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Connelly, DP, Bull, JM, Flohr, A, Schaap, A, Koopmans, D, Blackford, JC, White, PR, James, RH, Pearce, CR, Lichtschlag, A, Achterberg, EP, de Beer, D, Roche, B, Li, J, Saw, K, Alendal, G, Avlesen, H, Brown, R, Borisov, SM, Böttner, C, Cazenave, PW, Chen, B, Dale, AW, Dean, M, Dewar, M, Esposito, M, Gros, J, Hanz, R, Haeckel, M, Hosking, B, Huvenne, VAI, Karstensen, J, Le Bas, T, Leighton, TG, Linke, P, Loucaides, S, Matter, JM, Monk, S, Mowlem, MC, Oleynik, A, Omar, AM, Peel, K, Provenzano, G, Saleem, U, Schmidt, M, Schramm, B, Sommer, S, Strong, J, Falcon Suarez, I, Ungerboeck, B, Widdicombe, S, Wright, H and Yakushev, E 2022 Assuring the integrity of offshore carbon dioxide storage. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 166. 112670.

Flohr, A, Schaap, A, Achterberg, EP, Alendal, G, Arundell, M, Berndt, C, Blackford, JC, Böttner, C, Borisov, SM, Brown, RJ, Bull, JM, Carter, L, Chen, B, Dale, AW, de Beer, D, Dean, M, Deusner, C, Dewar, M, Durden, JM, Elsen, S, Esposito, M, Faggetter, M, Fischer, JP, Gana, A, Gros, J, Haeckel, M, Hanz, R, Holtappels, M, Hosking, B, Huvenne, VAI, James, RH, Koopmans, D, Kossel, E, Leighton, TG, Li, J, Lichtschlag, A, Linke, P, Loucaides, S, Martínez-Cabanas, M, Matter, JM, Mesher, T, Monk, S, Mowlem, M, Oleynik, A, Papadimitriou, S, Paxton, D, Pearce, CR, Peel, K, Roche, B, Ruhl, HA, Saleem, U, Sands, C, Saw, K, Schmidt, M, Sommer, S, Strong, JA, Triest, J, Ungerböck, B, Walk, J, White, PR, Widdicombe, S, Wilson, RE, Wright, HL, Wyatt, J and Connelly, DP 2021 Towards improved monitoring of offshore carbon storage: A real-world field experiment detecting a controlled sub-seafloor CO2 release. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 106. 103237.

Li, J, Roche, B, Bull, JM, White, PR, Leighton, TG, Provenzano, G, Dewar, M and Henstock, TJ 2020 Broadband acoustic inversion for gas flux quantification ‐ application to a methane plume at Scanner Pockmark, central North Sea. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans.

Blackford, JC, Stahl, H, Bull, JM, Bergès, BJP, Cevatoglu, M, Lichtschlag, A, Connelly, DP, James, RH, Kita, J, Long, D, Naylor, M, Shitashima, K, Smith, D, Taylor, P, Wright, I, Akhurst, M, Chen, B, Gernon, TM, Hauton, C, Hayashi, M, Kaieda, H, Leighton, TG, Sato, T, Sayer, MDJ, Suzumura, M, Tait, K, Vardy, ME, White, PR and Widdicombe, S 2014 Detection and impacts of leakage from sub-seafloor deep geological carbon dioxide storage. Nature Climate Change.

Brooks, IM, Yelland, MJ, Upstill-Goddard, RC, Nightingale, PD, Archer, SD, d'Asaro, E, Beale, R, Beatty, C, Blomquist, BW, Bloom, AA, Brooks, B, Cluderay, J, Coles, D, Dacey, J, DeGrandpre, MD, Dixon, JL, Drennan, WM, Gabriele, J, Goldson, LE, Hardman-Mountford, NJ, Hill, MK, Horn, M, Hsueh, PC, Huebert, BJ, de Leeuw, G, Leighton, TG, Liddicoat, MI, Lingard, JJN, McNeil, C, McQuaid, JB, Moat, BI, Moore, GF, Neil, C, Norris, SJ, O'Doherty, SJ, Pascal, RW, Prytherch, J, Rebozo, M, Sahlee, E, Salter, M, Schuster, U, Skjelvan, I, Slagter, H, Smith, MH, Smith, PD, Srokosz, MA, Stephens, JA, Taylor, P, Telszewski, M, Walsh, R, Ward, B, Woolf, DK, Young, D and Zemmelink, H 2009 Physical exchanges at the air-sea interface UK-SOLAS Field Measurements. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 5. 629 - 644.

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