Biological Communities at Marine Shallow-Water Vent and Seep Sites

Dando, PR 2010 Biological Communities at Marine Shallow-Water Vent and Seep Sites. In: The vent and seep biota – from microbes to ecosystems. Dordrecht, Springer, 333-378. (Topics in Geobiology, 33).

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The review compiles, for the first time, data on the communities at 62 shallow-water hydrothermal vent and cold seep sites. ‘Shallow sites’ are defined as sites no deeper than 200 m. The communities at these sites are also compared with communities in reducing sediments at similar depths. Below 200 m, vent and seep obligate species tend to dominate the fauna living in areas where reducing fluids are released from the seabed. At the shallow sites, vent and seep obligate species of fauna are rare, only eight having being reported from shallow vents. No definite seep obligates have been found. Shallow vents and seeps are colonized by communities that consist of a subset of the background fauna, especially those species that are less sensitive to hydrogen sulphide toxicity. Conversely the zones directly surrounding shallow vent and seeps sites with varied topography, substrate type and food supply, often have a higher species diversity than the background area. The reasons for these differences are discussed.

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