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Aiken, J; Moore, GF; Holligan, PM; Malin, G. 1992 Remote-Sensing Of Oceanic Biology In Relation To Global Climate Change. Journal of Phycology, 28 (5). 579 - 590.

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Bonthond, G; Barilo, A; Allen, RJ; Cunliffe, M; Krueger-Hadfield, SA. 2022 Fungal endophytes vary by species, tissue type and life cycle stage in intertidal macroalgae. Journal of Phycology.



Evans, C; Malin, G; Mills, GP; Wilson, WH. 2006 Viral infection of Emiliania huxleyi (Prymnesiophyceae) leads to elevated production of reactive oxygen species. Journal of Phycology, 42. 1040 - 1047.

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Flynn, KJ; Clark, DR; Xue, Y. 2008 Modeling the release of dissolved organic matter by phytoplankton. Journal of Phycology, 44. 1171 - 1187.

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Herrera-Sepulveda, A; Medlin, LK; Murugan, G; Sierra-Beltran, AP; Cruz-Villacorta, AA; Hernandez-Saavedra, NY. 2015 Are Prorocentrum hoffmannianum and Prorocentrum belizeanum (Dinophyceae, Prorocentrales), the same species? An integration of morphological and molecular data.. Journal of Phycology, 51 (1). 173-188.

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Mazard, S; Wilson, WH; Scanlan, DJ. 2012 Dissecting the Physiological Response to Phosphorus Stress in Marine Synechococcus Isolates (Cyanophyceae). Journal of Phycology, 48. 94 - 105.

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McCoy, SJ; Krueger-Hadfield, SA; Mieszkowska, N. 2020 Evolutionary Phycology: Toward a Macroalgal Species Conceptual Framework. Journal of Phycology, 56 (6). 1404-1413.

McCoy, SJ; Santillán‐Sarmiento, A; Brown, MT; Widdicombe, S; Wheeler, GL. 2020 Photosynthetic Responses of Turf‐forming Red Macroalgae to High CO 2 Conditions. Journal of Phycology, 56 (1). 85-96.

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Ragni, M; Airs, RL; Leonardos, N; Archer, SD; Geider, RJ. 2008 Photoinhibition of PSII in Emiliania huxleyi (Haptophyta) under high light stress: The roles of photoacclimation photoprotection and photorepair. Journal of Phycology, 44. 670 - 683.

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Ribeiro, L; Brotas, V; Rincé, Y; Jesus, B. 2013 Structure and diversity of intertidal benthic diatom assemblages in contrasting shores: a case study from the Tagus estuary1. Journal of Phycology, 49 (2). 258-270.

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Schroeder, DC; Biggi, GF; Hall, M; Davy, J; Martinez, JM; Richardson, AJ; Malin, G; Wilson, WH. 2005 A genetic marker to separate Emiliania huxleyi (Prymnesiophyceae) morphotypes. Journal of Phycology, 41 (4). 874-879.

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Simon, N; Barlow, RG; Marie, D; Partensky, F; Vaulot, D. 1994 Characterization Of Oceanic Photosynthetic Picoeukaryotes By Flow-Cytometry. Journal of Phycology, 30 (6). 922 - 935.

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Taylor, AR; Chrachri, A; Wheeler, G; Goddard, H; Brownlee, C. 2011 Proton Conductance in Coccolithophores Is an Integral Component of Ph Homeostasis During Calcification. Journal of Phycology, 47. 27 - 27.

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Taylor, J; Cunliffe, M. 2014 High-throughput sequencing reveals neustonic and planktonic protist diversity in coastal waters. Journal of Phycology, 50. 960-965.

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Yang, EC; Peters, AF; Kawai, H; Stern, RF; Hanyuda, T; Bárbara, I; Müller, DG; Strittmatter, M; Reine, WF; Küpper, FC. 2014 Ligulate Desmarestia (Desmarestiales, Phaeophyceae) revisited: D. japonica sp. nov. and D. dudresnayi differ from D. ligulata. Journal of Phycology.

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Zaeuner, S; Michaelson, LV; Markham, JE; Allen, MJ; Worthy, C; Heinz, E; Warnecke, D; Napier, JA. 2012 The Role of Sphingolipids in Virus-Induced Cell Lysis in Emiliania Huxleyi. Journal of Phycology, 48. 48 - 48.

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