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Agarwal, V, James, CC, Widdicombe, CE and Barton, AD 2021 Intraseasonal predictability of natural phytoplankton population dynamics. Ecology and Evolution, 11 (22). 15720-15739.

Blackford, JC, Romanak, K, Huvenne, VAI, Lichtschlag, A, Strong, JA, Alendal, G, Schütz, S, Oleynik, A and Dankel, D 2021 Efficient marine environmental characterisation to support monitoring of geological CO2 storage. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 109. 103388.

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Koopmans, D, Meyer, V, Schaap, A, Dewar, M, Färber, P, Long, MC, Gros, J, Connelly, DP and Holtappels, M 2021 Detection and quantification of a release of carbon dioxide gas at the seafloor using pH eddy covariance and measurements of plume advection. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 112. 103476.

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Sands, C, Connelly, DP and Blackford, JC 2021 Introduction to the STEMM-CCS special issue. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 113. 103553.

Schaap, A, Koopmans, D, Holtappels, M, Dewar, M, Arundell, M, Papadimitriou, S, Hanz, R, Monk, S, Mowlem, M and Loucaides, S 2021 Quantification of a subsea CO2 release with lab-on-chip sensors measuring benthic gradients. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 110. 103427.

Webber, JL, Tyler, CR, Carless, D, Jackson, B, Tingley, D, Stewart-Sinclair, P, Artioli, Y, Torres, R, Galli, G, Miller, PI, Land, PE, Zonneveld, S, Austen, MC and Brown, AR 2021 Impacts of land use on water quality and the viability of bivalve shellfish mariculture in the UK: A case study and review for SW England. Environmental Science & Policy, 126. 122-131.

Wilson, RJ, Sailley, SF, Jacobs, ZL, Kamau, J., Mgeleka, S, Okemwa, GM, Omukoto, JO, Osuka, KE, Samoilys, M, Sauer, WHH, Silas, MO, Sululu, JS and Roberts, MJ 2021 Large projected reductions in marine fish biomass for Kenya and Tanzania in the absence of climate mitigation. Ocean & Coastal Management, 215. 105921.

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