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Hilmi, N, Allemand, D, Cinar, M, Cooley, SR, Hall-Spencer, JM, Haraldsson, G, Hattam, C, Jeffree, R, Orr, JC, Rehdanz, K, Reynaud, S, Safa, A and Dupont, S 2014 Exposure of Mediterranean Countries to Ocean Acidification. Water, 6 (6). 1719-1744.

Hilmi, N, Allemand, D, Dupont, S, Safa, A, Haraldsson, G, Nunes, PALD, Moore, C, Hattam, C, Reynaud, S, Hall-Spencer, JM, Fine, M, Turley, CM, Jeffree, R, Orr, JC, Munday, PL and Cooley, SR 2013 Towards improved socio-economic assessments of ocean acidification’s impacts. Marine Biology, 160 (8). 1773-1787.

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Bijma, J, Barange, M, Brander, L, Cardew, G, de Leeuw, J, Feely, RA, Fernand, L, Ganssen, GM, Gattuso, J-P, Haugan, PM, Davila, MG, Held, H, Hood, M, Kiefer, T, Kozyr, A, Orr, JC, Portner, HO, Rehdanz, K, Reichart, G-J, Rodhouse, PG, Schmidt, F, Thorndyke, M, Turley, CM, Urban, E, Ziveri, P, Lipiatou, E, Avril, B and Turk, D 2009 Impacts of ocean acidification.. European Science Foundation Science Policy Briefing, 37. 01-Dec.

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Caldeira, K, Archer, D, Barry, JP, Bellerby, RGJ, Brewer, P, Cao, L, Dickson, AG, Doney, SC, Elderfield, H, Fabry, VJ, Feely, RA, Gattuso, J-P, Haugan, PM, Hoegh-Guldberg, O, Jain, AK, Kleypas, JA, Langdon, C, Orr, JC, Ridgwell, AJ, Sabine, CL, Seibel B, A, Shirayama, Y, Turley, CM, Watson, AJ and Zeebe, RE 2007 Comment on Modern-age buildup of CO2 and its effects on seawater acidity and salinity by Hugo A. Loaiciga. Geophysical Research Letters, 34. 0 - 0.

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