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Publication - Article

Lampitt, RS, Briggs, N, Cael, BB, Espinola, B, Helaouët, P, Henson, SA, Norrbin, F, Pebody, C and Smeed, D 2023 Deep ocean particle flux in the Northeast Atlantic over the past 30 years: carbon sequestration is controlled by ecosystem structure in the upper ocean. Frontiers in Earth Science, 11.

Lampitt, RS, Fletcher, S, Cole, MJ, Kloker, A, Krause, S, O’Hara, F, Ryde, P, Saha, M, Voronkova, A and Whyle, A 2023 Stakeholder alliances are essential to reduce the scourge of plastic pollution. Nature Communications, 14 (1).

Cormier, M, Berard, J, Bougaran, G, Trueman, CN, Mayor, DJ, Lampitt, RS, Kruger, N, Flynn, KJ and Rickaby, REM 2022 Deuterium in marine organic biomarkers: toward a new tool for quantifying aquatic mixotrophy. New Phytologist, 234 (3). 776-782.

Maximenko, N, Corradi, P, Law, KL, Van Sebille, E, Garaba, SP, Lampitt, RS, Galgani, F, Martinez-Vicente, V, Goddijn-Murphy, L, Veiga, JM, Thompson, RC, Maes, C, Moller, D, Löscher, CR, Addamo, AM, Lamson, MR, Centurioni, LR, Posth, NR, Lumpkin, R, Vinci, M, Martins, AM, Pieper, CD, Isobe, A, Hanke, G, Edwards, M, Chubarenko, I, Rodriguez, E, Aliani, S, Arias, M, Asner, GP, Brosich, A, Carlton, JT, Chao, Y, Cook, A, Cundy, AB, Galloway, TS, Giorgetti, A, Goni, GJ, Guichoux, Y, Haram, LE, Hardesty, BD, Holdsworth, N, Lebreton, L, Leslie, HA, Macadam-Somer, I, Mace, T, Manuel, M, Marsh, R, Martinez, E, Mayor, DJ, Le Moigne, M, Molina Jack, ME, Mowlem, MC, Obbard, RW, Pabortsava, K, Robberson, B, Rotaru, A, Ruiz, GM, Spedicato, MT, Thiel, M, Turra, A and Wilcox, C 2019 Toward the Integrated Marine Debris Observing System. Frontiers in Marine Science, 6.

Pabortsava, K, Lampitt, RS, Benson, Jeff, Casciotti, K, Crowe, C, McLachlan, R, le Moigne, F, Moore, CM, Pebody, C, Provost, P, Rees, AP, Tilstone, GH and Woodward, EMS 2017 Carbon sequestration in the deep Atlantic enhanced by Saharan dust. Nature Geosciences.

Henson, SA, Lampitt, RS and Johns, DG 2012 Variability in phytoplankton community structure in response to the North Atlantic Oscillation and implications for organic carbon flux. Limnology and Oceanography, 57 (6). 1591–1601.

Item not available from this repository.

Martin, P, Allen, JT, Cooper, MJ, Johns, DG, Lampitt, RS, Sanders, R and Teaglea, DAH 2010 Sedimentation of acantharian cysts in the Iceland Basin: Strontium as a ballast for deep ocean particle flux, and implications for acantharian reproductive strategies. Limnology and Oceanography, 55 (2). 604–614.

Item not available from this repository.

Lampitt, RS, Salter, I and Johns, DG 2009 Radiolaria: Major exporters of organic carbon to the deep ocean. Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 23. 9, pp.

Castellani, C, Irigoien, X, Harris, RP and Lampitt, RS 2005 Feeding and egg production of Oithona similis in the North Atlantic. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 288. 173 - 182.

Item not available from this repository.

Joint, IR, Wollast, R, Chou, L, Batten, SD, Elskens, M, Edwards, ES, Hirst, AG, Burkill, PH, Groom, SB, Gibb, SW, Miller, AEJ, Hydes, DJ, Dehairs, F, Antia, AN, Barlow, RG, Rees, AP, Pomroy, AJ, Brockmann, U, Cummings, DG, Lampitt, RS, Loijens, M, Mantoura, RFC, Miller, PI, Raabe, T, Alvarez-Salgado, XA, Stelfox-Widdicombe, CE and Woolfenden, J 2001 Pelagic production at the Celtic Sea shelf break. Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography, 48 (14-15). 3049 - 3081.

Item not available from this repository.

Lampitt, RS, Wishner, KF, Turley, CM and Angel, MV 1993 Marine snow studies in the Northeast Atlantic Ocean: distribution, composition and role as a food source for migrating plankton. Marine Biology, 116 (4). 689-702.

Item not available from this repository.

Rice, AL, Billett, DSM, Fry, JC, John, AWG, Lampitt, RS, Mantoura, RFC and Morris, RJ 1986 Seasonal Deposition Of Phytodetritus To The Deep-Sea Floor. Proceedings of the Royal Society Series B-Biological Sciences, 88. 265 - 279.

Item not available from this repository.

Billett, DSM, Lampitt, RS, Rice, AL and Mantoura, RFC 1983 Seasonal Sedimentation Of Phytoplankton To The Deep-Sea Benthos. Nature, 302 (5908). 520 - 522.

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Publication - Book Section

Reid, PC, Edwards, M, McQuatters-Gollop, A, Beaugrand, G, Bresnan, E, Brierley, AS, Davidson, K, Delany, J, Eloire, D, Forster, R, Fox, C, Frederiksen, M, Gowen, RJ, Halliday, NC, Hardman-Mountford, NJ, Hátún, H, Hay, SJ, Hartman, S, Helaouët, P, Johns, DG, Kirby, RR, Lampitt, RS, Larkin, K, Licandro, P, Lindley, JA, Lucas, CH, McCollin, T, Miller, PI, Milligan, S, Mills, DK, Pitois, SG, Prior, A, Rees, AP, Smyth, TJ, Smythe-Wright, D, Stevens, DP and Widdicombe, CE 2010 Biological indicators of state: the plankton. In: Charting Progress 2: An Integrated Assessment of the State of UK Seas. London, UK, Defra, 69 pp.

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