Channels of evolution: unveiling evolutionary patterns in diatom Ca2+ signalling

Murphy, EA, Kleiner, FH, Helliwell, KE and Wheeler, G 2024 Channels of evolution: unveiling evolutionary patterns in diatom Ca2+ signalling [in special issue: Molecular Signaling Events in Algae in Response to Abiotic Factors and Biotic Interactions] Plants, 13 (9).

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Diatoms are important primary producers in marine and freshwater environments, but little is known about the signalling mechanisms they use to detect changes in their environment. All eukaryotic organisms use Ca2+ signalling to perceive and respond to environmental stimuli, employing a range of Ca2+-permeable ion channels to facilitate the movement of Ca2+ across cellular membranes. We investigated the distribution of different families of Ca2+ channels in diatom genomes, with comparison to other members of the stramenopile lineage. The four-domain voltage-gated Ca2+ channels (Cav) are present in some centric diatoms but almost completely absent in pennate diatoms, whereas single-domain voltage-gated EukCatA channels were found in all diatoms. Glutamate receptors (GLRs) and pentameric ligand-gated ion channels (pLGICs) also appear to have been lost in several pennate species. Transient receptor potential (TRP) channels are present in all diatoms, but have not undergone the significant expansion seen in brown algae. All diatom species analysed lacked the mitochondrial uniporter (MCU), a highly conserved channel type found in many eukaryotes, including several stramenopile lineages. These results highlight the unique Ca2+-signalling toolkit of diatoms and indicate that evolutionary gains or losses of different Ca2+ channels may contribute to differences in cellular-signalling mechanisms between species

Item Type: Publication - Article
Additional Keywords: diatom, calcium signalling, ion channels, evolution
Subjects: Marine Sciences
Divisions: Marine Biological Association of the UK > Marine Microbiome
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Date made live: 31 May 2024 13:48
Last Modified: 31 May 2024 13:48

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