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Aveytua-Alcazar, L; Camacho-Ibar, VF; Souza, AJ; Allen, JI; Torres, R. 2008 Modelling Zostera marina and Ulva spp. in a coastal lagoon. Ecological Modelling, 218(3-. 354 - 366.

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Brewin, RJW; Sathyendranath, S; Hirata, T; Lavender, SJ; Barciela, R; Hardman-Mountford, NJ. 2010 A three-component model of phytoplankton size class for the Atlantic Ocean. Ecological Modelling, 221. 1472 - 1483.

Item not available from this repository.


Duarte, P; Meneses, R; Hawkins, AJS; Zhu, MY; Fang, JG; Grant, J. 2003 Mathematical modelling to assess the carrying capacity for multi-species culture within coastal waters. Ecological Modelling, 168 (01-Feb). 109 - 143.

Item not available from this repository.


Goldberg, GA; Piontkovski, SA; Williams, R. 1997 Zooplankton field heterogeneity formation on the mesoscale: Elements of the theory and empirical characteristics. Ecological Modelling, 96 (01-Mar). 41 - 49.

Item not available from this repository.

Guidi, L. 2009 A new procedure to optimize the selection of groups in a classification tree. Ecological Modelling, 220 (4). 451-461.

Item not available from this repository.


Harris, JRW; Bale, AJ; Bayne, BL; Mantoura, RFC; Morris, AW; Nelson, LA; Radford, PJ; Uncles, RJ; Weston, SA; Widdows, J. 1984 A Preliminary Model Of The Dispersal And Biological Effect Of Toxins In The Tamar Estuary England. Ecological Modelling, 22 (01-Apr). 253 - 284.

Item not available from this repository.


Langmead, O; McQuatters-Gollop, A; Mee, LD; Friedrich, J; Gilbert, AJ; Gomoiu, M-T; Jackson, EL; Knudsen, S; Minicheva, G; Todorova, V. 2009 Recovery or decline of the Northwestern Black Sea: A societal choice revealed by socio-ecological modelling. Ecological Modelling, 220 (21). 2927–2939.

Item not available from this repository.


Maar, M; Butenschon, M; Daewel, U; Eggert, A; Fan, W; Hjøllo, SS; Hufnagl, M; Huret, M; Ji, R; Lacroix, G; Peck, MA; Radtke, H; Sailley, SF; Sinerchia, M; Skogen, MD; Travers-Trolet, M; Troost, TA; van de Wolfshaar, K. 2018 Responses of summer phytoplankton biomass to changes in top-down forcing: Insights from comparative modelling. Ecological Modelling, 376. 54-67.

Martins, Irene; Colaço, Ana; Dando, Paul R.; Martins, Inês; Desbruyères, Daniel; Sarradin, Pierre-Marie; Marques, João Carlos; Serrão-Santos, Ricardo. 2008 Size-dependent variations on the nutritional pathway of Bathymodiolus azoricus demonstrated by a C-flux model. Ecological Modelling, 217 (1-2). 59-71.

Item not available from this repository.

Mullon, C; Steinmetz, F; Merino, G; Fernandes, JA; Cheung, WWL; Butenschon, M; Barange, M. 2016 Quantitative pathways for Northeast Atlantic fisheries based on climate, ecological–economic and governance modelling scenarios. Ecological Modelling, 320. 273-291.

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Platt, T; White, GN; Zhai, L; Sathyendranath, S; Roy, S. 2009 The phenology of phytoplankton blooms: Ecosystem indicators from remote sensing. Ecological Modelling, 921). 3057 - 3069.

Item not available from this repository.


Radford, PJ; Blackford, JC. 1996 Interdisciplinary methods for successful ecological simulation. Ecological Modelling, 86 (02-Mar). 265 - 270.

Item not available from this repository.


Sankar, S; Polimene, L; Marin, L; Menon, NN; Samuelsen, A; Pastres, R; Ciavatta, S. 2018 Sensitivity of the simulated Oxygen Minimum Zone to biogeochemical processes at an oligotrophic site in the Arabian Sea. Ecological Modelling, 372. 12-23.


Taylor, AH. 1988 Characteristic Properties Of Models For The Vertical-Distribution Of Phytoplankton Under Stratification. Ecological Modelling, 40 (03-Apr). 175 - 199.

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