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Publication - Article

Wakefield, ED; Owen, E; Baer, J; Carroll, MJ; Daunt, F; Dodd, SG; Green, JA; Guildford, T; Mavor, RA; Miller, PI; Newell, MA; Newton, SF; Robertson, GS; Shoji, A; Soanes, LM; Votier, SC; Wanless, S; Bolton, M. 2017 Breeding density, fine-scale tracking and large-scale modeling reveal the regional distribution of four seabird species. Ecological Applications. 10.1002/eap.1591

Burthe, S; Daunt, F; Butler, A; Elston, DA; Frederiksen, M; Johns, DG; Newell, M; Thackeray, SJ; Wanless, S. 2012 Phenological trends and trophic mismatch across multiple levels of a North Sea pelagic food web. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 454. 119-133. 10.3354/meps09520

Frederiksen, M; Elston, DA; Edwards, M; Mann, AD; Wanless, S. 2011 Mechanisms of long-term decline in size of lesser sandeels in the North Sea explored using a growth and phenology model. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 432. 137-147.

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Thackeray, SJ; Sparks, T; Frederiksen, M; Burthe, S; Bacon, P; Bell, J; Botham, M; Brereton, T; Carvalho, L; Clutton-Brock, T; Dawson, A; Edwards, M; Elliott, M; Harrington, R; Johns, DG; Jones, I; Jones, J; Leech, D; Roy, D; Scott, wA; Smith, MA; Smithers, R; Winfield, I; Wanless, S. 2010 Trophic level asynchrony in rates of phenological change for marine, freshwater and terrestrial environments. Global Change Biology, 16 (12). 3304–3313. 10.1111/j.1365-2486.2010.02165.x

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Grandgeorge, M; Wanless, S; Dunn, T; Maumy, M; Beaugrand, G; Grémillet, D. 2008 Resilience of the British Isles seabird community to natural and anthropogenic disturbance in the twentieth century. Aquatic Biology, 4. 187-199.

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Wanless, S; Frederiksen, M; Daunt, F; Scott, BE; Harris, MP. 2007 Black-legged kittiwakes as indicators of environmental change in the North Sea; evidence from long-term studies. Progress in Oceanography, 72 (1). 30-38.

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Frederiksen, M; Edwards, M; Mavor, RA; Wanless, S. 2007 Regional and annual variation in black-legged kittiwake breeding productivity is related to sea surface temperature. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 350. 137-143.

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Frederiksen, M; Edwards, M; Richardson, AJ; Halliday, NC; Wanless, S. 2006 From plankton to top predators: bottom-up control of a marine food web across four trophic levels. Journal of Animal Ecology, 75. 1259-1268. 10.1111/j.1365-2656.2006.01148.x

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Publication - Book

Elston, DA; Mann, AD; Wanless, S; Frederiksen, M; Edwards, M. 2009 Combining data sets to estimate within-year growth curves of sandeels. UNSPECIFIED.

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Publication - Report

Heath, MR; Edwards, M; Furness, R; Pinnegar, JK; Wanless, S. 2009 MCCIP review: A view from above - changing seas, seabirds and food sources. UNSPECIFIED. (UNSPECIFIED)

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