Decadal reanalysis of biogeochemical indicators and fluxes in the North West European shelf-sea ecosystem

Ciavatta, S, Kay, S, Saux Picart, S, Butenschon, M and Allen, JI 2016 Decadal reanalysis of biogeochemical indicators and fluxes in the North West European shelf-sea ecosystem. Journal of Geophysical Research-Oceans, 121 (4). 1824-1845.

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In this paper we present the first decadal reanalysis simulation of the biogeochemistry of the North West European shelf, along with a full evaluation of its skill and value. An error-characterized satellite product for chlorophyll was assimilated into a physical-biogeochemical model of the North East Atlantic, applying a localized Ensemble Kalman filter. The results showed that the reanalysis improved the model predictions of assimilated chlorophyll in 60% of the study region. Model validation metrics showed that the reanalysis had skill in matching a large dataset of in situ observations for ten ecosystem variables. Spearman rank correlations were significant and higher than 0.7 for physical-chemical variables (temperature, salinity, oxygen), ∼0.6 for chlorophyll and nutrients (phosphate, nitrate, silicate), and significant, though lower in value, for partial pressure of dissolved carbon dioxide (∼0.4). The reanalysis captured the magnitude of pH and ammonia observations, but not their variability. The value of the reanalysis for assessing environmental status and variability has been exemplified in two case studies. The first shows that between 340,000-380,000 km2 of shelf bottom waters were oxygen deficient potentially threatening bottom fishes and benthos. The second application confirmed that the shelf is a net sink of atmospheric carbon dioxide, but the total amount of uptake varies between 36-46 Tg C yr−1 at a 90% confidence level. These results indicate that the reanalysis output dataset can inform the management of the North West European shelf ecosystem, in relation to eutrophication, fishery, and variability of the carbon cycle.

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Additional Keywords: marine ecosystems, data assimilation, ocean color, air‐sea flux of carbon dioxide, dissolved oxygen, marine policy
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Earth Observation - Remote Sensing
Marine Sciences
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