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Publication - Article

Loveday, BR, Smyth, TJ, Akpınar, A, Hull, T, Inall, ME, Kaiser, Jan, Queste, BY, Tobermann, M, Williams, CAJ and Palmer, MR 2022 Application of a new net primary production methodology: a daily to annual-scale data set for the North Sea, derived from autonomous underwater gliders and satellite Earth observation. Earth System Science Data, 14 (9). 3997-4016.

Skákala, J, Bruggeman, J, Ford, D, Wakelin, S, Akpınar, A, Hull, T, Kaiser, J, Loveday, BR, O’Dea, E, Williams, CAJ and Ciavatta, S 2022 The impact of ocean biogeochemistry on physics and its consequences for modelling shelf seas. Ocean Modelling, 172. 101976.

Huthnance, JM, Hopkins, J, Berx, B, Dale, A, Holt, J, Hosegood, P, Inall, M, Jones, S, Loveday, BR, Miller, PI, Polton, J, Porter, M and Spingys, C 2022 Ocean shelf exchange, NW European shelf seas: Measurements, estimates and comparisons. Progress in Oceanography, 202. 102760.

Clark, BL, Cox, SL, Atkins, KM, Bearhop, S, Bicknell, AWJ, Bodey, TW, Cleasby, IR, Grecian, WJ, Hamer, KC, Loveday, BR, Miller, PI, Morgan, G, Morgan, L, Newton, J, Patrick, SC, Scales, KL, Sherley, RB, Vigfúsdóttir, F, Wakefield, ED and Votier, SC 2021 Sexual segregation of gannet foraging over 11 years: movements vary but isotopic differences remain stable. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 661. 1-16.

Skákala, J, Ford, D, Bruggeman, J, Hull, T, Kaiser, J, King, RR, Loveday, BR, Palmer, MR, Smyth, TJ, Williams, CAJ and Ciavatta, S 2021 Towards a multi‐platform assimilative system for North Sea biogeochemistry. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans.

Kurekin, A, Loveday, BR, Clements, O, Quartly, GD, Miller, PI, Wiafe, G and Agyekum, KA 2019 Operational Monitoring of Illegal Fishing in Ghana through Exploitation of Satellite Earth Observation and AIS Data. [in special issue: Remote Sensing of Target Detection in Marine Environment] Remote Sensing, 11 (2). 28, pp.

Miloslavich, P, Seeyave, S, Muller-Karger, F, Bax, N, Ali, E, Delgado, C, Evers-King, H, Loveday, BR, Lutz, V, Newton, J, Nolan, G, Peralta Brichtova, AC, Traeger-Chatterjee, C and Urban, E 2018 Challenges for global ocean observation: the need for increased human capacity. Journal of Operational Oceanography. 1-20.

David, AA and Loveday, BR 2018 The role of cryptic dispersal in shaping connectivity patterns of marine populations in a changing world. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom, 98 (4). 647-655.

Aiken, J, Brewin, RJW, Dufois, F, Polimene, L, Hardman-Mountford, NJ, Jackson, T, Loveday, BR, Mallor-hoya, S, Dall’Olmo, G, Stephens, JA and Hirata, T 2016 A synthesis of the environmental response of the North and South Atlantic Sub-Tropical Gyres during two decades of AMT. Progress in Oceanography.

David, AA, Matthee, CA, Loveday, BR and Simon, CA 2016 Predicting the Dispersal Potential of an Invasive Polychaete Pest along a Complex Coastal Biome. Integrative and Comparative Biology. 1-11.

Lett, C, van der Lingen, CD, Loveday, BR and Moloney, CL 2015 Biophysical models of larval dispersal in the Benguela Current ecosystem. African Journal of Marine Science, 37 (4). 457-465.

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Loveday, BR, Penven, P and Reason, CJC 2015 Southern Annular Mode and westerly-wind-driven changes in Indian-Atlantic exchange mechanisms. Geophysical Research Letters, 42 (12). 4912-4921.

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Publication - Conference Item

Miller, PI and Loveday, BR 2017 Revealing the timing of ocean stratification using remotely sensed ocean fronts. [Lecture] In: SPIE Remote Sensing, Warsaw, Poland, 2017. Proceedings Volume 10422, Remote Sensing of the Ocean, Sea Ice, Coastal Waters, and Large Water Regions 2017, SPIE, 21.

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