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Cermeno, P; Dutkiewicz, S; Harris, RP; Follows, MJ; Schofield, O; Falkowski, PG. 2008 The role of nutricline depth in regulating the ocean carbon cycle. Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences, 105(51. 20344 - 20349. 10.1073/pnas.0811302106

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Behrenfeld, M; Bale, AJ; Kolber, ZS; Aiken, J; Falkowski, PG. 1996 Confirmation of iron limitation of phytoplankton photosynthesis in the equatorial Pacific Ocean. Nature, 383 (6600). 508 - 511. 10.1038/383508a0

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Martin, JH; Coale, KH; Johnson, KS; Fitzwater, SE; Gordon, RM; Tanner, SJ; Hunter, CN; Elrod, VA; Nowick, JL; Coley, TL; Barber, RT; Lindley, S; Watson, AJ; Van Scoy, KA; Law, CS; Liddicoat, MI; Ling, RD; Stanton, TP; Stockel, J; Collins, C; Anderson, A; Bidigare, R; Ondrusek, M; Latasa, M; Millero, FJ; Lee, K; Yao, W; Zhang, JZ; Friederich, GE; Sakamoto, C; Chavez, FP; Buck, K; Kolber, ZS; Greene, R; Falkowski, PG; Chisholm, SW; Hoge, FE; Swift, RN; Yungel, J; Turner, S; Nightingale, PD; Hatton, AD; Liss, PS; Tindale, NW. 1994 Testing The Iron Hypothesis In Ecosystems Of The Equatorial Pacific-Ocean. Nature, 371 (6493). 123 - 129. 10.1038/371123a0

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