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Publication - Article

Sims, RP; Bedington, M; Schuster, U; Watson, AJ; Kitidis, V; Torres, R; Findlay, HS; Fishwick, J; Brown, IJ; Bell, TG. 2022 Tidal mixing of estuarine and coastal waters in the western English Channel is a control on spatial and temporal variability in seawater CO<sub>2</sub>. Biogeosciences, 19 (6). 1657-1674.

Dong, Y; Yang, M; Bakker, DCE; Liss, PS; Kitidis, V; Brown, IJ; Chierici, M; Fransson, A; Bell, TG. 2021 Near‐Surface Stratification Due to Ice Melt Biases Arctic Air‐Sea CO 2 Flux Estimates. Geophysical Research Letters, 48 (22).

Rees, AP; Bange, HW; Arévalo-Martínez, DL; Artioli, Y; Ashby, DM; Brown, IJ; Campen, HI; Clark, DR; Kitidis, V; Lessin, G; Tarran, GA; Turley, CM. 2021 Nitrous oxide and methane in a changing Arctic Ocean. Ambio, 51 (2). 398-410.

Campen, HI; Arévalo-Martínez, DL; Artioli, Y; Brown, IJ; Kitidis, V; Lessin, G; Rees, AP; Bange, HW. 2021 The role of a changing Arctic Ocean and climate for the biogeochemical cycling of dimethyl sulphide and carbon monoxide. Ambio.

Yang, M; Smyth, TJ; Kitidis, V; Brown, IJ; Wohl, C; Yelland, MJ; Bell, TG. 2021 Natural variability in air–sea gas transfer efficiency of CO2. Scientific Reports, 11 (1).

Williamson, JL; Tye, A; Lapworth, DJ; Monteith, D; Sanders, R; Mayor, DJ; Barry, C; Bowes, MJ; Burden, A; Callaghan, N; Farr, G; Felgate, SL; Fitch, A; Gibb, S; Gilbert, P; Hargreaves, G; Keenan, P; Kitidis, V; Juergens, M; Martin, A; Mounteney, I; Nightingale, PD; Pereira, MG; Olszewska, J; Pickard, A; Rees, AP; Spears, B; Stinchcombe, M; White, DA; Williamson, P; Worrall, F; Evans, C. 2021 Landscape controls on riverine export of dissolved organic carbon from Great Britain. Biogeochemistry.

Torres, R; Artioli, Y; Kitidis, V; Ciavatta, S; Ruiz-Villarreal, M; Shutler, J; Polimene, L; Martinez Vicente, V; Widdicombe, CE; Woodward, EMS; Smyth, TJ; Fishwick, J; Tilstone, GH. 2020 Sensitivity of Modeled CO2 Air–Sea Flux in a Coastal Environment to Surface Temperature Gradients, Surfactants, and Satellite Data Assimilation. Remote Sensing, 12 (12). 2038.

Wohl, C; Brown, IJ; Kitidis, V; Jones, AE; Sturges, WT; Nightingale, PD; Yang, M. 2020 Underway seawater and atmospheric measurements of volatile organic compounds in the Southern Ocean. Biogeosciences, 17 (9). 2593-2619.

Kitidis, V; Shutler, JD; Ashton, I; Warren, M; Brown, IJ; Findlay, HS; Hartman, SE; Sanders, R; Humphreys, M; Kivimäe, C; Greenwood, N; Hull, T; Pearce, D; McGrath, T; Stewart, BM; Walsham, P; McGovern, E; Bozec, Y; Gac, J-P; van Heuven, SMAC; Hoppema, M; Schuster, U; Johannessen, T; Omar, A; Lauvset, SK; Skjelvan, I; Olsen, A; Steinhoff, T; Körtzinger, A; Becker, M; Lefevre, N; Diverrès, D; Gkritzalis, T; Cattrijsse, A; Petersen, W; Voynova, YG; Chapron, B; Grouazel, A; Land, PE; Sharples, J; Nightingale, PD. 2019 Winter weather controls net influx of atmospheric CO2 on the north-west European shelf. Scientific Reports, 9 (1).

