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Le Quere, C, Moriarty, R, Andrew, RM, Peters, GP, Ciais, P, Friedlingstein, P, Jones, SD, Sitch, S, Tans, P, Arneth, A, Boden, TA, Bopp, L, Bozec, Y, Canadell, JG, Chini, LP, Chevallier, F, Cosca, CE, Harris, I, Hoppema, M, Houghton, RA, House, JI, Jain, AK, Johannessen, T, Kato, E, Keeling, RF, Kitidis, V, Klein Goldewijk, K, Koven, C, Landa, CS, Landschützer, P, Lenton, A, Lima, ID, Marland, G, Mathis, JT, Metzl, N, Nojiri, Y, Olsen, A, Ono, T, Peng, S, Peters, W, Pfeil, B, Poulter, B, Raupach, MR, Regnier, P, Rödenbeck, C, Saito, S, Salisbury, JE, Schuster, U, Schwinger, J, Seferian, R, Segschneider, J, Steinhoff, T, Stocker, BD, Sutton, AJ, Takahashi, T, Tilbrook, B, van der Werf, GR, Viovy, N, Wang, Y-P, Wanninkhof, R, Wiltshire, A and Zeng, N 2015 Global carbon budget 2014. Earth System Science Data, 7 (1). 47-85.

Kwiatkowski, L, Yool, A, Allen, JI, Anderson, TR, Barciela, R, Buitenhuis, ET, Butenschon, M, Enright, C, Halloran, PR, Le Quere, C, de Mora, L, Racault, M-FLP, Sinha, B, Totterdell, IJ and Cox, PM 2014 iMarNet: an ocean biogeochemistry model intercomparison project within a common physical ocean modelling framework. Biogeosciences, 11 (24). 7291-7304.

Alvain, S, Le Quere, C, Bopp, L, Racault, M-FLP, Beaugrand, G, Dessailly, D and Buitenhuis, E 2013 Rapid climatic driven shifts of diatoms at high latitudes. Remote Sensing of Environment, 132. 195 - 201.

Item not available from this repository.

Allen, JI, Aiken, J, Anderson, TR, Buitenhuis, E, Cornell, S, Geider, RJ, Haines, K, Hirata, T, Holt, JT, Le Quere, C, Hardman-Mountford, NJ, Ross, RN, Sinha, B and While, J 2010 Marine ecosystem models for earth systems applications: The MarQUEST experience. Journal of Marine Systems, 81 (1-. 19 - 33.

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Carr, ME, Friedrichs, MAM, Schmeltz, M, Aite, MN, Antoine, D, Arrigo, KR, Asanuma, I, Aumont, O, Barber, RT, Behrenfeld, M, Bidigare, R, Buitenhuis, E, Campbell, J, Ciotti, AM, Dierssen, H, Dowell, M, Dunne, J, Esaias, W, Gentili, B, Groom, SB, Hoepffner, N, Hishisaka, J, Kameda, T, Le Quere, C, Lohrenz, S, Marra, J, Melin, F, Moore, K, Morel, A, Reddy, T, Ryan, J, Scardi, M, Smyth, TJ, Tilstone, GH, Turpie, K, Waters, K and Yamanaka, Y 2006 A comparison of global estimates of marine primary production from ocean color. Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography (741 -).

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