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Publication - Article

Bickerton, P; Sello, S; Brownlee, C; Pittman, JK; Wheeler, GL. 2016 Spatial and temporal specificity of Ca2+signalling inChlamydomonas reinhardtiiin response to osmotic stress. New Phytologist. 10.1111/nph.14128

Monteiro, FM; Bach, LT; Brownlee, C; Bown, P; Rickaby, REM; Poulton, AJ; Tyrrell, T; Beaufort, L; Dutkiewicz, S; Gibbs, SW; Gutowska, MA; Lee, R; Riebesell, U; Young, J; Ridgwell, AJ. 2016 Why marine phytoplankton calcify. Science Advances, 2 (7). e1501822-e1501822. 10.1126/sciadv.1501822

Rickaby, REM; Hermoso, M; Lee, RBY; Rae, BD; Heureux, AMC; Balestreri, C; Chakravarti, L; Schroeder, DC; Brownlee, C. 2016 Environmental carbonate chemistry selects for phenotype of recently isolated strains of Emiliania huxleyi. Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography, 127. 28-40. 10.1016/j.dsr2.2016.02.010

Durak, GM; Taylor, AR; Walker, CE; Probert, I; de Vargas, C; Audic, S; Schroeder, DC; Brownlee, C; Wheeler, G. 2016 A role for diatom-like silicon transporters in calcifying coccolithophores.. Nature communications, 7. 10543. 10.1038/ncomms10543

Brownlee, C; Wheeler, G; Taylor, AR. 2015 Coccolithophore biomineralization: New questions, new answers.. Seminars in cell & developmental biology, 46. 11-6. 10.1016/j.semcdb.2015.10.027

Flynn, KJ; Clark, DR; Mitra, A; Fabian, H; Hansen, PJ; Glibert, PM; Wheeler, GL; Stoecker, DK; Blackford, JC; Brownlee, C. 2015 Ocean acidification with (de)eutrophication will alter future phytoplankton growth and succession.. Proceedings. Biological sciences / The Royal Society, 282 (1804). 20142604. 10.1098/rspb.2014.2604

Krueger-Hadfield, SA; Balestreri, C; Schroeder, J; Highfield, A; Helaou√ęt, P; Allum, J; Moate, R; Lohbeck, KT; Miller, PI; Riebesell, U; Reusch, TBH; Rickaby, REM; Young, J; Hallegraeff, G; Brownlee, C; Schroeder, DC. 2014 Genotyping an Emiliania huxleyi (prymnesiophyceae) bloom event in the North Sea reveals evidence of asexual reproduction. Biogeosciences, 11 (18). 5215-5234. 10.5194/bg-11-5215-2014

Brodie, J; Williamson, CJ; Smale, DA; Kamenos, NAK; Mieszkowska, N; Santos, RS; Cunliffe, M; Steinke, M; Yesson, C; Anderson, KM; Asnaghi, V; Brownlee, C; Burdett, HL; Burrows, MT; Collins, S; Donohue, PJC; Harvey, B; Foggo, A; Noisette, F; Nunes, J; Ragazzola, F; Raven, JA; Schmidt, DN; Suggett, D; Teichberg, M; Hall-Spencer, JM. 2014 The future of the northeast Atlantic benthic flora in a high CO2world. Ecology and Evolution, 4 (13). 2787-2798. 10.1002/ece3.1105

Stevens, K; Weynberg, KD; Bellas, C; Brown, S; Brownlee, C; Brown, MT; Schroeder, DC. 2014 A novel evolutionary strategy revealed in the phaeoviruses. PLoS one, 9 (1).

Krueger-Hadfield, S; Balestreri, C; Schroeder, J; Highfield, A; Helaou√ęt, P; Allum, J; Moate, R; Lohbeck, KT; Miller, PI; Riebesell, U; Reusch, TBH; Rickaby, REM; Young, J; Hallegraeff, G; Brownlee, C; Schroeder, DC. 2014 Genotyping an Emiliania huxleyi (Prymnesiophyceae) bloom event in the North Sea reveals evidence of asexual reproduction. Biogeosciences Discussions, 11 (3). 4359-4408. 10.5194/bgd-11-4359-2014

Brownlee, C; Chrachri, A; Taylor, AR; Balestreri, C; Krueger-Hadfield, S; Wheeler, G. 2013 Understanding the Mechanisms of Cell and Population Responses of Coccolithophores to Changing Ocean Chemistry [in special issue: 4] Phycologia, 52. 14.

