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Publication - Article

Hopkins, FE, Suntharalingam, P, Gehlen, M, Andrews, O, Archer, SD, Bopp, L, Buitenhuis, E, Dadou, I, Duce, R, Goris, N, Jickells, TD, Johnson, M, Keng, F, Law, CS, Lee, K, Liss, PS, Lizotte, M, Malin, G, Murrell, JC, Naik, H, Rees, AP, Schwinger, J and Williamson, P 2020 The impacts of ocean acidification on marine trace gases and the implications for atmospheric chemistry and climate. Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences, 476 (2237). 20190769.

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Roemmich, D, Alford, MH, Claustre, H, Johnson, K, King, B, Moum, J, Oke, P, Owens, WB, Pouliquen, S, Purkey, S, Scanderbeg, M, Suga, T, Wijffels, S, Zilberman, N, Bakker, D, Baringer, M, Belbeoch, M, Bittig, HC, Boss, E, Calil, P, Carse, F, Carval, T, Chai, F, Conchubhair, DÓ, d’Ortenzio, F, Dall’Olmo, G, Desbruyeres, D, Fennel, K, Fer, I, Ferrari, R, Forget, G, Freeland, H, Fujiki, T, Gehlen, M, Greenan, B, Hallberg, R, Hibiya, T, Hosoda, S, Jayne, S, Jochum, M, Johnson, GC, Kang, K, Kolodziejczyk, N, Körtzinger, A, Traon, PL, Lenn, YD, Maze, G, Mork, KA, Morris, T, Nagai, T, Nash, J, Garabato, AN, Olsen, A, Pattabhi, RR, Prakash, S, Riser, S, Schmechtig, C, Schmid, C, Shroyer, E, Sterl, A, Sutton, P, Talley, L, Tanhua, T, Thierry, V, Thomalla, S, Toole, J, Troisi, A, Trull, TW, Turton, J, Velez-Belchi, PJ, Walczowski, W, Wang, H, Wanninkhof, R, Waterhouse, AF, Waterman, S, Watson, A, Wilson, C, Wong, APS, Xu, J and Yasuda, I 2019 On the Future of Argo: A Global, Full-Depth, Multi-Disciplinary Array. Frontiers in Marine Science, 6.

Fennel, K, Gehlen, M, Brasseur, P, Brown, CW, Ciavatta, S, Cossarini, G, Crise, A, Edwards, CA, Ford, D, Friedrichs, MAM, Gregoire, M, Jones, E, Kim, H-C, Lamouroux, J, Murtugudde, R and Perruche, C 2019 Advancing Marine Biogeochemical and Ecosystem Reanalyses and Forecasts as Tools for Monitoring and Managing Ecosystem Health. Frontiers in Marine Science, 6.

Polimene, L, Rivkin, RB, Luo, Y-W, Kwon, EY, Gehlen, M, Peña, MA, Wang, N, Liang, Y, Kaartokallio, H and Jiao, N 2018 Modelling marine DOC degradation time scales. National Science Review.

Lee, YJ, Matrai, PA, Friedrichs, MAM, Saba, VS, Aumont, O, Babin, M, Buitenhuis, ET, Chevallier, M, de Mora, L, Dessert, M, Dunne, JP, Ellingsen, IH, Feldman, D, Frouin, R, Gehlen, M, Gorgues, T, Ilyina, T, Jin, MM, John, JG, Lawrence, J, Manizza, M, Menkes, CE, Perruche, C, Le Fouest, V, Popova, EE, Romanou, A, Samuelsen, A, Schwinger, J, Séférian, R, Stock, CA, Tjiputra, JF, Tremblay, LB, Ueyoshi, K, Vichi, M, Yool, A and Zhang, J 2016 Net primary productivity estimates and environmental variables in the Arctic Ocean: An assessment of coupled physical-biogeochemical models. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans. n/a-n/a.

Publication - Book Section

Ford, D, Kay, S, McEwan, R, Totterdel, I and Gehlen, M 2018 Marine Biogeochemical Modelling and Data Assimilation for Operational Forecasting, Reanalysis, and Climate Research. In: Chassignet, EP; Pascual, A; Tintoré, J; Verron, J, (eds.) New Frontiers in Operational Oceanography. GODAE OceanView, 625-652.

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