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Publication - Article

Whitcomb, J, Chen, R, Clewley, D, Kimball, JS, Pastick, NJ, Yi, Y and Moghaddam, M 2023 Maps of active layer thickness in northern Alaska by upscaling P-band polarimetric synthetic aperture radar retrievals. Environmental Research Letters, 19 (1). 014046.

Wilkes, P, Disney, M, Armston, J, Bartholomeus, H, Bentley, L, Brede, B, Burt, A, Calders, K, Chavana‐Bryant, C, Clewley, D, Duncanson, L, Forbes, B, Krisanski, S, Malhi, Y, Moffat, D, Origo, N, Shenkin, A and Yang, W 2023 TLS2trees: A scalable tree segmentation pipeline for TLS data. Methods in Ecology and Evolution.

Owers, CJ, Lucas, RM, Clewley, D, Tissott, B, Chua, SMT, Hunt, G, Mueller, N, Planque, C, Punalekar, SM, Bunting, P, Tans, P and Metternicht, G 2022 Operational continental-scale land cover mapping of Australia using the Open Data Cube. International Journal of Digital Earth, 15 (1). 1715-1737.

Watson-Parris, D, Christensen, MW, Laurenson, A, Clewley, D, Gryspeerdt, E and Stier, P 2022 Shipping regulations lead to large reduction in cloud perturbations. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 119 (41). 1-5.

Lucas, RM, German, S, Metternicht, G, Schmidt, RK, Owers, CJ, Prober, SM, Richards, AE, Tetreault‐Campbell, S, Williams, KJ, Mueller, N, Tissott, B, Chua, SMT, Cowood, A, Hills, T, Gunawardana, D, McIntyre, AD, Chognard, S, Hurford, C, Planque, C, Punalekar, S, Clewley, D, Sonnenschein, R, Murray, NJ, Manakos, I, Blonda, P, Owers, K, Roxburgh, S, Kay, H, Bunting, P and Horton, C 2022 A globally relevant change taxonomy and evidence‐based change framework for land monitoring. Global Change Biology.

Armitage, S, Awty-Carroll, K, Clewley, D and Martinez-Vicente, V 2022 Detection and Classification of Floating Plastic Litter Using a Vessel-Mounted Video Camera and Deep Learning. Remote Sensing, 14 (14). 3425.

Hattam, C, Broszeit, S, Langmead, O, Praptiwi, RA, Ching Lim, V, Creencia, LA, Duc Hau, T, Maharja, C, Wulandari, P, Mitra Setia, T, Sugardjito, J, Javier, J, Jose, E, Janine Gajardo, L, Yee-Hui Then, A, Yang Amri, Affendi, Johari, S, Vivian Justine, E, Ali Syed Hussein, M, Ching Goh, H, Phuc Hung, N, Van Quyen, N, Ngoc Thao, L, Hoang Tri, N, Edwards-Jones, A, Clewley, D and Austen, MC 2021 A matrix approach to tropical marine ecosystem service assessments in South east Asia. Ecosystem Services, 51. 101346.

Owers, CJ, Lucas, RM, Clewley, D, Planque, C, Punalekar, S, Tissott, B, Chua, SMT, Bunting, P, Mueller, N and Metternicht, G 2021 Living Earth: Implementing national standardised land cover classification systems for Earth Observation in support of sustainable development. Big Earth Data. 1-23.

Whitcomb, J, Clewley, D, Colliander, A, Cosh, MH, Powers, J, Friesen, M, McNairn, H, Berg, AA, Bosch, DD, Coffin, A, Collins, CH, Prueger, JH, Entekhabi, D and Moghaddam, M 2020 Evaluation of SMAP Core Validation Site Representativeness Errors Using Dense Networks of In Situ Sensors and Random Forests. IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing, 13. 6457-6472.

Biermann, L, Clewley, D, Martinez-Vicente, V and Topouzelis, KN 2020 Finding Plastic Patches in Coastal Waters using Optical Satellite Data. Scientific Reports, 10 (1).

Lucas, R, Mueller, N, Siggins, A, Owers, C, Clewley, D, Bunting, P, Kooymans, C, Tissott, B, Lewis, B, Lymburner, L and Metternicht, G 2019 Land Cover Mapping using Digital Earth Australia. Data, 4 (4). 143.

Bongalov, B, Burslem, DFRP, Jucker, T, Thompson, SED, Rosindell, J, Swinfield, T, Nilus, R, Clewley, D, Phillips, OL, Coomes, DA and Comita, L 2019 Reconciling the contribution of environmental and stochastic structuring of tropical forest diversity through the lens of imaging spectroscopy. Ecology Letters, 22 (10). 1608-1619.

Brown, C, Boyd, D, Sjögersten, S, Clewley, D, Evers, S and Aplin, P 2018 Tropical Peatland Vegetation Structure and Biomass: Optimal Exploitation of Airborne Laser Scanning [in special issue: Remote Sensing of Peatlands] Remote Sensing, 10 (5). 671-692.

Harris, L, Llewellyn, GM, Holma, H, Warren, MA and Clewley, D 2017 Characterization of Unstable Blinking Pixels in the AisaOWL Thermal Hyperspectral Imager. IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, 56 (3). 1695-1703.

Clewley, D, Whitcomb, JB, Akbar, R, Silva, AR, Berg, A, Adams, JR, Caldwell, T, Entekhabi, D and Moghaddam, M 2017 A Method for Upscaling In Situ Soil Moisture Measurements to Satellite Footprint Scale Using Random Forests. IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing, 10 (6). 2663-2673.

Publication - Report

Martin, N, Clewley, D and Groom, SB 2023 Improving the performance of National Centre for Earth Observation (NCEO) code using GPUs. PML Publishing. (UNSPECIFIED)

Output (Electronic)

Clewley, D, Whitcomb, J and Moghaddam, M SoilSCAPE Upscaling Code v1.0.0 (Version v1.0.0). [Output (Electronic)]

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