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Sommariva, R; Hollis, LDJ; Sherwen, T; Baker, AR; Ball, SM; Bandy, BJ; Bell, TG; Chowdhury, M; Cordell, R; Evans, M; Lee, JD; Reed, C; Reeves, CE; Roberts, JM; Yang, M; Monks, PS. 2018 Seasonal and geographical variability of nitryl chloride and its precursors in Northern Europe. Atmospheric Science Letters, 19 (8). e844.

Sweetman, AK; Thurber, AR; Smith, CR; Levin, LA; Mora, C; Wei, C-L; Gooday, AJ; Jones, DOB; Rex, M; Yasuhara, M; Ingels, J; Ruhl, HA; Frieder, CA; Danovaro, R; W├╝rzberg, L; Baco, A; Grupe, BM; Pasulka, A; Meyer, KS; Dunlop, KM; Henry, L-A; Roberts, JM. 2017 Major impacts of climate change on deep-sea benthic ecosystems. Elem Sci Anth, 5. 4.

Henry, L-A; Stehmann, MFW; de Clippele, L; Findlay, HS; Golding, N; Roberts, JM. 2016 Seamount egg-laying grounds of the deepwater skate Bathyraja richardsoni (Garrick 1961). Journal of Fish Biology, 89 (2). 1473-1481.

Hennige, SJ; Wicks, LCW; Kamenos, NAK; Findlay, HS; Roberts, JM. 2015 Hidden impacts of ocean acidification to live and dead coral framework. Proceedings of the Royal Society Series B-Biological Sciences, 282 (1813).

Henry, L-A; Vad, J; Findlay, HS; Murillo, J; Milligan, R; Roberts, JM. 2014 Environmental variability and biodiversity of megabenthos on the Hebrides Terrace Seamount (Northeast Atlantic). Scientific Reports, 4.

Moreno Navas, JMN; Miller, PI; Henry, L-A; Hennige, SJ; Roberts, JM. 2014 Ecohydrodynamics of cold-water coral reefs: A case study of the Mingulay Reef complex (western Scotland). PLOS ONE, 9 (5), e98218.

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Findlay, HS; Hennige, SJ; Wicks, LCW; Moreno Navas, JMN; Woodward, EMS; Roberts, JM. 2014 Fine-scale nutrient and carbonate system dynamics around cold-water coral reefs in the northeast Atlantic.. Nature Scientific Reports, 4. 3671-3681.

Hennige, SJ; Wicks, LCW; Kamenos, NAK; Bakker, DCE; Findlay, HS; Dumousseaud, C; Roberts, JM. 2014 Short-term responses of the cold water coral Lophelia pertusa to predicted rises in atmospheric CO2. Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography, 99. 27-35.

Findlay, HS; Artioli, Y; Moreno Navas, JMN; Hennige, SJ; Wicks, LCW; Huvenne, VAIH; Woodward, EMS; Roberts, JM. 2013 Tidal downwelling and implications for the carbon biogeochemistry of cold-water corals in relation to future ocean acidification and warming. Global Change Biology, 19. 2708 - 2719.

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Turley, CM; Roberts, JM; Guinotte, JM. 2007 Corals in deep-water: will the unseen hand of ocean acidification destroy cold-water ecosystems?. Coral Reefs, 26. 445 - 448.

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