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Publication - Article

McEvoy, AJ, Atkinson, A, Airs, RL, Brittain, R, Brown, IJ, Fileman, ES, Findlay, HS, McNeill, CL, Ostle, C, Smyth, TJ, Somerfield, PJ, Tait, K, Tarran, GA, Thomas, S, Widdicombe, CE, Woodward, EMS, Beesley, A, Conway, DVP, Fishwick, J, Haines, H, Harris, C, Harris, RP, Helaouët, P, Johns, DG, Lindeque, PK, Mesher, T, McQuatters-Gollop, A, Nunes, J, Perry, F., Queiros, AM, Rees, AP, Ruhl, S, Sims, DW, Torres, R and Widdicombe, S 2023 The Western Channel Observatory: a century of physical, chemical and biological data compiled from pelagic and benthic habitats in the western English Channel. Earth System Science Data, 15 (12). 5701-5737.

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Coppock, RL, Lindeque, PK, Cole, MJ, Galloway, TS, Näkki, P, Birgani, H, Richards, S and Queiros, AM 2021 Benthic fauna contribute to microplastic sequestration in coastal sediments. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 415. 125583.

Lemasson, AJ, Knights, AM, Thompson, MSA, Lessin, G, Beaumont, NJ, Pascoe, CK, Queiros, AM, McNeill, LC, Schratzberger, M and Somerfield, PJ 2021 Evidence for the effects of decommissioning man-made structures on marine ecosystems globally: a systematic map protocol. Environmental Evidence, 10 (1).

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Coppock, RL, Galloway, TS, Cole, MJ, Fileman, ES, Queiros, AM and Lindeque, PK 2019 Microplastics alter feeding selectivity and faecal density in the copepod, Calanus helgolandicus. Science of The Total Environment.

Queiros, AM, Stephens, N, Widdicombe, S, Tait, K, McCoy, SJ, Ingels, J, Ruhl, S, Airs, RL, Beesley, A, Carnovale, G, Cazenave, P, Dashfield, SL, Hua, E, Jones, M, Lindeque, PK, McNeill, CL, Nunes, J, Parry, HE, Pascoe, CK, Widdicombe, CE, Smyth, TJ, Atkinson, A, Krause‐Jensen, D and Somerfield, PJ 2019 Connected macroalgal‐sediment systems: blue carbon and food webs in the deep coastal ocean. Ecological Monographs. e01366.

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Item not available from this repository.

Bulleri, F, Eriksson, BK, Queiros, AM, Airoldi, L, Arenas, F, Arvanitidis, C, Bouma, TJ, Crowe, TP, Davoult, D, Guizien, K, Iveša, L, Jenkins, SR, Michalet, R, Olabarria, C, Procaccini, G, Serrão, EA, Wahl, M and Benedetti-Cecchi, L 2018 Harnessing positive species interactions as a tool against climate-driven loss of coastal biodiversity. PLOS Biology, 16 (9). e2006852.

Bates, AE, Helmuth, B, Burrows, MT, Duncan, MI, Garrabou, J, Guy-Haim, T, Lima, F, Queiros, AM, Seabra, R, Marsh, R, Belmaker, J, Bensoussan, N, Dong, Y, Mazaris, AD, Smale, D, Wahl, M and Rilov, G 2018 Biologists ignore ocean weather at their peril. Nature, 560 (7718). 299-301.

Item not available from this repository.

Calder-Potts, R, Spicer, JI, Calosi, P, Findlay, HS, Queiros, AM and Widdicombe, S 2018 Density-dependent responses of the brittlestar Amphiura filiformis to moderate hypoxia and consequences for nutrient fluxes. Marine Ecology Progress Series.

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Pettorelli, N, Schulte to Bühne, H, Tulloch, A, Dubois, G, Macinnis-Ng, C, Queiros, AM, Keith, DA, Wegmann, M, Schrodt, F, Stellmes, M, Sonnenschein, R, Geller, GN, Roy, S, Somers, B, Murray, N, Bland, L, Geijzendorffer, I, Kerr, JT, Broszeit, S, Leitão, PJ, Duncan, C, El Serafy, G, He, KS, Blanchard, JL, Lucas, R, Mairota, P, Webb, TJ, Nicholson, E, Rowcliffe, M and Disney, M 2017 Satellite remote sensing of ecosystem functions: opportunities, challenges and way forward. Remote Sensing in Ecology and Conservation.

Ruhl, S, Calosi, P, Faulwetter, S, Keklikoglou, K, Widdicombe, S and Queiros, AM 2017 Long-term exposure to elevated pCO2 more than warming modifies juvenile shell growth patterns in a temperate gastropod. ICES Journal of Marine Science.

