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Collins, RA, Baillie, C, Halliday, NC, Rainbird, S, Sims, DW, Mariani, S and Genner, MJ 2022 Reproduction influences seasonal eDNA variation in a temperate marine fish community. Limnology and Oceanography Letters.

Collins, RA, Trauzzi, G, Maltby, KM, Gibson, TI, Ratcliffe, FC, Hallam, J, Rainbird, S, Maclaine, J, Henderson, PA, Sims, DW, Mariani, S and Genner, MJ 2021 Meta-Fish-Lib: A generalised, dynamic DNA reference library pipeline for metabarcoding of fishes. Journal of Fish Biology, 99 (4). 1446-1454.

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Hawkins, SJ, Evans, AJ, Adams, L, Bray, S, Burrows, MT, Firth, LB, Genner, MJ, Leung, KMY, Mieszkowska, N, Moore, PJ, Pack, K, Schuster, H, Sims, DW, Whittington, M and Southward, EC 2017 Distinguishing globally-driven changes from regional- and local-scale impacts: the case for long-term and broad-scale studies of recovery from pollution.. Marine Pollution Bulletin.

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Ball, RE, Serra-Pereira, B, Ellis, J, Genner, MJ, Iglésias, S, Johnson, AF, Jones, CS, Leslie, R, Lewis, J, Mariani, S, Menezes, GM, Neat, F, Noble, LR, Sims, DW and Griffiths, AM 2016 Resolving taxonomic uncertainty in vulnerable elasmobranchs: are the Madeira skate (Raja maderensis) and the thornback ray (Raja clavata) distinct species?. Conservation Genetics, 17 (3). 565-576.

Hawkins, SJ, Bohn, K, Sims, DW, Ribeiro, P, Faria, J, Presa, P, Pita, A, Martins, GM, Neto, AI, Burrows, MT and Genner, MJ 2016 Fisheries stocks from an ecological perspective: Disentangling ecological connectivity from genetic interchange. Fisheries Research, 179. 333-341.

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Rutterford, LA, Simpson, SD, Jennings, S, Johnson, MP, Blanchard, JL, Schön, PJ, Sims, DW, Tinker, J and Genner, MJ 2015 Future fish distributions constrained by depth in warming seas. Nature Climate Change, 5 (6). 569-573.

Gubili, C, Sims, DW, Verisimo, A, Dominici, P, Ellis, J, Grigorio, P, Johnson, A, McHugh, MJ, Neat, FC, Sarcenella, G, Serra-Pereira, B, Soldo, A, Genner, MJ and Griffiths, AM 2014 A tale of two seas: contrasting patterns of population structure in the small-spotted catshark across Europe.. Royal Society Open Science, 51. 1575-1583.

Hawkins, SJ, Firth, LB, McHugh, M, Poloczanska, ES, Herbert, RJH, Burrows, MT, Kendall, MA, Moore, PJ, Thompson, RC, Jenkins, SR, Sims, DW, Genner, MJ and Mieszkowska, N 2013 Data rescue and re-use: Recycling old information to address new policy concerns. Marine Policy, 42. 91-98.

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Southward, AJ, Langmead, O, Hardman-Mountford, NJ, Aiken, J, Boalch, GT, Dando, PR, Genner, MJ, Joint, IR, Kendall, MA, Halliday, NC, Harris, RP, Leaper, R, Mieszkowska, N, Pingree, RD, Richardson, AJ, Sims, DW, Smith, T, Walne, AW and Hawkins, SJ 2004 Long-Term Oceanographic and Ecological Research in the Western English Channel. Advances in Marine Biology, 47. 1-105.

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