Roger N. Hughes' contribution to bryozoology

Cancino, JM, Manríquez, PH, Ryland, JS, Bishop, JDD and Hughes, HP 2018 Roger N. Hughes' contribution to bryozoology. In: IBA Larwood meeting, Orkney, Scotland, 2015. Trinity College, Dublin, International Bryozoology Association.

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In the present work we aim at reviewing Roger N. Hughes (May 27th, 1944-August 30th, 2015) contribution to bryozoology using as a tool the citation index of ISI Web of Science (WOS) and Google Scholar (GS). Roger N. Hughes publications are relevant and profusely quoted, with more than 4600 and 9300 citations in WOS and GS, respectively (as recorded until January 6th, 2016). Was the author of 210 publications, 199 of them were refereed papers, 3 books and several books chapters and reviews. Fifty of such publications dealt with clonal organisms, 41 of them on bryozoans, which lead Roger, in his most recent CV to describe his current research as “Gametic recognition and mate choice in marine colonial invertebrates. Use of clonal animals to partition genetic and environmental control of resource allocation in the investigation of life-history evolution. Molecular phylogenetics and phylogeography of hippothoid bryozoans”. By 1985 Roger published the review entitled “An ecological Overview of cloning in Metazoa” (Hughes and Cancino, 1985; with more than 100 citations in GS) and four years later, the book “A functional biology of Clonal animals” (Hughes, 1989), with over 300 citations, and his fifths most cited publication in Google Scholar. In agreement with his statement the most cited bryozoan papers are the ones on the use of mating trials and DNA barcoding to reveal cryptic speciation on hippothoid bryozoans (Gómez et al. 2007, WOS cited 63 times), followed by those on various aspects of the life history of Celleporella hyalina (Cancino and Hughes,1987, 1988; 43, and 25 times WOS cited, respectively), sexual reproduction and self-fertilisation (Hunter and Hughes, 1993, WOS cited 24 times), water borne sperm longevity and triggering of vitellogenic egg growth (Bishop et al. 2000, Manríquez et al 2001, WOS cited 24 times). All publications on bryozoans were written with one or more co-authors, from which is clear that one of Rogers´ talents was his willingness to work in partnership, giving support, and being open to new ideas.

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