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Duncan, EM, Broderick, AC, Critchell, K, Galloway, TS, Hamann, M, Limpus, CJ, Lindeque, PK, Santillo, D, Tucker, AD, Whiting, S, Young, EJ and Godley, BJ 2021 Plastic Pollution and Small Juvenile Marine Turtles: A Potential Evolutionary Trap. Frontiers in Marine Science, 8.

Coppock, RL, Lindeque, PK, Cole, MJ, Galloway, TS, Näkki, P, Birgani, H, Richards, S and Queiros, AM 2021 Benthic fauna contribute to microplastic sequestration in coastal sediments. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 415. 125583.

Cole, MJ, Liddle, C, Consolandi, G, Drago, C, Hird, C, Lindeque, PK and Galloway, TS 2020 Microplastics, microfibres and nanoplastics cause variable sub-lethal responses in mussels (Mytilus spp.). Marine Pollution Bulletin, 160. 111552.

Lindeque, PK, Cole, MJ, Coppock, RL, Lewis, CN, Miller, RZ, Watts, AJR, Wilson-McNeal, A, Wright, SL and Galloway, TS 2020 Are we underestimating microplastic abundance in the marine environment? A comparison of microplastic capture with nets of different mesh-size. Environmental Pollution. 114721.

Coppock, RL, Galloway, TS, Cole, MJ, Fileman, ES, Queiros, AM and Lindeque, PK 2019 Microplastics alter feeding selectivity and faecal density in the copepod, Calanus helgolandicus. Science of The Total Environment.

Maximenko, N, Corradi, P, Law, KL, Van Sebille, E, Garaba, SP, Lampitt, RS, Galgani, F, Martinez-Vicente, V, Goddijn-Murphy, L, Veiga, JM, Thompson, RC, Maes, C, Moller, D, Löscher, CR, Addamo, AM, Lamson, MR, Centurioni, LR, Posth, NR, Lumpkin, R, Vinci, M, Martins, AM, Pieper, CD, Isobe, A, Hanke, G, Edwards, M, Chubarenko, I, Rodriguez, E, Aliani, S, Arias, M, Asner, GP, Brosich, A, Carlton, JT, Chao, Y, Cook, A, Cundy, AB, Galloway, TS, Giorgetti, A, Goni, GJ, Guichoux, Y, Haram, LE, Hardesty, BD, Holdsworth, N, Lebreton, L, Leslie, HA, Macadam-Somer, I, Mace, T, Manuel, M, Marsh, R, Martinez, E, Mayor, DJ, Le Moigne, M, Molina Jack, ME, Mowlem, MC, Obbard, RW, Pabortsava, K, Robberson, B, Rotaru, A, Ruiz, GM, Spedicato, MT, Thiel, M, Turra, A and Wilcox, C 2019 Toward the Integrated Marine Debris Observing System. Frontiers in Marine Science, 6.

Nelms, SE, Parry, HE, Bennett, KA, Galloway, TS, Godley, BJ, Santillo, D and Lindeque, PK 2019 What goes in, must come out: Combining scat‐based molecular diet analysis and quantification of ingested microplastics in a marine top predator. Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 10 (10). 1712-1722.

Duncan, EM, Arrowsmith, JA, Bain, CE, Bowdery, H, Broderick, AC, Chalmers, T, Fuller, WJ, Galloway, TS, Lee, JH, Lindeque, PK, Omeyer, LCM, Snape, RTE and Godley, BJ 2019 Diet-related selectivity of macroplastic ingestion in green turtles (Chelonia mydas) in the eastern Mediterranean. Scientific Reports, 9 (1).

Cole, MJ, Coppock, RL, Lindeque, PK, Altin, D, Reed, S, Pond, DW, Sørensen, L, Galloway, TS and Booth, AM 2019 Effects of Nylon Microplastic on Feeding, Lipid Accumulation, and Moulting in a Coldwater Copepod. Environmental Science & Technology.

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Nelms, SE, Barnett, J, Brownlow, A, Davison, NJ, Deaville, R, Galloway, TS, Lindeque, PK, Santillo, D and Godley, BJ 2019 Microplastics in marine mammals stranded around the British coast: ubiquitous but transitory?. Scientific Reports, 9 (1).

Duncan, EM, Broderick, AC, Fuller, WJ, Galloway, TS, Godfrey, MH, Hamann, M, Limpus, CJ, Lindeque, PK, Mayes, AG, Omeyer, LCM, Santillo, D, Snape, RTE and Godley, BJ 2018 Microplastic ingestion ubiquitous in marine turtles. Global Change Biology.

Duncan, EM, Botterell, ZLR, Broderick, AC, Galloway, TS, Lindeque, PK, Nuno, A and Godley, BJ 2017 A global review of marine turtle entanglement in anthropogenic debris: a baseline for further action. Endangered Species Research, 34. 431-448.

Clark, JR, Cole, MJ, Lindeque, PK, Fileman, ES, Blackford, JC, Lewis, C, Lenton, TM and Galloway, TS 2016 Marine microplastic debris: a targeted plan for understanding and quantifying interactions with marine life. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, 14 (6). 317-324.

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