Hartman, S; Humphreys, MP; Kivimae, C; Woodward, EMS; Kitidis, V; McGrath, T; Hydes, DJ; Greenwood, N; Hull, T; Ostle, C; Pearce, D; Sivyer, D; Stewart, BM; Walsham, P; Painter, SC; McGovern, E; Harris, C; Griffiths, A; Smilenova, A; Clarke, J; Davis, C; Sanders, R; Nightingale, P. 2019 Seasonality and spatial heterogeneity of the surface ocean carbonate system in the northwest European continental shelf. Progress in Oceanography.

Yang, M; Bell, TG; Brown, IJ; Fishwick, J; Kitidis, V; Nightingale, PD; Rees, AP; Smyth, TJ. 2019 Insights from year-long measurements of air–water CH4 and CO2 exchange in a coastal environment. Biogeosciences, 16 (5). 961-978.

Rérolle, V; Achterberg, E; Ribas-Ribas, M; Kitidis, V; Brown, I; Bakker, D; Lee, G; Mowlem, M. 2018 High Resolution pH Measurements Using a Lab-on-Chip Sensor in Surface Waters of Northwest European Shelf Seas. Sensors, 18 (8). 2622.

Kitidis, V; Brown, IJ; Hardman-Mountford, NJ; Lefèvre, N. 2017 Surface ocean carbon dioxide during the Atlantic Meridional Transect (1995–2013); evidence of ocean acidification. Progress in Oceanography, 158. 65-75.

Keul, N; Peijnenburg, KTCA; Andersen, N; Kitidis, V; Goetze, E; Schneider, RR. 2017 Pteropods are excellent recorders of surface temperature and carbonate ion concentration. Scientific Reports, 7 (1).

Aldridge, JN; Lessin, G; Amoudry, LO; Hicks, N; Hull, T; Klar, JK; Kitidis, V; McNeill, CL; Ingels, J; Parker, ER; Silburn, B; Silva, T; Sivyer, DB; Smith, HEK; Widdicombe, S; Woodward, EMS; Van der Molen, J; Garcia, L; Kröger, S. 2017 Comparing benthic biogeochemistry at a sandy and a muddy site in the Celtic Sea using a model and observations [in special issue: Biogeochemistry, macronutrient and carbon cycling in the shelf sea benthos] Biogeochemistry, 135 (1-2). 155-182.

Hicks, N; Ubbara, GR; Silburn, B; Smith, HEK; Kröger, S; Parker, ER; Sivyer, D; Kitidis, V; Hatton, A; Mayor, DJ; Stahl, H. 2017 Oxygen dynamics in shelf seas sediments incorporating seasonal variability. Biogeochemistry, 135 (1-2). 35-47.

Thompson, CEL; Silburn, B; Williams, ME; Hull, T; Sivyer, D; Amoudry, LO; Widdicombe, S; Ingels, J; Carnovale, G; McNeill, CL; Hale, R; Marchais, CL; Hicks, N; Smith, HEK; Klar, JK; Hiddink, JG; Kowalik, J; Kitidis, V; Reynolds, S; Woodward, EMS; Tait, K; Homoky, WB; Kröger, S; Bolam, S; Godbold, JA; Aldridge, J; Mayor, DJ; Benoist, NMA; Bett, BJ; Morris, K.J; Parker, ER; Ruhl, HA; Statham, PJ; Solan, M. 2017 An approach for the identification of exemplar sites for scaling up targeted field observations of benthic biogeochemistry in heterogeneous environments. Biogeochemistry, 135 (1-2). 1-34.

Kitidis, V; Tait, K; Nunes, J; Brown, IJ; Woodward, EMS; Harris, C; Sabadel, AJM; Sivyer, DB; Silburn, B; Kröger, S. 2017 Seasonal benthic nitrogen cycling in a temperate shelf sea: the Celtic Sea. Biogeochemistry.

Item not available from this repository.

