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Akoglu, E; Flynn, KJ. 2020 Dynamic Ecology in GNU Octave. Zenodo.

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Meyer, B; Atkinson, A; Bernard, KS; Brierley, AS; Driscoll, R; Hill, SL; Marschoff, E; Maschette, D; Perry, FA; Reiss, CS; Rombolá, E; Tarling, GA; Thorpe, SE; Trathan, PN; Zhu, G; Kawaguchi, S. 2020 Successful ecosystem-based management of Antarctic krill should address uncertainties in krill recruitment, behaviour and ecological adaptation. Communications Earth & Environment, 1 (1).

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Schratzberger, M; Somerfield, PJ. 2020 Effects of widespread human disturbances in the marine environment suggest a new agenda for meiofauna research is needed. Science of The Total Environment, 728. 138435.

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Small, DP; Calosi, P; Rastrick, SPS; Turner, LM; Widdicombe, S; Spicer, JI. 2020 The effects of elevated temperature and PCO2 on the energetics and haemolymph pH homeostasis of juveniles of the European lobster, Homarus gammarus. The Journal of Experimental Biology, 223 (8). 223. (In Press)

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Stevenson, MA; Faust, JC; Andrade, LL; Freitas, FS; Gray, ND; Tait, K; Hendry, K.; Hilton, RG; Henley, SF; Tessin, A; Leary, P; Papadaki, S; Ford, A; Marz, C; Abbott, GD. 2020 Transformation of organic matter in a Barents Sea sediment profile: coupled geochemical and microbiological processes. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences, 378 (2181). 20200223.



Zhang, X; Xu, D; Huang, S; Wang, S; Han, W; Liang, C; Zhang, Y; Fan, X; Zhang, X; Wang, Y; Wang, W; Egan, S; Saha, M; Li, F; Ye, N. 2020 The effect of elevated pCO2 on cadmium resistance of a globally important diatom. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 396. 122749.

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