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Bibby, RN, Cleall-Harding, P, Rundle, SD, Widdicombe, S and Spicer, JI 2007 Ocean acidification disrupts induced defences in the intertidal gastropod Littorina littorea. Biology Letters, 3. 699 - 701.

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Holt, AR and Hattam, C 2009 Capitalizing on nature: how to implement an ecosystem approach. Biology Letters, 5. 580 - 582.

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Kirby, RR, Johns, DG and Lindley, JA 2006 Fathers in hot water: rising sea temperatures and a north-eastern Atlantic pipefish baby boom. Biology Letters.

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Kl├ęparski, L, Beaugrand, G and Kirby, RR 2022 How do plankton species coexist in an apparently unstructured environment?. Biology Letters, 18 (7).

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Licandro, P, Conway, DVP, Yahia, MNDaly, Fernandez de Puelles, ML, Gasparini, S, Hecq, JH, Tranter, PRG and Kirby, RR 2010 A blooming jellyfish in the northeast Atlantic and Mediterranean. Biology Letters, 6 (5). 688-691.

Item not available from this repository.

Lindley, JA, Beaugrand, G, Luczak, C, Dewarumez, J-M and Kirby, RR 2010 Warm-water decapods and the trophic amplification of climate in the North Sea. Biology Letters, 6 (6). 773-776.

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Luczak, C, Beaugrand, G, Lindley, JA, Dewarumez, J-M, Dubois, PJ and Kirby, RR 2012 North Sea ecosystem change from swimming crabs to seagulls. Biology Letters, 8 (5). 821-824.

Item not available from this repository.


Mollmann, C, Conversi, A and Edwards, M 2011 Comparative analysis European wide marine ecosystem shifts - a large scale approach for developing the basis for ecosystem-based management. Biology Letters, 7 (4). 484-486.

Item not available from this repository.


Roberts, C, Allen, R, Bird, KE and Cunliffe, M 2020 Chytrid fungi shape bacterial communities on model particulate organic matter. Biology Letters, 16, 20200368.

Russell, BD, Harley, CGD, Wernberg, T, Mieszkowska, N, Widdicombe, S, Hall-Spencer, JM and Connell, SD 2012 Predicting ecosystem shifts requires new approaches that integrate the effects of climate change across entire systems. Biology Letters, 8. 164 - 166.

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Waggitt, JJ, Cazenave, P, Howarth, LM, Evans, PGH, van der Kooij, J and Hiddink, JG 2018 Combined measurements of prey availability explain habitat selection in foraging seabirds. Biology Letters, 14 (8). 5, pp.

Wynn, RB, Josey, SA, Martin, AP, Johns, DG and Yesou, P 2008 Reply to comment: is climate change the most likely driver of range expansion of a critically endangered top predator in northeast Atlantic waters?. Biology Letters, 4 (2). 206-207.

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