Smyth, TJ; Quartly, GD; Jackson, T; Tarran, GA; Woodward, EMS; Harris, C; Gallienne, CP; Thomas, R; Airs, RL; Cummings, DG; Brewin, RJW; Kitidis, V; Stephens, JA; Zubkov, MV; Rees, AP. 2016 Determining Atlantic Ocean province contrasts and variations. Progress in Oceanography.

Item not available from this repository.

Trimmer, M; Chronopoulou, P-M; Maanoja, ST; Upstill-Goddard, RC; Kitidis, V; Purdy, KJ. 2016 Nitrous oxide as a function of oxygen and archaeal gene abundance in the North Pacific. Nature Communications, 7. 13451.

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Yang, M; Bell, TG; Hopkins, FE; Kitidis, V; Cazenave, P; Nightingale, PD; Yelland, MJ; Pascal, RW; Prytherch, J.; Brooks, I. M.; Smyth, TJ. 2016 Air-sea fluxes of CO2 and CH4 from the Penlee Point Atmospheric Observatory on the south-west coast of the UK. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 16 (9). 5745-5761.

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Tilstone, GH; Xie, Y; Robinson, C; Serret, P; Raitsos, DE; Powell, T; Aranguren-Gassis, M; Garcia-Martin, E; Kitidis, V. 2015 Satellite estimates of net community production indicate predominance of net autotrophy in the Atlantic Ocean. Remote Sensing of Environment, 164. 254-269.

Serret, P; Robinson, C; Aranguren-Gassis, M; García-Martín, EE; Gist, N; Kitidis, V; Lozano, J; Stephens, JA; Harris, C; Thomas, R. 2015 Both respiration and photosynthesis determine the scaling of plankton metabolism in the oligotrophic ocean. Nature Communications, 6. 6961.

Le Quere, C; Moriarty, R; Andrew, RM; Peters, GP; Ciais, P; Friedlingstein, P; Jones, SD; Sitch, S; Tans, P; Arneth, A; Boden, TA; Bopp, L; Bozec, Y; Canadell, JG; Chini, LP; Chevallier, F; Cosca, CE; Harris, I; Hoppema, M; Houghton, RA; House, JI; Jain, AK; Johannessen, T; Kato, E; Keeling, RF; Kitidis, V; Klein Goldewijk, K; Koven, C; Landa, CS; Landschützer, P; Lenton, A; Lima, ID; Marland, G; Mathis, JT; Metzl, N; Nojiri, Y; Olsen, A; Ono, T; Peng, S; Peters, W; Pfeil, B; Poulter, B; Raupach, MR; Regnier, P; Rödenbeck, C; Saito, S; Salisbury, JE; Schuster, U; Schwinger, J; Seferian, R; Segschneider, J; Steinhoff, T; Stocker, BD; Sutton, AJ; Takahashi, T; Tilbrook, B; van der Werf, GR; Viovy, N; Wang, Y-P; Wanninkhof, R; Wiltshire, A; Zeng, N. 2015 Global carbon budget 2014. Earth System Science Data, 7 (1). 47-85.

Nunes, J; McCoy, S; Findlay, HS; Hopkins, FE; Kitidis, V; Queiros, AM; Raynor, L; Widdicombe, S. 2015 The effects of short-term acidification on the intertidal macroalgae Palmaria palmate and Saccharina latissima. ICES Journal of Marine Science.

Tait, K; Kitidis, V; Ward, B; Cummings, DG; Jones, MR; Somerfield, PJ; Widdicombe, S. 2014 Spatio-temporal variability in ammonia oxidation and ammonia oxidising bacteria and archaea in coastal sediments of the Western English Channel. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 511. 41-58.

Item not available from this repository.

Kitidis, V; Tilstone, GH; Serret, P; Smyth, TJ; Torres, R; Robinson, C. 2014 Oxygen photolysis in the Mauritanian upwelling: Implications for net community production. Limnology and Oceanography, 59 (2). 299-310.

