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Publication - Article

Borger, T, Broszeit, S, Ahtiainen, H, Atkins, JP, Burdon, D, Luisetti, T, Murillas, A, Oinonen, S, Paltriguera, L, Roberts, L, Uyarra, MC and Austen, MC 2016 Assessing Costs and Benefits of Measures to Achieve Good Environmental Status in European Regional Seas: Challenges, Opportunities, and Lessons Learnt. Frontiers in Marine Science, 3.

Hattam, C, Böhnke-Henrichs, A, Borger, T, Burdon, D, Hadjimichael, M, Delaney, A, Atkins, JP, Garrard, S and Austen, MC 2015 Integrating methods for ecosystem service assessment and valuation: Mixed methods or mixed messages?. Ecological Economics, 120. 126-138.

Hattam, C, Atkins, JP, Beaumont, NJ, Borger, T, Böhnke-Henrichs, A, Burdon, D, de Groot, R, Hoefnagel, E, Nunes, PALD, Piwowarczyk, J, Sastre, S and Austen, MC 2015 Marine ecosystem services: Linking indicators to their classification. Ecological Indicators, 49. 61-75.

Borger, T, Hattam, C, Burdon, D, Atkins, JP and Austen, MC 2014 Valuing conservation benefits of an offshore marine protected area. Ecological Economics, 108. 229-241.

Cooper, K, Burdon, D, Atkins, JP, Weiss, L, Somerfield, PJ, Elliott, M, Turner, RK, Ware, S and Vivian, C 2013 Can the benefits of physical seabed restoration justify the costs? An assessment of a disused aggregate extraction site off the Thames Estuary UK. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 75. 33 - 45.

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Ressurreicao, A, Gibbons, J, Kaiser, MJ, Dentinho, TP, Zarzycki, T, Bentley, C, Austen, MC, Burdon, D, Atkins, JP, Santos, RS and Edwards-Jones, G 2012 Different cultures different values: The role of cultural variation in public's WTP for marine species conservation. Biological Conservation, 145. 148 - 159.

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Beaumont, NJ, Austen, MC, Atkins, JP, Burdon, D, Degraer, S, Dentinho, TP, Derous, S, Holm, P, Horton, T, van Ierland, E, Marboe, AH, Starkey, DJ, Townsend, M and Zarzycki, T 2007 Identification definition and quantification of goods and services provided by marine biodiversity: Implications for the ecosystem approach. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 54. 253 - 265.

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Publication - Book Section

Saunders, J, Beaumont, NJ, Atkins, JP, Lannin, A, Lear, D, Ozdemiroglu, E and Potts, T 2015 A Review of Marine and Coastal Ecosystem Services Data and Tools to Incorporate This into Decision-Making. In: Coastal Zones Ecosystem Services. Springer, 145-164. (Coastal Zones Ecosystem Services, 9).

Dissemination / Communication

Cooper, K, Burdon, D, Atkins, JP, Weiss, L, Somerfield, PJ, Elliott, M, Turner, K, Ware, S and Vivian, C 2011 Seabed Restoration following marine aggregate dredging: Do the benefits justify the costs? MEPF-MALSF Project 09-P115. MALSF Lowestoft. 111pp. ISBN 978 0 907545 64 4.. [Dissemination / Communication]

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