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Publication - Article

Keys, M, Hopkinson, B, Highfield, A, Chrachri, A, Brownlee, C and Wheeler, G 2023 The requirement for external carbonic anhydrase in diatoms is influenced by the supply and demand for dissolved inorganic carbon. Journal of Phycology.

Highfield, A, Ward, A, Pipe, RK and Schroeder, DC 2021 Molecular and phylogenetic analysis reveals new diversity of Dunaliella salina from hypersaline environments.. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom, 101 (1). 27-37.

Highfield, A, Stern, R, Wheeler, G, Dupont, CL, Edgcomb, V, Einarsson, E, Elustondo, PA, Federici, F, Freire-Beneitez, V and Freyria et al, NJ 2020 Genetic tool development in marine protists: emerging model organisms for experimental cell biology. Nature Methods, 17. 481-494.

Mertens, KN, Carbonell-Moore, MC, Pospelova, V, Head, MJ, Highfield, A, Schroeder, DC, Gu, H, Andree, KB, Fernandez, M, Yamaguchi, A, Takano, Y, Matsuoka, K, Nézan, E, Bilien, G, Okolodkov, Y, Koike, K, Hoppenrath, M, Pfaff, M, Pitcher, G, Al-Muftah, A, Rochon, A, Lim, PT, Leaw, CP, Lim, ZF and Ellegaard, M 2017 Pentaplacodinium saltonense gen. et sp. nov. (Dinophyceae) and its relationship to the cyst-defined genus Operculodinium and yessotoxin-producing Protoceratium reticulatum. Harmful Algae, 71. 57-77.

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Lebret, K, Schroeder, J, Balestreri, C, Highfield, A, Cummings, DG, Smyth, TJ and Schroeder, DC 2016 Choice of molecular barcode will affect species prevalence but not bacterial community composition. Marine Genomics, 29. 39-43.

Krueger-Hadfield, SA, Balestreri, C, Schroeder, J, Highfield, A, Helaouët, P, Allum, J, Moate, R, Lohbeck, KT, Miller, PI, Riebesell, U, Reusch, TBH, Rickaby, REM, Young, J, Hallegraeff, G, Brownlee, C and Schroeder, DC 2014 Genotyping an Emiliania huxleyi (prymnesiophyceae) bloom event in the North Sea reveals evidence of asexual reproduction. Biogeosciences, 11 (18). 5215-5234.

Highfield, A, Evans, C, Walne, AW, Miller, PI and Schroeder, DC 2014 How many Coccolithovirus genotypes does it take to terminate an Emiliania huxleyi bloom? [in special issue: Giant Viruses] Virology, 466-46. 138-145.

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Di, Y, Schroeder, DC, Highfield, A, Readman, JW and Jha, AN 2012 Integrated biological responses and tissue-specific expression of p53 and ras genes in marine mussels following exposure to C-60 fullerenes and/or benzo(alpha)pyrene. Mutagenesis, 27. 811 - 811.

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Di, Y, Schroeder, DC, Highfield, A, Readman, JW and Jha, AN 2011 Tissue-Specific Expression of p53 and ras Genes in Response to the Environmental Genotoxicant Benzo(alpha)pyrene in Marine Mussels. Environmental Science & Technology, 45. 8974 - 8981.

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Publication - Book Section

Stern, R, Schroeder, DC, Highfield, A, Al-Kandari, M, Vezzulli, L and Richardson, A 2021 Uses of molecular taxonomy in identifying phytoplankton communities from the Continuous Plankton Recorder Survey. In: Clementson, L; Eriksen, R; Willis, A, (eds.) Advances in Phytoplankton Ecology. Elsevier, 624pp.

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