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Bakker, DCE; Pfeil, B; Smith, KL; Hankin, S; Olsen, A; Alin, SR; Cosca, C; Harasawa, S; Kozyr, A; Nojiri, Y; O'Brien, KM; Schuster, U; Telszewski, M; Tilbrook, B; Wada, C; Akl, J; Barbero, L; Bates, NR; Boutin, J; Bozec, Y; Cai, W-J; Castle, RD; Chavez, FP; Chen, L; Chierici, M; Currie, K; de Baar, HJW; Evans, W; Feely, RA; Fransson, A; Gao, Z; Hales, B; Hardman-Mountford, NJ; Hoppema, M; Huang, W-J; Hunt, CW; Huss, B; Ichikawa, T; Johannessen, T; Jones, EM; Jones, SD; Jutterström, S; Kitidis, V; Kortzinger, A; Landschützer, P; Lauvset, SK; Lefèvre, N; Manke, AB; Mathis, JT; Merlivat, L; Metzl, N; Murata, A; Newberger, T; Omar, AM; Ono, T; Park, G-H; Paterson, K; Pierrot, D; Rios, AF; Sabine, CL; Saito, S; Salisbury, J; Sarma, VVSS; Schlitzer, R; Sieger, R; Skjelvan, I; Steinhoff, T; Sullivan, KF; Sun, H; Sutton, AJ; Suzuki, T; Sweeney, C; Takahashi, T; Tjiputra, JF; Tsurushima, N; van Heuven, SMAC; Vandemark, D; Vlahos, P; Wallace, DWR; Wanninkhof, R; Watson, AJ. 2014 An update to the Surface Ocean CO2 Atlas (SOCAT version 2). Earth System Science Data, 6 (1). 69-90.

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Loucaides, S; Tyrrell, T; Achterberg, EP; Torres, R; Nightingale, PD; Kitidis, V; Serret, P; Woodward, EMS; Robinson, C. 2012 Biological and physical forcing of carbonate chemistry in an upwelling filament off northwest Africa: Results from a Lagrangian study. Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 26. Jan-13.

Item not available from this repository.

Kitidis, V; Hardman-Mountford, NJ; Litt, EJ; Brown, IJ; Cummings, DG; Hartman, S; Hydes, DJ; Fishwick, J; Harris, C; Martinez Vicente, V; Woodward, EMS; Smyth, TJ. 2012 Seasonal dynamics of the carbonate system in the Western English Channel. Continental Shelf Research, 42. 30 - 40.

Item not available from this repository.

Kitidis, V; Tilstone, GH; Smyth, TJ; Torres, R; Law, CS. 2011 Carbon Monoxide Emission from a Mauritanian Upwelling Filament. Marine Chemistry, 127. 123 - 133.

Item not available from this repository.

Kitidis, V; Laverock, B; McNeill, CL; Beesley, A; Cummings, DG; Tait, K; Osborn, M; Widdicombe, S. 2011 Impact of ocean acidification on benthic and water column ammonia oxidation. Geophysical Research Letters, 38. 0 - 0.

Item not available from this repository.

Kitidis, V; Upstill-Goddard, RC; Anderson, LG. 2010 Methane and nitrous oxide in surface water along the North-West Passage Arctic Ocean. Marine Chemistry, 121 (1-4). 80 - 86.

Item not available from this repository.

Wyatt, NJ; Kitidis, V; Woodward, EMS; Rees, AP; Widdicombe, S; Lohan, M. 2010 Effects of high CO2 on the fixed nitrogen inventory of the western English Channel. Journal of Plankton Research, 32. 631 - 641.

Item not available from this repository.

Smyth, TJ; Fishwick, J; Al-Moosawi, L; Cummings, DG; Harris, C; Kitidis, V; Rees, AP; Martinez Vicente, V; Woodward, EMS. 2010 A broad spatio-temporal view of the Western English Channel observatory. Journal of Plankton Research, 32 (5). 585 - 601.

Item not available from this repository.

Kitidis, V; Uher, G; Woodward, EMS; Owens, NJP; Upstill-Goddard, RC. 2008 Photochemical Production and Consumption of Ammonium in a Temperate River-Sea System. Marine Chemistry, 112. 118 - 127.

Item not available from this repository.