Bach, L; Mackinder, L; Schulz, K; Wheeler, G; Schroeder, DC; Brownlee, C; Riebesell, U. 2013 Dissecting the impact of CO2 and pH on the mechanisms of photosynthesis and calcification in the coccolithophore Emiliania huxleyi. New Phytologist, 199 (1). 121 - 134. 10.1111/nph.12225

Depledge, MH; Harvey, AJ; Brownlee, C; Frost, MT; Moore, MN; Fleming, LE. 2013 Changing Views of the Interconnections Between the Oceans and Human Health in Europe. Microbial Ecology, 65. 248 - 255. 10.1007/s00248-012-0173-0

Williamson, P; Turley, CM; Brownlee, C; Findlay, HS; Ridgwell, AJ; Schmidt, DN; Schroeder, DC; Blackford, JC; Tyrrell, T; Pinnegar, JK. 2013 Impacts of ocean acidification. MCCIP. 1-16.

Taylor, AR; Brownlee, C; Wheeler, G. 2012 Proton channels in algae: reasons to be excited. Trends in Plant Science, 17. 675 - 684. 10.1016/j.tplants.2012.06.009

Flynn, KJ; Blackford, JC; Baird, ME; Raven, J; Clark, DR; Beardall, J; Brownlee, C; Fabian, H; Wheeler, G. 2012 Changes in pH at the exterior surface of plankton with ocean acidification. Nature Climate Change, 2. 510 - 513. 10.1038/nclimate1489

Mackinder, L; Wheeler, G; Schroeder, DC; Von Dassow, P; Riebesell, U; Brownlee, C. 2011 Expression of biomineralization-related ion transport genes in Emiliania huxleyi. Environmental Microbiology, 13(12). 3250 - 3265. 10.1111/j.1462-2920.2011.02561.x

Brownlee, C; Taylor, A; Wheeler, G; Chrachri, A. 2011 Ion Channels Signalling and Cellular Function in Algae: Clues on the Origins of Excitability in Eukaryotes. European Journal of Phycology, 46. 31 - 31.

Salmon, D; Smirnoff, N; Wheeler, G; Brownlee, C. 2011 Metabolite Profiling Indicates Intraspecific Variability in the Accumulation of Compatible Solutes in the Haptophyte Alga Emiliania Huxleyi. European Journal of Phycology, 46. 154 - 155.

Taylor, AR; Chrachri, A; Wheeler, G; Goddard, H; Brownlee, C. 2011 A voltage-gated H+ channel underlying pH homeostasis in calcifying coccolithophores. PLoS Biology, 6. 01-Jan. 10.1371/journal.pbio.1001085

Mackinder, L; Bach, L; Schulz, K; Wheeler, G; Schroeder, DC; Riebesell, U; Brownlee, C. 2011 Expression of biomineralization-related ion transport genes in Emiliania huxleyi. European Journal of Phycology, 46. 142 - 143. 10.1111/j.1462-2920.2011.02561.x

Taylor, AR; Chrachri, A; Wheeler, G; Goddard, H; Brownlee, C. 2011 Proton Conductance in Coccolithophores Is an Integral Component of Ph Homeostasis During Calcification. Journal of Phycology, 47. 27 - 27.

