The 8th International Symposium on Gas Transfer at Water Surfaces - Book of Abstracts

2023 The 8th International Symposium on Gas Transfer at Water Surfaces - Book of Abstracts. PML Publishing.

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The Gas Transfer at Water Surfaces (GTWS) symposium normally occurs every 5 years and has brought together scientists from countries all over the world. This topic is globally-important. Gas transfer is of great import for quantifying CO2 uptake by the ocean as well as the emission of climate-relevant gases such as DMS and other volatile organic compounds. The focus is the physicochemical and biogeochemical processes that govern atmosphere-water gas exchange and fluxes. These include turbulence, shear, breaking waves, bubbles, and surfactants as well as the biology and chemistry of the microlayer. The conference covered all domains where air and water meet, including freshwater, estuarine, marine (coastal and open ocean) and polar regions, as well as laboratory and numerical studies. GTWS was due to be held in Plymouth, UK in May 2020. At the last moment, we had to take the difficult decision to postpone the meeting due to the Covid outbreak. This put the local organising committee into a holding pattern, organising for an event ‘at some point’! A year down the line, we hosted a short ‘bitesize’ online event. This was attended by nearly 200 people online, was a great success and gave us confidence that we could run the main event in hybrid mode. A hybrid event would have the dual benefit of facilitating the participation of those unable to travel whilst also enabling those from further afield to reduce their (and the community’s) carbon emissions. In May 2022, the main event finally took place, which was a great relief to the organising committee! The event was well-attended with nearly 100 participants (approx. 75% in-person, 25% online). Using Plymouth Marine Laboratory’s new technology for hybrid events, and with the help of an external company (Mindfully Wired;, we hosted the hybrid event and switched effortlessly between the room and online participants during the Q&As. Those in the room and online clearly enjoyed the opportunity to have an open debate again. We are pleased with the GTWS symposium went, and particularly pleased that it clearly showed that you no longer have to travel to actively participate at a conference and present to the international community. This publication presents updated versions of abstracts that were submitted for the symposium, as well as links to the recorded talks or slides that were presented during the event itself.

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