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Agirbas, E, Martinez Vicente, V, Brewin, RJW, Racault, M-FLP and Llewellyn, CA 2015 Temporal changes in total and size-fractioned chlorophyll-a in surface waters of three provinces in the Atlantic Ocean (September to November) between 2003 and 2010. Journal of Marine Systems, 150. 56-65.

Item not available from this repository.

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Item not available from this repository.

Barnes, MKS, Tilstone, GH, Suggett, DJ, Widdicombe, CE, Bruun, JT, Martinez-Vicente, V and Smyth, TJ 2015 Temporal variability in total, micro- and nano-phytoplankton primary production at a coastal site in the Western English Channel. Progress in Oceanography, 137. 470-483.

Item not available from this repository.

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Item not available from this repository.

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Item not available from this repository.

Brewin, RJW, Hyder, K, Andersson, AJ, Billson, O, Bresnahan, PJ, Brewin, TG, Cyronak, T, Dall’Olmo, G, de Mora, L, Graham, G, Jackson, T and Raitsos, DE 2017 Expanding Aquatic Observations through Recreation. Frontiers in Marine Science, 4. 351, pp.

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Item not available from this repository.

Brewin, RJW, Raitsos, DE, Dall’Olmo, G, Zarokanellos, N, Jackson, T, Racault, M-FLP, Boss, ES, Sathyendranath, S, Jones, BH and Hoteit, I 2015 Regional ocean-colour chlorophyll algorithms for the Red Sea. Remote Sensing of Environment, 165. 64-85.

Item not available from this repository.

Brewin, RJW, Sathyendranath, S, Jackson, T, Barlow, RG, Brotas, V, Airs, RL and Lamont, T 2015 Influence of light in the mixed-layer on the parameters of a three-component model of phytoplankton size class. Remote Sensing of Environment, 168. 437-450.

Item not available from this repository.

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Item not available from this repository.

Brown, AR, Webber, J, Zonneveld, S, Carless, D, Jackson, B, Artioli, Y, Miller, PI, Holmyard, JM, Baker-Austin, C, Kershaw, S, Bateman, IJ and Tyler, CR 2020 Stakeholder perspectives on the importance of water quality and other constraints for sustainable mariculture. Environmental Science & Policy, 114. 506-518.

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Item availability may be restricted.

Chakraborty, K, Gupta, AS, Lotliker, A and Tilstone, GH 2016 Evaluation of Model simulated and MODIS-Aqua retrieved sea surface chlorophyll in the eastern Arabian Sea. Estuarine Coastal Shelf Science, 181. 61-69.

Item availability may be restricted.

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Item not available from this repository.

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Item not available from this repository.


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Item not available from this repository.

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Item not available from this repository.

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Item not available from this repository.

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Item not available from this repository.

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Item availability may be restricted.

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Item availability may be restricted.

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Item not available from this repository.

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Item not available from this repository.

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