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Airs, RL; Beale, R; Polimene, L; Chen, Y; Mausz, MA; Scanlan, DJ; Widdicombe, CE; Tarran, GA; Woodward, EMS; Harris, C; McEvoy, AJ. 2022 Seasonal measurements of the nitrogenous osmolyte glycine betaine in marine temperate coastal waters. Biogeochemistry.


Botterell, ZLR; Bergmann, M; Hildebrandt, N; Krumpen, T; Steinke, M; Thompson, RC; Lindeque, PK. 2022 Microplastic ingestion in zooplankton from the Fram Strait in the Arctic. Science of The Total Environment, 831. 154886.


Connelly, DP; Bull, JM; Flohr, A; Schaap, A; Koopmans, D; Blackford, JC; White, PR; James, RH; Pearce, CR; Lichtschlag, A; Achterberg, EP; de Beer, D; Roche, B; Li, J; Saw, K; Alendal, G; Avlesen, H; Brown, R; Borisov, SM; Böttner, C; Cazenave, PW; Chen, B; Dale, AW; Dean, M; Dewar, M; Esposito, M; Gros, J; Hanz, R; Haeckel, M; Hosking, B; Huvenne, VAI; Karstensen, J; Le Bas, T; Leighton, TG; Linke, P; Loucaides, S; Matter, JM; Monk, S; Mowlem, MC; Oleynik, A; Omar, AM; Peel, K; Provenzano, G; Saleem, U; Schmidt, M; Schramm, B; Sommer, S; Strong, J; Falcon Suarez, I; Ungerboeck, B; Widdicombe, S; Wright, H; Yakushev, E. 2022 Assuring the integrity of offshore carbon dioxide storage. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 166. 112670.



Lemasson, AJ; Somerfield, PJ; Schratzberger, M; McNeill, CL; Nunes, J; Pascoe, CK; Watson, SCL; Thompson, MSA; Couce, E; Knights, AM. 2022 Evidence for the effects of decommissioning man-made structures on marine ecosystems globally: a systematic map. Environmental Evidence, 11 (1).


Mutshinda, CM; Mishra, A; Finkel, ZV; Widdicombe, CE; Irwin, AJ. 2022 Bayesian two-part modeling of phytoplankton biomass and occurrence. Hydrobiologia.


Queiros, AM; Tait, K; Clark, JR; Bedington, M; Pascoe, CK; Torres, R; Somerfield, PJ; Smale, DA. 2022 Identifying and protecting macroalgae detritus sinks toward climate change mitigation. Ecological Applications.

Queiros, AM; Talbot, E; Kay, S; Sailley, SF; Vu Hoang Le, T; Thi Pham, C; Widdicombe, S. 2022 Climate-smart spatial planning assessment in support of conservation and blue growth in Da Nang city’s marine environment.. Plymouth, Plymouth Marine Laboratory, 25pp. (UNSPECIFIED)

Queiros, AM; Talbot, E; Pascoe, CK; Staff, A; Widdicombe, S. 2022 MARLAN: Plymouth Marine Laboratory’s Marine Artificial Light at Night Research Facility. PML Publishing. (UNSPECIFIED)


Richter, I; Gabe-Thomas, E; Queiros, AM; Sheppard, SRJ; Pahl, S. 2022 Advancing the potential impact of future scenarios by integrating psychological principles. Environmental Science & Policy, 140. 68-79.


Smyth, TJ; Wright, AE; Edwards-Jones, A; McKee, D; Queiros, AM; Rendon, O; Tidau, S; Davies, TW. 2022 Disruption of marine habitats by artificial light at night from global coastal megacities. Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene, 10 (1).


Tarling, GA; Belcher, A; Blackwell, M; Castellani, C; Cook, KB; Cottier, FR; Dewar-Fowler, V; Freer, JJ; Gerrish, L; Johnson, ML; Last, KS; Lindeque, PK; Mayor, DJ; Parry, HE; Stowasser, G; Wootton, M. 2022 Carbon and Lipid Contents of the Copepod Calanus finmarchicus Entering Diapause in the Fram Strait and Their Contribution to the Boreal and Arctic Lipid Pump. Frontiers in Marine Science, 9.

Thornton Hampton, LM; Bouwmeester, H; Brander, SM; Coffin, S; Cole, MJ; Hermabessiere, L; Mehinto, AC; Miller, E; Rochman, CM; Weisberg, SB. 2022 Research recommendations to better understand the potential health impacts of microplastics to humans and aquatic ecosystems. Microplastics and Nanoplastics, 2 (1).

Thornton Hampton, LM; Brander, SM; Coffin, S; Cole, MJ; Hermabessiere, L; Koelmans, AA; Rochman, CM. 2022 Characterizing microplastic hazards: which concentration metrics and particle characteristics are most informative for understanding toxicity in aquatic organisms?. Microplastics and Nanoplastics, 2 (1).


Walkinshaw, C; Tolhurst, TJ; Lindeque, PK; Thompson, RC; Cole, MJ. 2022 Detection and characterisation of microplastics and microfibres in fishmeal and soybean meal. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 185. 114189.

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