Queiros, AM, Huebert, KB, Keyl, F, Fernandes, JA, Stolte, W, Maar, M, Kay, S, Jones, MC, Hamon, KG, Hendriksen, G, Vermard, Y, Marchal, P, Teal, LR, Somerfield, PJ, Austen, MC, Barange, M, Sell, AF, Allen, JI and Peck, MA 2016 Solutions for ecosystem-level protection of ocean systems under climate change. Global Change Biology, 22. 3927-3936.

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Lessin, G, Artioli, Y, Queiros, AM, Widdicombe, S and Blackford, JC 2016 Modelling impacts and recovery in benthic communities exposed to localised high CO2. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 109 (1). 267-280.

Queiros, AM, Strong, JA, Mazik, K, Carstensen, J, Bruun, JT, Somerfield, PJ, Bruhn, A, Ciavatta, S, Flo, E, Bizsel, N, Ozaydinli, M, Chuseve, R, Muxica, I, Nygard, H, Papadopoulou, N, Pantazi, M and Krause-Jensen, D 2016 An Objective Framework to Test the Quality of Candidate Indicators of Good Environmental Status [in special issue: Bridging the Gap Between Policy and Science in Assessing the Health Status of Marine Ecosystems] Frontiers in Marine Science, 3, 73. 15, pp.

Lyons, D, Arvanitidis, C, Blight, AJ, Chatzinikolaou, E, Guy-Haim, T, Kotta, J, Queiros, AM, Rilov, G, Somerfield, PJ and Crowe, TP 2016 There are no whole truths in meta-analyses: all their truths are half truths. Global Change Biology, 22 (3). 968-971.

Item not available from this repository.

Orland, C, Queiros, AM, Spicer, JI, McNeill, CL, Higgins, S, Goldworthy, S, Zananiri, T, Archer, L and Widdicombe, S 2016 Application of computer-aided tomography techniques to visualize kelp holdfast structure reveals the importance of habitat complexity for supporting marine biodiversity. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, 477. 47-56.

Fernandes, JA, Santos, L, Vance, T, Fileman, TW, Smith, D, Bishop, JDD, Viard, F, Queiros, AM, Merino, G, Buisman, E and Austen, MC 2016 Costs and benefits to European shipping of ballast-water and hull-fouling treatment: Impacts of native and non-indigenous species. Marine Policy, 64. 148-155.

Payne, MR, Barange, M, Cheung, WWL, MacKenzie, BR, Batchelder, HP, Cormon, X, Eddy, TD, Fernandes, JA, Hollowed, AB, Jones, MC, Link, JS, Neubauer, P, Ortiz, I, Queiros, AM and Paula, JR 2015 Uncertainties in projecting climate-change impacts in marine ecosystems. ICES Journal of Marine Science: Journal du Conseil, 73 (5). 1272-1282.

Papathanasopoulou, E, Beaumont, NJ, Hooper, TL, Nunes, J and Queiros, AM 2015 Energy systems and their impacts on marine ecosystem services. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 52. 917-926.

Item not available from this repository.

Rastelli, E, Corinaldesi, C, Dell’Anno, A, Amaro, T, Queiros, AM, Widdicombe, S and Danovaro, R 2015 Impact of CO2 leakage from sub-seabed carbon dioxide capture and storage (CCS) reservoirs on benthic virus–prokaryote interactions and functions. Frontiers in Microbiology, 6.

Jones, DG, Beaubien, SE, Blackford, JC, Foekema, EM, Lions, J, De Vittor, C, West, JM, Widdicombe, S, Hauton, C and Queiros, AM 2015 Developments since 2005 in understanding potential environmental impacts of CO2 leakage from geological storage. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 40.

Item not available from this repository.

Smyth, TJ, Atkinson, A, Widdicombe, S, Frost, MT, Allen, JI, Fishwick, J, Queiros, AM, Sims, DW and Barange, M 2015 The Western Channel Observatory. Progress in Oceanography, 137. 335-341.

Item not available from this repository.

Strong, JA, Andonegi, E, Bizsel, KC, Danovaro, R, Elliott, M, Franco, A, Garces, E, Little, S, Mazik, K, Moncheva, S, Papadopoulou, N, Patricio, J, Queiros, AM, Smith, C, Stefanova, K and Solaun, O 2015 Marine biodiversity and ecosystem function relationships:the potential for practical monitoring applications. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 161. 46-64.

Item not available from this repository.

Widdicombe, S, McNeill, CL, Stahl, H, Taylor, P, Queiros, AM, Nunes, J and Tait, K 2015 Impact of sub-seabed CO2 leakage on macrobenthic community structure and diversity. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 38. 182-192.

Item not available from this repository.

Queiros, AM, Taylor, P, Cowles, A, Reynolds, A, Widdicombe, S and Stahl, H 2015 Optical assessment of impact and recovery of sedimentary pH profiles in ocean acidification and carbon capture and storage research. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 38. 110-120.

Item not available from this repository.

