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Atkinson, A, Hill, SL, Reiss, CS, Pakhomov, EA, Beaugrand, G, Tarling, GA, Yang, G, Steinberg, DK, Schmidt, K, Edwards, M, Rombolá, E and Perry, FA 2021 Stepping stones towards Antarctica: Switch to southern spawning grounds explains an abrupt range shift in krill. Global Change Biology.


Beaugrand, G 2009 Rapid biogeographical plankton shifts in the North Atlantic Ocean. Global Change Biology, 15 (7). 1790-1803.

Item not available from this repository.

Beaugrand, G and Kirby, RR 2010 Climate, plankton and cod. Global Change Biology, 16 (4). 1268-1280.

Item not available from this repository.

Beaugrand, G and Reid, PC 2003 Long-term changes in phytoplankton, zooplankton and salmon related to climate. Global Change Biology, 9 (6). 801-817.

Item availability may be restricted.

Bedford, J, Ostle, C, Johns, DG, Atkinson, A, Best, M, Bresnan, E, Machairopoulou, M, Graves, CA, Devlin, M and McQuatters-Gollop et al, A 2020 Lifeform indicators reveal large-scale shifts in plankton across the North-West European shelf. Global Change Biology, 26. 3482-3497.

Bedford, J, Ostle, C, Johns, DG, Atkinson, A, Best, M, Bresnan, E, Machairopoulou, M, Graves, CA, Devlin, M, Milligan, AJ, Pitois, SG, Mellor, A, Tett, P and McQuatters‐Gollop, A 2020 Lifeform indicators reveal large‐scale shifts in plankton across the North‐West European shelf. Global Change Biology, 26 (6). 3482-3497.


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Cripps, G, Lindeque, PK and Flynn, KJ 2014 Have we been underestimating the effects of ocean acidification in zooplankton?. Global Change Biology. n/a-n/a.

Item not available from this repository.


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Findlay, HS, Artioli, Y, Moreno Navas, JMN, Hennige, SJ, Wicks, LCW, Huvenne, VAIH, Woodward, EMS and Roberts, JM 2013 Tidal downwelling and implications for the carbon biogeochemistry of cold-water corals in relation to future ocean acidification and warming. Global Change Biology, 19. 2708 - 2719.

Item not available from this repository.


Glibert, PM, Allen, JI, Artioli, Y, Beusen, A, Bouwman, L, Harle, J, Holmes, R and Holt, JT 2014 Vulnerability of coastal ecosystems to changes in harmful algal bloom distribution in response to climate change: projections based on model analysis. Global Change Biology, 20 (12). 3845-3858.

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Kléparski, L, Beaugrand, G, Ostle, C, Edwards, M, Skogen, MD, Djeghri, N and Hátún, H 2024 Ocean climate and hydrodynamics drive decadal shifts in Northeast Atlantic dinoflagellates. Global Change Biology, 30 (2).

Item not available from this repository.


Llope, M, Licandro, P, Chan, K and Stenseth, NC 2012 Spatial variability of the plankton trophic interaction in the North Sea: a new feature after the early 1970s. Global Change Biology, 18 (1). 106-117.

Item not available from this repository.

Lucas, RM, German, S, Metternicht, G, Schmidt, RK, Owers, CJ, Prober, SM, Richards, AE, Tetreault‐Campbell, S, Williams, KJ, Mueller, N, Tissott, B, Chua, SMT, Cowood, A, Hills, T, Gunawardana, D, McIntyre, AD, Chognard, S, Hurford, C, Planque, C, Punalekar, S, Clewley, D, Sonnenschein, R, Murray, NJ, Manakos, I, Blonda, P, Owers, K, Roxburgh, S, Kay, H, Bunting, P and Horton, C 2022 A globally relevant change taxonomy and evidence‐based change framework for land monitoring. Global Change Biology.

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Item not available from this repository.

Lyons, D, Arvanitidis, C, Blight, AJ, Chatzinikolaou, E, Guy-Haim, T, Kotta, J, Queiros, AM, Rilov, G, Somerfield, PJ and Crowe, TP 2016 There are no whole truths in meta-analyses: all their truths are half truths. Global Change Biology, 22 (3). 968-971.

Item not available from this repository.


Marangoni, LFB, Davies, T, Smyth, TJ, Rodriguez, A, Hamann, M, Duarte, C, Pendoley, K, Berge, J, Maggi, E and Levy, O 2022 Impacts of artificial light at night in marine ecosystems—A review. Global Change Biology.

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Item not available from this repository.

Ravaglioli, C, Bulleri, F, Ruhl, S, McCoy, SJ, Findlay, HS, Widdicombe, S and Queiros, AM 2019 Ocean acidification and hypoxia alter organic carbon fluxes in marine soft sediments. Global Change Biology, 25 (12). 4165-4178.

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Item not available from this repository.

Roggatz, CC, Saha, M, Blanchard, S, Schirrmacher, P, Fink, P, Verheggen, F and Hardege, JD 2022 Becoming nose‐blind—Climate change impacts on chemical communication. Global Change Biology, 28 (15). 4495-4505.

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Schmidt, K, Birchill, AJ, Atkinson, A, Brewin, RJW, Clark, JR, Hickman, AE, Johns, DG, Lohan, MC, Milne, A, Pardo, S, Polimene, L, Smyth, TJ, Tarran, GA, Widdicombe, CE, Woodward, EMS and Ussher, SJ 2020 Increasing picocyanobacteria success in shelf waters contributes to long-term food web degradation. Global Change Biology. 1-14.

Schmidt, K, Graeve, M, Hoppe, CJM, Torres‐Valdes, S, Welteke, N, Whitmore, LM, Anhaus, P, Atkinson, A, Belt, ST, Brenneis, T, Campbell, R, Castellani, G, Copeman, LA, Flores, H, Fong, AA, Hildebrandt, N, Kohlbach, D, Nielsen, JM, Parrish, CC, Rad‐Menéndez, C, Rokitta, SD, Tippenhauer, S and Zhuang, Y 2023 Essential omega‐3 fatty acids are depleted in sea ice and pelagic algae of the Central Arctic Ocean. Global Change Biology, 30 (1).

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Item not available from this repository.


Thackeray, SJ, Sparks, T, Frederiksen, M, Burthe, S, Bacon, P, Bell, J, Botham, M, Brereton, T, Carvalho, L, Clutton-Brock, T, Dawson, A, Edwards, M, Elliott, M, Harrington, R, Johns, DG, Jones, I, Jones, J, Leech, D, Roy, D, Scott, wA, Smith, MA, Smithers, R, Winfield, I and Wanless, S 2010 Trophic level asynchrony in rates of phenological change for marine, freshwater and terrestrial environments. Global Change Biology, 16 (12). 3304–3313.

Item not available from this repository.


Wernberg, T, Smale, DA and Thomsen, MS 2012 A decade of climate change experiments on marine organisms: procedures, patterns and problems. Global Change Biology, 18 (5). 1491-1498.

Item not available from this repository.

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