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Flohr, A; Schaap, A; Achterberg, EP; Alendal, G; Arundell, M; Berndt, C; Blackford, JC; Böttner, C; Borisov, SM; Brown, RJ; Bull, JM; Carter, L; Chen, B; Dale, AW; de Beer, D; Dean, M; Deusner, C; Dewar, M; Durden, JM; Elsen, S; Esposito, M; Faggetter, M; Fischer, JP; Gana, A; Gros, J; Haeckel, M; Hanz, R; Holtappels, M; Hosking, B; Huvenne, VAI; James, RH; Koopmans, D; Kossel, E; Leighton, TG; Li, J; Lichtschlag, A; Linke, P; Loucaides, S; Martínez-Cabanas, M; Matter, JM; Mesher, T; Monk, S; Mowlem, M; Oleynik, A; Papadimitriou, S; Paxton, D; Pearce, CR; Peel, K; Roche, B; Ruhl, HA; Saleem, U; Sands, C; Saw, K; Schmidt, M; Sommer, S; Strong, JA; Triest, J; Ungerböck, B; Walk, J; White, PR; Widdicombe, S; Wilson, RE; Wright, HL; Wyatt, J; Connelly, DP. 2021 Towards improved monitoring of offshore carbon storage: A real-world field experiment detecting a controlled sub-seafloor CO2 release. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 106. 103237.

Reid, PC; Hari, R; Beaugrand, G; Livingstone, DM; Marty, C; Straile, D; Barichivich, J; Goberville, E; Adrian, R; Aono, Y; Brown, RJ; Foster, J; Groisman, P; Helaouët, P; Hsu, HH; Kirby, RR; Knight, J; Kraberg, A; Li, J; Lo, TT; Myneni, RB; North, RP; Pounds, JA; Sparks, T; Stübi, R; Tian, Y; Wiltshire, KH; Xiao, D; Zhu, Z. 2016 Global impacts of the 1980s regime shift. Global Change Biology, 22 (2). 682-703.

Galloway, TSG; Browne, MA; Dissanayake, AD; Brown, RJ; Cheung, V; Jones, MB; Lowe, DM; Depledge, MH. 2006 The Ecoman Project: A novel approach to defining sustainable ecosystem function. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 53. 186 - 194.

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Brown, RJ; Galloway, TJ; Lowe, DM; Brown, MA; Dissanayake, AD; Jones, MB; Depledge, MH. 2004 Differential sensitivity of three marine invertebrates to copper assessed using multiple biomarkers. Aquatic Toxicology, 66. 267 - 278.

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Galloway, TSG; Brown, RJ; Brown, MA; Dissanayake, AD; Lowe, DM; Jones, MB; Depledge, MH. 2004 Ecosystem management bioindicators: The Ecoman project - a multi-biomarker approach to ecosystem management. Marine Environmental Research, 58. 233 - 237.

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Galloway, TSG; Brown, RJ; Brown, MA; Dissanayake, AD; Lowe, DM; Jones, MG; Depledge, MH. 2004 A multibiomarker approach to environmental assessment. Environmental Science & Technology, 38. 1723 - 1731.

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