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Broszeit, S, Hattam, C, Langmead, O, Praptiwi, RA, Creencia, LA, Then, AY, Lim, VC, Hau, TD, Edwards-Jones, A and Austen, MC 2022 Ecosystem service provision by marine habitats in Southeast Asia. PML Publishing. (UNSPECIFIED)

Hattam, C, Broszeit, S, Langmead, O, Praptiwi, RA, Ching Lim, V, Creencia, LA, Duc Hau, T, Maharja, C, Wulandari, P, Mitra Setia, T, Sugardjito, J, Javier, J, Jose, E, Janine Gajardo, L, Yee-Hui Then, A, Yang Amri, Affendi, Johari, S, Vivian Justine, E, Ali Syed Hussein, M, Ching Goh, H, Phuc Hung, N, Van Quyen, N, Ngoc Thao, L, Hoang Tri, N, Edwards-Jones, A, Clewley, D and Austen, MC 2021 A matrix approach to tropical marine ecosystem service assessments in South east Asia. Ecosystem Services, 51. 101346.

Hooper, TL, Börger, T, Langmead, O, Marcone, O, Rees, SE, Rendon, O, Beaumont, NJ, Attrill, MJ and Austen, MC 2019 Applying the natural capital approach to decision making for the marine environment. Ecosystem Services, 38. 100947.

Rees, SE, Pittman, SJ, Foster, N, Langmead, O, Griffiths, C, Fletcher, S, Johnson, DE and Attrill, MJ 2018 Bridging the divide: Social-ecological coherence in Marine Protected Area network design. Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems, 28 (3). 754-763.

Item not available from this repository.

Hooper, TL, Beaumont, NJ, Griffiths, CA, Langmead, O and Somerfield, PJ 2017 Assessing the sensitivity of ecosystem services to changing pressures.. Ecosystem Services, 24. 160-169.

Hooper, TL, Langmead, O and Ashley, M 2016 Ecosystem Services in Marine Environmental Impact Assessment: tools to support marine planning at project and strategic scales. In: Geneletti, Davide, (ed.) Handbook on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services in Impact Assessment. Cheltenham, UK, Edward Elgar Publishing, 255-275. (Research Handbooks on Impact Assessment).

Item not available from this repository.

Gilbert, AJ, McQuatters-Gollop, A, Langmead, O and Mee, L 2014 Visions for the North Sea: The Societal Dilemma Behind Specifying Good Environmental Status.. AMBIO A journal of the Human environment, 44 (2). 142-153.​1007/​s13280-014-0536-5

Rees, SE, Fletcher, S, Glegg, GA, Marshall, C, Rodwell, LD, Jefferson, R, Campbell, M, Langmead, O, Ashley, M, Bloomfield, H, Brutto, D, Colenutt, A, Conversi, A, Earll, B, Hattam, C, Ingram, S, McKinley, E, Mee, LD, Oates, J, Peckett, F, Portus, J, Reed, M, Rogers, S, Saunders, J, Scales, KL and Wynn, R 2013 Priority questions to shape the marine and coastal policy research agenda in the United Kingdom. Marine Policy, 38. 531-537.

Item not available from this repository.

Tyler, EHM, Somerfield, PJ, Vanden Berghe, E, Bremner, J, Jackson, EL, Langmead, O, Palomares, MLD and Webb, TJ 2012 Extensive gaps and biases in our knowledge of a well-known fauna: implications for integrating biological traits into macroecology. Global Ecology and Biogeography, 21. 922 - 934.

Item not available from this repository.

Norris, K, Bailey, M, Baker, S, Bradbury, R, Chamberlain, D, Duck, C, Edwards, M, Ellis, CJ, Frost, MT, Gibby, M, Gilbert, J, Gregory, R, Griffiths, R, Harrington, L, Helfer, S, Jackson, EL, Jennings, S, Keith, A, Kungu, E, Langmead, O, Long, D, MacDonald, D, McHaffie, H, Maskell, L, Moorhouse, T, Pimm, E, Reading, C, Somerfield, PJ, Turner, S, Tyler, C, Vanbergen, A and Watt, Allan 2011 Biodiversity in the Context of Ecosystem Services. In: The UK National Ecosystem Assessment Technical Report. UK National Ecosystem Assessment. UNEP-WCMC, Cambridge. (UNSPECIFIED)

Item not available from this repository.

Gilbert, AJ, Langmead, O, McQuatters-Gollop, A, Mee, LD and Vermaat, JE 2011 Trade-offs for Good Environmental Status. In: KnowSeas 3rd Scientific Workshop, Helsinki, Finland.

Item not available from this repository.

Jackson, EL, Langmead, O, Evans, J, Wilkes, P, Seeley, B, Lear, D and Tyler-Walters, H 2010 Mapping Marine Benthic Biodiversity in Wales.. Bangor, Wales, Cyngor Cefn Gwlad Cymru / Countryside Council for Wales, 87pp. (UNSPECIFIED)

Langmead, O, Jackson, EL, Griffiths, CA, Wilkes, P, Neilly, M, Lear, D, Luckraft, I, Foggo, A and Tyler-Walters, H 2009 Accessing and developing the required biophysical datasets and data layers for Marine Protected Areas network planning and wider marine spatial planning purposes Report No. 20, Task 2F.UK marine benthic diversity layer.. Bristol, DEFRA, 92pp. (UNSPECIFIED)

Wilding, C, Jackson, EL, Langmead, O, Hiscock, K, Evans, J, Sewell, J, Oakley, J and Tyler-Walters, H 2009 Marine Health Check Update 2009. Godalming, WWF-UK, 67pp. (UNSPECIFIED)

Langmead, O, McQuatters-Gollop, A, Mee, LD, Friedrich, J, Gilbert, AJ, Gomoiu, M-T, Jackson, EL, Knudsen, S, Minicheva, G and Todorova, V 2009 Recovery or decline of the Northwestern Black Sea: A societal choice revealed by socio-ecological modelling. Ecological Modelling, 220 (21). 2927–2939.

Item not available from this repository.

Jackson, EL, Langmead, O, Evans, J, Ellis, R and Tyler-Walters, H 2008 Protecting nationally important marine Biodiversity in Wales. Plymouth, Marine Biological Association of the UK, 76pp. (UNSPECIFIED)

Southward, AJ, Langmead, O, Hardman-Mountford, NJ, Aiken, J, Boalch, GT, Dando, PR, Genner, MJ, Joint, IR, Kendall, MA, Halliday, NC, Harris, RP, Leaper, R, Mieszkowska, N, Pingree, RD, Richardson, AJ, Sims, DW, Smith, T, Walne, AW and Hawkins, SJ 2004 Long-Term Oceanographic and Ecological Research in the Western English Channel. Advances in Marine Biology, 47. 1-105.

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