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  1. Panicz, R; Całka, B; Cubillo, AM; Ferreira, JG; Guilder, J; Kay, S; Kennerley, A; Lopes, A; Lencart e Silva, J; Taylor, N; Eljasik, P; Sadowski, J; Hofsoe‐Oppermann, P; Keszka, S. 2022 Impact of climate‐driven temperature increase on inland aquaculture: Application to land‐based production of common carp ( Cyprinus carpio L.). Transboundary and Emerging Diseases.

  2. Queiros, AM; Talbot, E; Kay, S; Sailley, SF; Vu Hoang Le, T; Thi Pham, C; Widdicombe, S. 2022 Climate-smart spatial planning assessment in support of conservation and blue growth in Da Nang city’s marine environment.. Plymouth, Plymouth Marine Laboratory, 25pp. (UNSPECIFIED)

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