Narwhal (Monodon monoceros)

Nash, R 2021 Narwhal (Monodon monoceros). The Marine Biological Association of the UK. (MarLIN The Marine Life Information Network)

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The narwhal is a relatively small whale, famous for its unicorn-like tusk. It has a small bulbous head, reaches up to 4 m to 5 m in length and weighs up to 1600 kg. There is no dorsal fin but a small dorsal ridge. It has two blunt flippers and the tail ends with a left and right fluke. Body colouration varies with age. The young are generally grey all over until they develop dark spots or smears on their back and sides during maturity. At old age, spots become less apparent and the body can appear almost entirely white, especially in adult males. The narwhal has only two horizontal teeth. In males, the left tooth commonly protrudes from the jaw to form a tusk that can reach 3 m in length. The protrusion of both teeth, forming tusks, in males has been recorded but protrusion in females is rare and teeth remain embedded.

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