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Abreu, A; Bourgois, E; Gristwood, A; Trouble, R; Acinas, SG; Bork, P; Boss, E; Bowler, C; Budinich, M; Chaffrom, S; de Vargas, C; Delmont, TO; Eveillard, D; Guidi, L; Ludicone, D; Kandels, S; Morlon, H; Lombard, F; Pepperkok, R; Karlusich, JJP; Piganeau, G; Regimbeau, A; Sommeria-Klein, G; Stemmann, L; Sullivan, MB; Sunagawa, S; Wincker, P; Zablocki, O; Arendt, D; Bilic, J; Finn, R; Heard, E; Rouse, B; Vamathevan, J; Casotti, R; Cancio, I; Cunliffe, M; Kervella, AE; Kooistra, WHCF; Obst, M; Pade, N; Power, DM; Santi, I; Tsagaraki, TM; Vanaverbeke, J. 2022 Priorities for ocean microbiome research. Nature Microbiology, 7 (7). 937-947.

Item not available from this repository.

Adkins, P; Mrowicki, R; Harley, J; Mieszkowska, N; Ferreira, JGRN. 2022 The genome sequence of the grey topshell, Steromphala cineraria.. Wellcome Open Research, 7 (44).


Bonthond, G; Barilo, A; Allen, RJ; Cunliffe, M; Krueger-Hadfield, SA. 2022 Fungal endophytes vary by species, tissue type and life cycle stage in intertidal macroalgae. Journal of Phycology.

Breen, S; Hussain, R; Breeze, E; Brown, H; Alzwiy, I; Abdelsayed, S; Gaikwad, T; Grant, M. 2022 Chloroplasts play a central role in facilitating MAMP-triggered immunity, pathogen suppression of immunity and crosstalk with abiotic stress. Plant Cell and Environment.


Castorani, MCN; Bell, TW; Walter, JA; Reuman, DC; Cavanaugh, KC; Sheppard, LW. 2022 Disturbance and nutrients synchronise kelp forests across scales through interacting Moran effects. Ecology Letters.

Colborne, SF; Sheppard, LW; O'Donnell, DR; Reuman, DC; Walter, JA; Singer, GP; Kelly, JT; Thomas, MJ; Rypel, AL. 2022 Intraspecific variation in migration timing of green sturgeon in the Sacramento River system. Ecosphere, 13 (6), e4139.

Collins, RA; Baillie, C; Halliday, NC; Rainbird, S; Sims, DW; Mariani, S; Genner, MJ. 2022 Reproduction influences seasonal eDNA variation in a temperate marine fish community. Limnology and Oceanography Letters.

Corrigan, S; Brown, AR; Ashton, IGC; Smale, DA; Tyler, CR. 2022 Quantifying habitat provisioning at macroalgal cultivation sites.. Reviews in Aquaculture.


Frost, MT; Buckley, P. 2022 The UK Overseas Territories and Climate Change: Capacity Building, Science Diplomacy, and COP26. The Marine Biologist, 21.

Item not available from this repository.


Garcia-Carreras, B; Yang, B; Grabowski, MK; Sheppard, LW; Huang, AT; Salje, H; Clapham, HE; Iamsirithaworn, S; Doung-Ngern, P; Lessler, J; Cummings, DAT. 2022 Periodic synchronisation of dengue epidemics in Thailand over the last 5 decades driven by temperature and immunity. PLoS Biology, 20 (3), e3001160.


Henderiks, J; Sturm, D; Šupraha, L; Langer, G. 2022 Evolutionary Rates in the Haptophyta: Exploring Molecular and Phenotypic Diversity. Journal of Marine Science and Engineering, 10 (6), 798.


Jenkins, HL; Graham, R; Porter, JS; Vieira, LM; de Almeida, ACS; Hall, A; O'Dea, A; Coppard, SE; Waeschenbach, A. 2022 Unprecedented frequency of mitochondrial introns in colonial bilaterians. Scientific Reports, 12, 10889.

Jenkins, HL; Moharrek, F; Taylor, PD; Silvestro, D; Gordon, DP; Waeschenbach, A. 2022 Diversification dynamics of cheilostome bryozoans based on a Bayesian analysis of the fossil record. Palaeontology.

Item not available from this repository.

Jorgensen, SJ; Micheli, F; White, TD; Van Houtan, KS; Alfaro-Shigueto, J; Andrzejaczek, S; Arnoldi, NS; Baum, JK; Block, B; Britten, GL; Butner, C; Caballero, S; Cardeñosa, D; Chapple, TK; Clarke, S; Cortés, E; Dulvy, NK; Fowler, S; Gallagher, AJ; Gilman, E; Godley, BJ; Graham, RT; Hammerschlag, N; Harry, AV; Heithaus, MR; Hutchinson, M; Huveneers, C; Lowe, CG; Lucifora, LO; MacKeracher, T; Mangel, JC; Martins, APB; McCauley, DJ; McClenachan, L; Mull, C; Natanson, LJ; Pauly, D; Pazmiño, DA; Pistevos, JCA; Queiroz, N; Roff, G; Shea, BD; Simpfendorfer, CA; Sims, DW; Ward-Paige, C; Worm, B; Ferretti, F. 2022 Emergent research and priorities for shark and ray conservation. Endangered Species Research, 47. 171-203.


