Calcium signalling in algae

Wheeler, G; Helliwell, KE; Brownlee, C. 2018 Calcium signalling in algae. Perspectives in Phycology.

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Abstract Calcium-dependent signalling mechanisms play a major role in the perception of environmental stimuli by algae and are central to all forms of algal motility. Genomic studies have revealed a surprising diversity of mechanisms through which Ca2+ signals may be generated and perceived by algal cells, with significant differences in the classes of Ca2+ channels, Ca2+ efflux proteins and Ca2+ sensors between lineages. In the green alga Chlamydomonas, significant progress has been made in identifying the specific role of signalling proteins in flagella function and in regulating photosynthesis. Characterisation of Ca2+-dependent signalling processes in other algal lineages is providing insight into how these mechanistic differences may have evolved and will influence the ability of different algae to sense and respond to their environment.

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