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Bué, M, Smale, DA, Natanni, G, Marshall, H and Moore, PJ 2020 Multiple-scale interactions structure macroinvertebrate assemblages associated with kelp understory algae. Diversity & Distributions, 26 (11). 1551-1565.

Devens, HR, Davidson, PL, Deaker, DJ, Smith, KE, Wray, GA and Byrne, M 2020 Ocean acidification induces distinct transcriptomic responses across life history stages of the sea urchin Heliocidaris erythrogramma. Molecular Ecology, 29 (23).

Item not available from this repository.

Dickinson, GD, Bejerano, S, Salvador, T, Makdisi, C, Patel, S, Long, WC, Swiney, KM, Foy, RJ, Steffel, BV and Smith et al, KE 2020 Ocean acidification alters properties of the exoskeleton in adult Tanner crabs, Chionoecetes bairdi. Journal of Experimental Biology, 224 (3).

Filbee-Dexter, K, Feehan, C, Smale, DA, Krumhansl, K, Augustine, S, de Bettignies, F, Burrows, MT, Byrnes, J, Campbell, J and Davoult et al, D 2020 Ocean temperature controls kelp decomposition and carbon sink potential. Research Square. (Submitted)

Firth, LB, Airoldi, L, Bulleri, F, Challinor, S, Evans, AJ, Hanley, ME, Knights, AM, O'Shaughnessy, K, Thompson, RC and Hawkins et al, SJ 2020 Greening of grey infrastructure should not be used as a Trojan horse to facilitate coastal development. Journal of Applied Ecology, 57 (9). 1762-1768.

Gallagher, AJ, Amon, DJ, Bervoets, T, Shipley, ON, Hammerschlag, N and Sims, DW 2020 The Caribbean needs big marine protected areas. Science, 367 (6479). 749.

Hawkins, SJ, Pack, KE, Hyder, K, Benedetti-Cecchi, L and Jenkins, SR 2020 Rocky shores as tractable test systems for experimental ecology. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom, 100 (7). 1017-1041.

Item not available from this repository.

Holbrook, NJ, Sen Gupta, A, Oliver, ECJ, Hobday, AJ, Benthuysen, JA, Scannell, HA, Smale, DA and Wernberg, T 2020 Keeping pace with marine heatwaves. Nature Reviews Earth & Environment, 1. 482-493.

Inês Seabra, M, Hawkins,, SJ, Espírito-Santo, C, Castro, JJ and Cruz, T 2020 Rock-pools as nurseries for co-existing limpets: Spatial and temporal patterns of limpet recruitment. Regional Studies in Marine Science, 37, 101339.

Item not available from this repository.

Kim, HG, Song, SJ, Lee, H, Park, CH, Hawkins, SJ, Khim, JS and Rho, HS 2020 A long-term ecological monitoring of subtidal macrozoobenthos around Dokdo waters, East Sea, Korea. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 156, 111226.

Item not available from this repository.

King, NG, McKeown, NJ, Smale, DA, Bradbury, S, Stamp, T, Jüterbock, A, Egilsdóttir, H, Groves, EA and Moore, PJ 2020 Hierarchical genetic structuring in the cool boreal kelp, Laminaria digitata: implications for conservation and management. ICES Journal of Marine Science, 77 (5). 1906-1913.

Laffoley, D, Baxter, JM, Amon, DJ, Claudet, J, Hall-Spencer, JM, Grorud-Colvert, K, Levin, LA, Reid, PC, Rogers, AD and Taylor et al, ML 2020 Evolving the narrative for protecting a rapidly changing ocean, post-COVID-19. Aquatic Conservation Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems., 31 (6). 1512-1534.

Litzowa, MA, Hunsicker, ME, Ward, EJ, Andersond, SC, Gaoc, J, Zadorf, S, Batteng, S, Dresselh, S, Duffy-Anderson, J and Fergusson, E et al 2020 Evaluating ecosystem change as Gulf of Alaska temperature exceeds the limits of preindustrial variability. Progress in Oceanography, 186, 102393.

Mangano, MC, Mieszkowska, N, Helmuth, B, Domingos, T, Sousa, T, Baiamonte, G, Bazan, G, Cuttitta, A, Fiorentino, F and Giacoletti et al, A 2020 Moving Toward a Strategy for Addressing Climate Displacement of Marine Resources: A Proof-of-Concept. Frontiers in Marine Science, 7, 408.

Mieszkowska, N, Burrows, M and Sugden, H 2020 Impacts of climate change on intertidal habitats, relevant to the coastal and marine environment around the UK. MCCIP Science Review 2020. 256-271.

O'Toole, M, Queiroz, N, Humphries, NE, Sims, DW and Sequeira, AMM 2020 Quantifying effects of tracking data bias on species distribution models. Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 12 (1). 170-181.

Item not available from this repository.

Schickele, A, Goberville, E, Leroy, B, Beaugrand, G, Hattab, T, Francour, P and Raybaud, V 2020 European small pelagic fish distribution under global change scenarios. Fish and Fisheries, 22 (1). 212-225.

SenGupta, A, Hobday, AJ, Oliver, E, Alexander, LV, Donat, MG, Feng, M, Holbrook, NJ, Moore, PJ, Rodrigues, RR and Smale et al, DA 2020 Drivers and impacts of the most extreme marine heatwave events. Scientific Reports, 10, 19359.

Shin, CP, Allmon, WD, Anderson, BM, Kelly, BT, Hiscock, K. and Shin, PKS 2020 Distribution and abundance of turritelline gastropods (Cerithioidea: Turritellidae) in Hong Kong and the English Channel: implications for a characteristic fossil assemblage. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom, 100 (8). 1261-1270.

Item not available from this repository.

Smale, DA, Epstein, G, Hughes, E, Mogg, AOM and Moore, PJ 2020 Patterns and drivers of understory macroalgal assemblage structure within subtidal kelp forests. Biodiversity and Conservation, 29. 4173-4192.

Item not available from this repository.

Smale, DA, Pessarrodona, A, King, N, Burrows, MT, Yunnie, A, Vance, T and Moore, P 2020 Environmental factors influencing primary productivity of the forest‑forming kelp Laminaria hyperborea in the northeast Atlantic. Scientific Reports, 10, 12161.

Smith, KE, Ingels, J, Aronson, RB, Smith, CR, Baco, A, Bik, HM, Blake, JA, Brandt, A, Cape, M and Demaster, D et al 2020 Antarctic ecosystem responses following ice‐shelf collapse and iceberg calving: Science review and future research. WIREs Climate Change, 12, e682.

Item not available from this repository.

Thatje, S, Smith, KE, McClintock, JB and Aronson, RB 2020 From deep to shallow seas: Antarctic king crab on the move. Ecology, 101 (11), e03125.

Thompson, MSA, Pontalier, H, Spence, MA, Pinnegar, JK, Greenstreet, S, Moriarty, M, Hélaouët, P and Lynam, CP 2020 A feeding guild indicator to assess environmental change impacts on marine ecosystem structure and functioning. Journal of Applied Ecology, 57 (9). 1769-1781.

Wilson-McNeal, A, Hird, C, Hobbs, C, Nielson, C, .Smith, KE, Wilson, RW and Lewis, C 2020 Fluctuating seawater pCO2/pH induces opposing interactions with copper toxicity for two intertidal invertebrates. Science of the Total Environment, 748, 141370.

Item not available from this repository.

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