Rates Of Nitrogen-Excretion By Species Of Mytilus (Bivalvia - Mollusca)

Bayne, BL and Scullard, C 1977 Rates Of Nitrogen-Excretion By Species Of Mytilus (Bivalvia - Mollusca). Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom, 57 (2). 355 - 369. https://doi.org/10.1017/S0025315400021809

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The results of experiments recorded by Bayne & Scullard (1977) confirmed earlier studies (Bayne, 1973) in describing a decline in the rate of oxygen uptake (Vo2) by Mytilus edulis during starvation, eventually reaching a steady-state value, called the standard rate of oxygen consumption. Earlier experiments had also shown that if such starved mussels were fed, oxygen uptake increased rapidly to a high level called the active rate of oxygen consumption (Thompson & Bayne, 1972; Bayne, Thompson & Widdows, 1973). Some of this increase in metabolic rate is undoubtedly due to an increased filtration rate that is stimulated by the presence of food (the ‘mechanical cost of feeding’ discussed by Bayne et al. 1976), and part is due to the ‘physiological costs of feeding’, which includes energy utilized in digestion and assimilation of the food, and energy that is lost during deamination and other catabolic processes that accompany digestion (Warren & Davis, 1967). Increases in metabolic rate associated with feeding have been called the specific dynamic action (SDA) of the ration (see Harper, 1971, for a discussion) or the apparent SDA (Beamish, 1974)5 and they have been related to aspects of protein metabolism (Krebs, 1964). This paper describes the results of some experiments designed to examine the relationships between SDA and ammonia excretion in Mytilus edulis L.

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