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Airs, RL, Beale, R, Polimene, L, Chen, Y, Mausz, MA, Scanlan, DJ, Widdicombe, CE, Tarran, GA, Woodward, EMS, Harris, C and McEvoy, AJ 2022 Seasonal measurements of the nitrogenous osmolyte glycine betaine in marine temperate coastal waters. Biogeochemistry.

Aldridge, JN, Lessin, G, Amoudry, LO, Hicks, N, Hull, T, Klar, JK, Kitidis, V, McNeill, CL, Ingels, J, Parker, ER, Silburn, B, Silva, T, Sivyer, DB, Smith, HEK, Widdicombe, S, Woodward, EMS, Van der Molen, J, Garcia, L and Kröger, S 2017 Comparing benthic biogeochemistry at a sandy and a muddy site in the Celtic Sea using a model and observations [in special issue: Biogeochemistry, macronutrient and carbon cycling in the shelf sea benthos] Biogeochemistry, 135 (1-2). 155-182.


Bell, TG, Malin, G, Lee, GA, Stefels, J, Archer, SD, Steinke, M and Matrai, P 2012 Global oceanic DMS data inter-comparability. Biogeochemistry, 110. 147 - 161.

Item not available from this repository.


Gieskes, WWC, Leterme, SSC, Peletier, H, Edwards, M and Reid, PC 2007 Phaeocystis colony distribution in the North Atlantic Ocean since 1948, and interpretation of long-term changes in the Phaeocystis hotspot in the North Sea. Biogeochemistry, 83 (1-3). 49-60.

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Hicks, N, Ubbara, GR, Silburn, B, Smith, HEK, Kröger, S, Parker, ER, Sivyer, D, Kitidis, V, Hatton, A, Mayor, DJ and Stahl, H 2017 Oxygen dynamics in shelf seas sediments incorporating seasonal variability. Biogeochemistry, 135 (1-2). 35-47.


Kitidis, V, Tait, K, Nunes, J, Brown, IJ, Woodward, EMS, Harris, C, Sabadel, AJM, Sivyer, DB, Silburn, B and Kröger, S 2017 Seasonal benthic nitrogen cycling in a temperate shelf sea: the Celtic Sea. Biogeochemistry.

Item not available from this repository.

Klar, JK, Homoky, W.B, Statham, PJ, Birchill, A.J, Harris, E.L, Woodward, EMS, Silburn, B, Cooper, MJ, James, R.H, Connelly, DP, Chever, F and Lichtschlag, A 2017 Stability of dissolved and soluble Fe(II) in shelf sediment pore waters and release to an oxic water column. Biogeochemistry.


Law, CS, Sjoberg, TN and Ling, RD 2002 Atmospheric emission and cycling of carbon monoxide in the Scheldt Estuary. Biogeochemistry, 59 (01-Feb). 69 - 94.

Item not available from this repository.

Lewis, ND, Breckels, MN, Archer, SD, Morozov, A, Pitchford, JW, Steinke, M and Codling, EA 2012 Grazing-induced production of DMS can stabilize food-web dynamics and promote the formation of phytoplankton blooms in a multitrophic plankton model. Biogeochemistry, 110. 303 - 313.

Item not available from this repository.


Miles, CJ, Bell, TG and Suntharalingham, P 2012 Investigating the inter-relationships between water attenuated irradiance, primary production and DMS(P). Biogeochemistry, 110 (1-3). 201-213.

Item not available from this repository.


Polimene, L, Archer, SD, Butenschon, M and Allen, JI 2011 A mechanistic explanation of the Sargasso Sea DMS summer paradox. Biogeochemistry. Jan-13.

Item not available from this repository.

Polimene, L, Archer, SD, Butenschon, M and Allen, JI 2012 A mechanistic explanation of the Sargasso Sea DMS summer paradox. Biogeochemistry, 110. 243 - 255.

Item not available from this repository.

Polimene, L, Torres, R, Powley, HR, Bedington, M, Juhls, B, Palmtag, J, Strauss, J and Mann, PJ 2022 Biological lability of terrestrial DOM increases CO2 outgassing across Arctic shelves. Biogeochemistry, 160 (3). 289-300.


Sciberras, M, Tait, K, Brochain, G, Hiddink, JG, Hale, R, Godbold, JA and Solan, M 2017 Mediation of nitrogen by post-disturbance shelf communities experiencing organic matter enrichment. Biogeochemistry, 135 (1-2). 135-153.


Thompson, CEL, Silburn, B, Williams, ME, Hull, T, Sivyer, D, Amoudry, LO, Widdicombe, S, Ingels, J, Carnovale, G, McNeill, CL, Hale, R, Marchais, CL, Hicks, N, Smith, HEK, Klar, JK, Hiddink, JG, Kowalik, J, Kitidis, V, Reynolds, S, Woodward, EMS, Tait, K, Homoky, WB, Kröger, S, Bolam, S, Godbold, JA, Aldridge, J, Mayor, DJ, Benoist, NMA, Bett, BJ, Morris, K.J, Parker, ER, Ruhl, HA, Statham, PJ and Solan, M 2017 An approach for the identification of exemplar sites for scaling up targeted field observations of benthic biogeochemistry in heterogeneous environments. Biogeochemistry, 135 (1-2). 1-34.


Williamson, JL, Tye, A, Lapworth, DJ, Monteith, D, Sanders, R, Mayor, DJ, Barry, C, Bowes, MJ, Burden, A, Callaghan, N, Farr, G, Felgate, SL, Fitch, A, Gibb, S, Gilbert, P, Hargreaves, G, Keenan, P, Kitidis, V, Juergens, M, Martin, A, Mounteney, I, Nightingale, PD, Pereira, MG, Olszewska, J, Pickard, A, Rees, AP, Spears, B, Stinchcombe, M, White, DA, Williamson, P, Worrall, F and Evans, C 2021 Landscape controls on riverine export of dissolved organic carbon from Great Britain. Biogeochemistry.

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