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Abraham, ER; Law, CS; Boyd, PW; Lavender, SJ; Maldonado, MT; Bowie, AR. 2000 Importance of stirring in the development of an iron-fertilized phytoplankton bloom. Nature, 407 (6805). 727 - 730. 10.1038/35037555

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Archer, SD; Verity, PG; Stefels, J. 2000 Impact of microzooplankton on the progression and fate of the spring bloom in fjords of northern Norway. Aquatic Microbial Ecology, 22 (1). 27 - 41. 10.3354/ame022027


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Day, AJ; Hawkins, AJS; Visootiviseth, P. 2000 The use of allozymes and shell morphology to distinguish among sympatric species of the rock oyster Saccostrea in Thailand. Aquaculture, 187 (01-Feb). 51 - 72. 10.1016/S0044-8486(00)00301-X

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Dyrynda, EA; Law, RJ; Dyrynda, PEJ; Kelly, CA; Pipe, RK; Ratcliffe, NA. 2000 Changes in immune parameters of natural mussel Mytilus edulis populations following a major oil spill ('Sea Empress' Wales UK). Marine Ecology Progress Series, 206. 155 - 170. 10.3354/meps206155


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Gallienne, CP. 2000 Atlantic Meridional Transect AMT-10 cruise report. Montevideo (Uruguay) to Grimsby (UK) 12th April to 8th May 2000. Plymouth (UK), Plymouth Marine Laboratory, 51pp. (UNSPECIFIED)

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Huskin, I; Anadon, R; Alvarez-Marques, F; Harris, RP. 2000 Ingestion faecal pellet and egg production rates of Calanus helgolandicus feeding coccolithophorid versus non-coccolithophorid diets. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, 248 (2). 239 - 254. 10.1016/S0022-0981(00)00167-2


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