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Barbieux, M, Uitz, J, Bricaud, A, Organelli, E, Poteau, A, Schmechtig, C, Gentili, B, Penkerc'h, C, Leymarie, E, D'Ortenzio, F and Claustre, H 2018 Assessing the variability in the relationship between the particulate backscattering coefficient and the chlorophyll a concentration from a global Biogeochemical-Argo database. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans.

Organelli, E, Bricaud, A, Gentili, B, Antoine, D and Vellucci, V 2016 Retrieval of Colored Detrital Matter (CDM) light absorption coefficients in the Mediterranean Sea using field and satellite ocean color radiometry: Evaluation of bio-optical inversion models. Remote Sensing of Environment, 186. 297-310.

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Sauzède, R, Claustre, H, Uitz, J, Jamet, C, Dall’Olmo, G, D'Ortenzio, F, Gentili, B, Poteau, A and Schmechtig, C 2016 A neural network-based method for merging ocean color and Argo data to extend surface bio-optical properties to depth: Retrieval of the particulate backscattering coefficient. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans. n/a-n/a.

Lee, YJ, Matrai, PA, Friedrichs, MAM, Saba, VS, Antoine, D, Ardyna, M, Asanuma, I, Babin, M, Bélanger, S, Benoît-Gagné, M, Devred, E, Fernández-Méndez, Mar, Gentili, B, Hirawake, T, Kang, S-H, Kameda, T, Katlein, C, Lee, SH, Lee, ZP, Melin, F, Scardi, M, Smyth, TJ, Tang, S, Turpie, KR, Waters, KJ and Westberry, TK 2015 An assessment of phytoplankton primary productivity in the Arctic Ocean from satellite ocean color/in situ chlorophyll-abased models. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 120 (9). 6508-6541.

Brewin, RJW, Hardman-Mountford, NJ, Lavender, SJ, Raitsos, DE, Hirata, T, Uitz, J, Devred, E, Bricaud, A, Ciotti, AM and Gentili, B 2011 An intercomparison of bio-optical techniques for detecting dominant phytoplankton size class from satellite remote sensing. Remote Sensing of Environment, 115 (2). 325-339.

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Friedrichs, MAM, Carr, ME, Barber, RT, Scardi, M, Antoine, D, Armstrong, RA, Asanuma, I, Behrenfeld, M, Buitenhuis, E, Chai, F, Christian, JR, Ciotti, AM, Doney, SC, Dowell, M, Dunne, J, Gentili, B, Gregg, W, Hoepffner, N, Ishizaka, J, Kameda, T, Lima, I, Marra, J, Melin, F, Moore, JK, Morel, A, O'Malley, RT, O'Reilly, J, Saba, VS, Schmeltz, M, Smyth, TJ, Tjiputra, JF, Waters, K, Westberry, TK and Wingnuth, A 2009 Assessing the uncertainties of model estimates of primary productivity in the tropical Pacific Ocean. Journal of Marine Systems, 76. 113 - 133.

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Carr, ME, Friedrichs, MAM, Schmeltz, M, Aite, MN, Antoine, D, Arrigo, KR, Asanuma, I, Aumont, O, Barber, RT, Behrenfeld, M, Bidigare, R, Buitenhuis, E, Campbell, J, Ciotti, AM, Dierssen, H, Dowell, M, Dunne, J, Esaias, W, Gentili, B, Groom, SB, Hoepffner, N, Hishisaka, J, Kameda, T, Le Quere, C, Lohrenz, S, Marra, J, Melin, F, Moore, K, Morel, A, Reddy, T, Ryan, J, Scardi, M, Smyth, TJ, Tilstone, GH, Turpie, K, Waters, K and Yamanaka, Y 2006 A comparison of global estimates of marine primary production from ocean color. Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography (741 -).

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