Queiros, AM, Stephens, N, Cook, R, Ravaglioli, C, Nunes, J, Dashfield, SL, Harris, C, Tilstone, GH, Fishwick, J, Braeckman, U, Somerfield, PJ and Widdicombe, S 2015 Can benthic community structure be used to predict the process of bioturbation in real ecosystems. Progress in Oceanography.

Item not available from this repository.

Queiros, AM, Bruggeman, J, Stephens, N, Artioli, Y, Butenschon, M, Blackford, JC, Widdicombe, S, Allen, JI and Somerfield, PJ 2015 Placing biodiversity in ecosystem models without getting lost in translation. Journal of Sea Research.

Queiros, AM, Fernandes, JA, Faulwetter, S, Nunes, J, Rastrick, S, Mieszkowska, N, Artioli, Y, Yool, A, Calosi, P, Arvanitidis, C, Findlay, HS, Barange, M, Cheung, W and Widdicombe, S 2015 Scaling up experimental ocean acidification and warming research: from individuals to the ecosystem. Global Change Biology, 21 (1). 130-143.

Nunes, J, McCoy, S, Findlay, HS, Hopkins, FE, Kitidis, V, Queiros, AM, Raynor, L and Widdicombe, S 2015 The effects of short-term acidification on the intertidal macroalgae Palmaria palmate and Saccharina latissima. ICES Journal of Marine Science.

Papathanasopoulou, E, Queiros, AM, Beaumont, NJ, Hooper, TL and Nunes, J 2014 What are the local impacts of energy systems on marine ecosystem services: a systematic map protocol. Environmental Evidence, 3.

Lyons, D, Arvanitidis, C, Blight, AJ, Chatzinikolaou, E, Guy-Haim, T, Kotta, J, Orav-Kotta, H, Queiros, AM, Rilov, G, Somerfield, PJ and Crowe, TP 2014 Macroalgal blooms alter community structure and primary productivity in marine ecosystems. Global Change Biology.

Item not available from this repository.

Queiros, AM, Birchenough, SNR, Bremner, J, Godbold, J, Parker, RE, Romero-Ramirez, A, Reiss, H, Solan, M, Somerfield, PJ, Van Colen, C, Van Hoey, G and Widdicombe, S 2013 A bioturbation classification of European marine infaunal invertebrates. Ecology & Evolution, 3. 3958 - 3985.

Item not available from this repository.

Queiros, AM, Weetman, A, McLay, HA and Dobby, H 2013 Geographical variation in size at the onset of maturity of male and female Norway lobster Nephrops norvegicus (L. Homarida: Decapoda) in Scottish waters. Fisheries Research, 139. 132 - 144.

Item not available from this repository.

Rilov, G, Mant, R, Lyons, D, Bulleri, F, Benedetti-Cecchi, L, Kotta, J, Queiros, AM, Chatzinikolaou, E, Crowe, TP and Guy-Haim, T 2012 How strong is the effect of invasive ecosystem engineers on the distribution patterns of local species the local and regional biodiversity and ecosystem functions?. Environmental Evidence, 1. 10-Oct.

Item not available from this repository.

Publication - Book Section

Birchenough, SNR, Buhl-Mortensen, L, Craeymeersch, JA, Dannheim, J, Degraer, S, Godbold, J, Foveau, A, Queiros, AM and Reiss, H 2012 Report of the Study Group on Climate related Benthic processes in the North Sea (SGCBNS). In: UNSPECIFIED UNSPECIFIED, Jan-24.

Item not available from this repository.

Publication - Conference Item

Artioli, Y, Lessin, G, Blackford, JC, Middelburg, JJ, Pastres, R, Soetaert, K, Solidoro, C, Stephens, N, Almroth-Rosell, E, Dale, A, Glud, R, Queiros, AM, Rabouille, C, Regnier, P and Yakushev, E 2016 A multi-disciplinary consortium approach for advancement of conceptual frameworks, modelling and experimental approaches to benthic-pelagic coupling. [Poster] In: EuroMarine 2016 General Assembly.

Publication - Report

Queiros, AM, Talbot, E, Pascoe, CK, Staff, A and Widdicombe, S 2022 MARLAN: Plymouth Marine Laboratory’s Marine Artificial Light at Night Research Facility. PML Publishing. (UNSPECIFIED)

Queiros, AM, Talbot, E, Kay, S, Sailley, SF, Vu Hoang Le, T, Thi Pham, C and Widdicombe, S 2022 Climate-smart spatial planning assessment in support of conservation and blue growth in Da Nang city’s marine environment.. Plymouth, Plymouth Marine Laboratory, 25pp. (UNSPECIFIED)

Output (Electronic)

Findlay, HS, Beesley, A, Dashfield, SL, McNeill, CL, Nunes, J, Queiros, AM and Woodward, EMS UKOA Benthic Consortium, PML intertidal mesocosm experimental environment dataset. [Output (Electronic)]

Item not available from this repository.

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