King, NG; Moore, PJ; Thorpe, JM; Smale, DA. 2022 Consistency and Variation in the Kelp Microbiota: Patterns of Bacterial Community Structure Across Spatial Scales. Microbial Ecology.

Item not available from this repository.

King, NG; Smale, DA; Thorpe, JM; McKeown, NJ; Andrews, AJ; Browne, R; Malham, SK. 2022 Core Community Persistence Despite Dynamic Spatiotemporal Responses in the Associated Bacterial Communities of Farmed Pacific Oysters. Microbial Ecology.

Item not available from this repository.

Kleiner, FH; Helliwell, KE; Chrachri, A; Hopes, A; Parry-Wilson, H; Gaikwad, T; Mieszkowska, N; Mock, T; Wheeler, GL; Brownlee, C. 2022 Cold-induced [Ca2+]cyt elevations function to support osmoregulation in marine diatoms. Plant Physiology, kiac324.

Kottmeier, DM; Chrachri, A; Langer, G; Helliwell, KE; Wheeler, G; Brownlee, C. 2022 Reduced H+ channel activity disrupts pH homeostasis and calcification in coccolithophores at low ocean pH. Environmental Sciences, 119 (19), e211800911. 11, pp.


Langer, G; Jie, VW; Kottmeier, D; Flori, S; Sturm, D; de Vries, J; Harper, GM; Brownlee, C; Wheeler, G. 2022 Distinct physiological responses of Coccolithus braarudii life cycle phases to light intensity and nutrient availability. European Journal of Phycology.

Item not available from this repository.


Mucientes, G; Vedor, M; Sims, DW; Queiroz, N. 2022 Unreported discards of internationally protected pelagic sharks in a global fishing hotspot are potentially large. Biological Conservation, 269, 109534.

Item not available from this repository.


Orr, RJS; Di Martino, E; Ramsfjell, MH; Gordon, DP; Berning, B; Chowdhury, I; Craig, S; Cumming, RL; Figuerola, B; Florence, W; Harmelin, J-G; Hirose, M; Huang, D; Jain, SS; Jenkins, HL; Kotenko, ON; Kuklinski, P; Lee, HE; Madurell, T.; McCann, L; Mello, HL; Obst, M; Ostrovsky, AN; Paulay, G; Porter, JS; Shunatova, NN; Smith, AM; Souto-Derungs, J; Vieira, LM; Voje, KL; Waeschenbach, A; Zágoršek, K; Warnock, RCM; Liow, LH. 2022 Paleozoic origins of cheilostome bryozoans and their parental care inferred by a new genome-skimmed phylogeny. Science Advances, 8 (13).


Sato, A; Oba, GM; Aubert-Kato, N; Yura, K; Bishop, JDD. 2022 Co-expression network analysis of environmental canalization in the ascidian Ciona. BMC Ecology and Evolution, 22 (1), 53.

Smale, DA; Teagle, H; Hawkins, SJ; Jenkins, HL; Frontier, N; Wilding, C; King, N; Jackson-Bué, M; Moore, PJ. 2022 Climate-driven substitution of foundation species causes breakdown of a facilitation cascade with potential implications for higher trophic levels. Journal of Ecology.


Thomas, S; Lengger, SK; Bird, KE; Allen, R; Cunliffe, M. 2022 Macromolecular composition and substrate range of three marine fungi across major cell types. FEMS Microbes, 3, xtab019.


Von Jackowski, A; Becker, KW; Wietz, M; Bienhold, C; Zäncker, B; Nöthig, E-M; Engel, A. 2022 Variations of microbial communities and substrate regimes in the eastern Fram Strait between summer and fall. Environmental Microbiology.


Walter, JA; Castorani, MCN; Bell, TW; Sheppard, LW; Cavanaugh, KC; Reuman, DC. 2022 Tail dependent spatial synchrony arises from nonlinear driver response relationships. Ecology Letters.

Wood, CA; Galanidi, M; Beckmann, B. 2022 Risk Assessment for Mulinia lateralis Say, 1822 (Dwarf Surf Clam).. European Commission, Directorate-General for Environment. (Study on invasive alien species: development of risk assessments to tackle priority species and enhance prevention, 2022)

Wright, J; Avouris, A; Frost, MT; Hoffmann, S. 2022 Supporting academic freedom as a human right: challenges and solutions in academic publishing. The International Journal of Human Rights.

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