiser, J; Loveday, BR; O’Dea, E; Williams, CAJ; Ciavatta, S. 2022 The impact of ocean biogeochemistry on physics and its consequences for modelling shelf seas. Ocean Modelling, 172. 101976.

Solidoro, C; Cossarini, G; Lazzari, P; Galli, G; Bolzon, G; Somot, S; Salon, S. 2022 Modeling Carbon Budgets and Acidification in the Mediterranean Sea Ecosystem Under Contemporary and Future Climate. Frontiers in Marine Science, 8.


Thomas, S; Lengger, SK; Bird, KE; Allen, R; Cunliffe, M. 2022 Macromolecular composition and substrate range of three marine fungi across major cell types. FEMS Microbes, 3, xtab019.

Thomsen, MS; Altieri, AH; Angelini, C; Bishop, MJ; Bulleri, F; Farhan, R; Frühling, VMM; Gribben, PE; Harrison, SB; He, Q; Klinghardt, M; Langeneck, J; Lanham, BS; Mondardini, L; Mulders, Y; Oleksyn, S; Ramus, AP; Schiel, DR; Schneider, T; Siciliano, A; Silliman, BR; Smale, DA; South, PM; Wernberg, T; Zhang, S; Zotz, G. 2022 Heterogeneity within and among co-occurring foundation species increases biodiversity. Nature Communications, 13, 581.

Turner, A; Ostle, C; Wootton, M. 2022 Occurrence and chemical characteristics of microplastic paint flakes in the North Atlantic Ocean. Science of the Total Environment, 806 (1), 150375.

Item not available from this repository.


Vezzulli, L; Martinez-Urtaza, J; Stern, R. 2022 Continuous Plankton Recorder in the omics era: from marine microbiome to global ocean observations. Current Opinion in Biotechnology, 73. 61-66.

Item not available from this repository.


Walter, JA; Castorani, MCN; Bell, TW; Sheppard, LW; Cavanaugh, KC; Reuman, DC. 2022 Tail dependent spatial synchrony arises from nonlinear driver response relationships. Ecology Letters.

Watts, J; Bell, TG; Anderson, K; Butterworth, BJ; Miller, S; Else, BGT; Shutler, J. 2022 Impact of sea ice on air-sea CO2 exchange – A critical review of polar eddy covariance studies. Progress in Oceanography, 201. 102741.

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