Kitidis, V; Tizzard, L; Uher, G; Judd, AG; Upstill-Goddard, RC; Head, IM; Gray, ND; Taylor, G; Duran, R; Diez, R; Iglesias, JIP; Garcia-Gil, S. 2007 The biogeochemical Cycling of Methane in Ria de Vigo NW Spain: Sediment Processing and Sea-Air exchange. Journal of Marine Systems, 66. 258 - 271.

Item not available from this repository.

Kitidis, V; Uher, G; Upstill-Goddard, RC; Mantoura, RFC; Spyres, G; Woodward, EMS. 2006 Photochemical production of ammonium in the oligotrophic Cyprus Gyre (Eastern Mediterranean). Biogeosciences, 3. 439 - 449.

Item not available from this repository.

Kitidis, V; Stubbins, AP; Uher, G; Upstill-Goddard, RC; Law, CS; Woodward, EMS. 2006 Variability of chromophoric organic matter in surface waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography, 53. 1666 - 1684.

Item not available from this repository.

Stubbins, AP; Uher, G; Kitidis, V; Law, CS; Upstill-Goddard, RC; Woodward, EMS. 2006 The open-ocean source of atmospheric carbon monoxide. Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography, 53. 1685 - 1694.

Item not available from this repository.

Krom, MD; Woodward, EMS; Herut, B; Kress, N; Carbo, P; Mantoura, RFC; Spyres, G; Thingstad, TF; Wassmann, P; Wexels Riser, C; Kitidis, V; Law, CS; Zodiatis, G; Zohary, T. 2005 Nutrient cycling in the south east Levantine basin of the eastern Mediterranean: Results from a phosphorus starved system. Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography, 22 - 2. 2879 - 2896.

Item not available from this repository.

Krom, MD; Thingstad, TF; Brenner, S; Carbo, P; Drakopoulos, P; Fileman, TW; Flaten, GAF; Groom, SB; Herut, B; Kitidis, V; Kress, N; Law, CS; Liddicoat, MI; Mantoura, RFC; Pasternak, A; Pitta, P; Polychronaki, T; Psarra, S; Rassoulzadegan, F; Skjoldal, EF; Spyres, G; Tanaka, T; Tselepides, A; Wassmann, P; Wexels Riser, C; Woodward, EMS; Zodiatis, G; Zohary, T. 2005 Summary and overview of the CYCLOPS P addition Lagrangian experiment in the Eastern Mediterranean. Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography, 52. 3090 - 3108.

Item not available from this repository.

Law, CS; Abraham, ER; Woodward, EMS; Liddicoat, MI; Fileman, TW; Thingstad, TF; Kitidis, V; Zohary, T. 2005 The fate of phosphate in an in situ lagrangian addition experiment in the Eastern Mediterranean. Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography, 52. 2911 - 2927.

Item not available from this repository.

Varela, MM; Bode, A; Fernandez, E; Gonzalez, N; Kitidis, V; Varela, M; Woodward, EMS. 2005 Nitrogen uptake and dissolved organic nitrogen release in planktonic communities characterised by phytoplankton size-structure in the Central Atlantic Ocean. Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers, 52. 1637 - 1661.

Item not available from this repository.

Perez, V; Fernandez, E; Maranon, E; Serret, P; Varela, R; Bode, A; Varela, MM; Moran, XAG; Woodward, EMS; Kitidis, V; Garcia-Soto, C. 2005 Latitudinal distribution of microbial plankton abundance production and respiration in the Equatorial Atlantic in Autumn 2000. Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers, 52. 861 - 880.

Item not available from this repository.

Publication - Book

Widdicombe, S; Spicer, JI; Kitidis, V. 2011 Effects of ocean acidification on sediment fauna. In: Gattuso J-P & Hansson L (Eds.). UNSPECIFIED, 176 - 191.

Item not available from this repository.

Kitidis, V. 2010 Methane Biogeochemistry and Carbon Stores in the Arctic Ocean ; Hydrates and Permafrost. UNSPECIFIED, 285 - 301.

Item not available from this repository.

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