Coordinated Rhythms Of Digestion Absorption And Excretion In Mytilus-Edulis (Bivalvia Mollusca)

Hawkins, AJS, Bayne, BL and Clarke, KR 1983 Coordinated Rhythms Of Digestion Absorption And Excretion In Mytilus-Edulis (Bivalvia Mollusca). Marine Biology, 74 (1). 41 - 48.

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Sequential alternation of extracellular digestion in the stomach and intracellular digestion in the diverticula appears widespread among bivalves. The present study documents some physiological consequences of such processes in Mytilus edulis L. collected during 1981 from Whitsand Bay, Cornwall, England. Pronounced temporal fluctuations in faecal deposition are described that relate, in terms of amplitude and period, to both sinusoidal rhythmicity established for ammonia excretion and changes in the morphology of digestive tubules. Although at least partially synchronised among replicate groups of mussels, these cycles bore no consistent relationship with exogenous influences. Hourly fluctuation in the net absorption efficiency for nitrogen, as evidenced by the mean percentage ±2 SE, measured over 24 h sampling periods, was considerable (16.0±53.7, 49.3±10.9 and 52.8±6.6 for mussels acclimated in March, June and October, respectively). This variation in absorption derived from an inverse relationship between the percentage nitrogen within faeces and the rate of faecal egestion. Accordingly, peaks of faecal deposition presumably represented the pulsed remnants of intracellular digestion. Co-ordinated rhythms of digestion, absorption and excretion were thus evident in M. edulis. These processes displayed seasonally dependent periodicities of approximately 8, 3 and 4 h in March, June and October, respectively. It was concluded that, at least for M. edulis, this previously unquantified rhythmicity of physiological processes warrants careful consideration during assays commonly undertaken in the complication of nutrient and energy budgets.

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