Mackinder, L; Wheeler, G; Schroeder, DC; Riebesell, U; Brownlee, C. 2010 Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Calcification in Coccolithophores. Geomicrobiology Journal, 27. 585 - 595. 10.1080/01490451003703014

Turley, CM; Eby, M; Ridgwell, AJ; Schmidt, DN; Findlay, HS; Brownlee, C; Riebesell, U; Fabry, VJ; Feely, RA. 2010 The societal challenge of ocean acidification. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 60. 787 - 792. 10.1016/j.marpolbul.2010.05.006

Verret, F; Wheeler, G; Taylor, AR; Farhham, G; Brownlee, C. 2010 Calcium channels in photosynthetic eukaryotes: implications for evolution of calcium-based signalling. New Phytologist, 187. 23 - 43. 10.1111/j.1469-8137.2010.03271.x

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Wheeler, G; Joint, IR; Brownlee, C. 2008 Rapid spatiotemporal patterning of cytosolic Ca2+ underlies flagellar excision in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. Plant Journal, 53. 401 - 413. 10.1111/j.1365-313X.2007.03349.x

Bothwell, JHF; Brownlee, C; Hetherington, AM; Ng, CK; Wheeler, G; McAinsh, MR. 2006 Biolistic delivery of Ca2+ dyes into plant and algal cells. Plant Journal, 46(2). 327 - 335. 10.1111/j.1365-313X.2006.02687.x

Sanders, D; Pelloux, J; Brownlee, C; Harper, JF. 2002 Calcium at the crossroads of signalling. Plant Cell, 14. S401-S417.

Coelho, S; Taylor, AR; Ryan, KP; Sousa-Pinto, I; Brown, MT; Brownlee, C. 2002 Spatio-temporal patterning of reactive oxygen production and Ca2+ wave propagation in Fucus rhizoid cells. Plant Cell, 14. 1-15.

Corellou, F; Brownlee, C; Detivaud, L; Kloareg, B; Bouget, F-Y. 2001 Cell cycle in the Fucus zygote parallels a somatic cell cycle but displays a unique translational regulation of cyclin-dependent kinases. Plant Cell, 13. 585-598.

Goddard, H; Manison, NFH; Tomos, D; Brownlee, C. 2000 Elemental propagation of calcium signals in response-specific patterns determined by environmental stimulus strength. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 97. 1932-1937.

Pond, DW; Harris, RP; Brownlee, C. 1995 A Microinjection Technique Using A pH-Sensitive Dye To Determine The Gut pH Of Calanus-Helgolandicus. Marine Biology, 123 (1). 75 - 79. 10.1007/BF00350325

Westbroek, P; Brown, CW; Vanbleijswijk, J; Brownlee, C; Brummer, GJ; Conte, MH; Egge, JK; Fernandez, E; Jordan, R; Knappertsbusch, M; Stefels, J; Veldhuis, M; Vanderwal, P; Young, J. 1993 A Model System Approach To Biological Climate Forcing - The Example Of Emiliania-Huxleyi. Global and Planetary Change, 8 (01-Feb). 27 - 46. 10.1016/0921-8181(93)90061-R

Brownlee, C; Wood, JW; Briton, D. 1987 Cytoplasmic Free Calcium In Single Cells Of Centric Diatoms - The Use Of Fura-2. Protoplasma, 140 (02-Mar). 118 - 122. 10.1007/BF01273720

Publication - Book

Thompson, SEM; Callow, JA; Callow, ME; Wheeler, G; Taylor, AR; Brownlee, C. 2007 Membrane Recycling And Calcium Dynamics During Settlement And Adhesion Of Zoospores Of The Green Alga Ulva Linza. UNSPECIFIED, 733 - 744.

Wheeler, G; Tait, K; Taylor, AR; Brownlee, C; Joint, IR. 2006 Acyl-homoserine lactones modulate the settlement rate of zoospores of the marine alga Ulva intestinalis via a novel chemokinetic mechanism. UNSPECIFIED, 608 - 618.

Publication - Book Section

Brownlee, C; Taylor, AR. 2016 Calcification. In: Borowitzka, MA; Beardall, J; Raven, JA, (eds.) The Physiology of Microalgae. Springer International Publishing, 301-308, 8pp. (Developments in Applied Phycology, 8).

Koester, J; Brownlee, C; Taylor, AR. 2016 Algal Calcification and Silicification. In: eLS. John Wiley & Sons, 1-10.

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Turley, CM; Brownlee, C; Findlay, HS; Mangi, SC; Ridgwell, AJ; Schmidt, DN; Schroeder, DC. 2010 Ocean Acidification in MCCIP Annual Report Card 2010-11. [Output (Electronic)]

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