Reproduction in estuarine fish.

DANDO, P. R. 1984 Reproduction in estuarine fish.. In: Potts, G. W.; Wooton, R. J., (eds.) Fish Reproduction, Strategies and Tactics. London, Academic Press, 155-170.

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Estuaries typically show rapidly fluctuating and microbial-rich conditions, which are not ideal for egg and larval development. Many species inhabiting estuaries migrate into either fresh water or the sea to spawn. Only a few estuarine fish are true estuarine residents in that they both live and breed in estuaries. Some marine fish spawn in estuaries or the lower reaches of rivers. The majority of fish that breed in estuaries show some reproductive specialization. Numerous marine species use the sheltered and nutrient-rich estuaries as nursery grounds. Post-larvae of marine spawners often enter the estuaries when only a few weeks old and concentrate, together with post-larvae from estuarine spawners, in narrow zones within the estuaries.

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