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Archer, SD, Kimmance, SA, Stephens, JA, Hopkins, FE, Bellerby, RGJ, Shulz, KG, Piontek, J and Engel, A 2012 Contrasting responses of DMS and DMSP to ocean acidification in Arctic waters. Biogeosciences Discussions, 9. 12803 - 12843.

Item not available from this repository.

Beaulieu, C, Cole, H, Henson, S, Yool, A, Anderson, TR, de Mora, L, Buitenhuis, ET, Butenschon, M, Totterdell, IJ and Allen, JI 2015 Marine regime shifts in ocean biogeochemical models: a case study in the Gulf of Alaska. Biogeosciences Discussions, 12 (16). 14003-14048.

Clark, DR, Brown, IJ, Rees, AP, Somerfield, PJ and Miller, PI 2014 The influence of ocean acidification on nitrogen regeneration and nitrous oxide production in the North-West European shelf sea. Biogeosciences Discussions, 11. 3113-3165.

Hopkins, FE, Nightingale, PD, Stephens, JA, Moore, CM, Richier, S, Cripps, G and Archer, SD 2018 Dimethylsulfide (DMS) production in polar oceans is resilient to ocean acidification. Biogeosciences Discussions.

Land, PE, Shutler, J, Cowling, RD, Woolf, DK, Walker, P, Findlay, HS, Upstill-Goddard, RC and Donlon, CJ 2012 Climate change impacts on sea-air fluxes of CO2 in three Arctic seas: a sensitivity study using earth observation. Biogeosciences Discussions, 9. 12377 - 12432.

Item not available from this repository.

Shutler, J, Land, PE, Brown, CW, Findlay, HS, Donlon, CJ, Medland, M, Snooke, R and Blackford, JC 2012 Coccolithophore surface distributions in the North Atlantic and their modulation of the air-sea flux of CO2 from 10 years of satellite Earth observation data. Biogeosciences Discussions, 9. 5823-5848.

Item not available from this repository.

Vanreusel, A and Ingels, J 2013 The importance of different spatial scales in determining structure and function of deep-sea infauna communities. Biogeosciences Discussions, 1. 195 - 232.

Item not available from this repository.

Webb, A, Leedham-Elvidge, E, Hughes, C, Hopkins, FE, Malin, G, Bach, L, Schulz, K and Crawfurd, KJ 2016 Effect of ocean acidification and elevated fCO2 on trace gas production by a Baltic Sea summer phytoplankton community [in special issue: Effects of rising CO2 on a Baltic Sea plankton community: ecological and biogeochemical impacts] Biogeosciences Discussions.

Woolf, DK, Land, PE, Shutler, J and Goddijn-Murphy, LM 2012 Thermal and haline effects on the calculation of air-sea CO2 fluxes revisited. Biogeosciences Discussions, 9. 16381 - 16417.

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